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A Look at the Fantastic Benefits of a Bounce House Rental

bounce house in farmingdale

For some exciting birthday party ideas that are fun for the whole family, look no further than bounce houses in Farmingdale. Bounce houses provide even more than kids’ party entertainment, they provide a lifetime of memories. Parents can choose from a wide range of inflatables to match any birthday themes. Bounce houses are also perfect for field trips, fundraisers, and more. Keep reading to find out more about why you should consider BounceU for your kid’s next event.

Unique Experience
The best part of a bouncy castle is that kids almost never get the opportunity to just jump around and enjoy themselves. Your kids’ friends will be impressed by the colorful excitement of inflatables. If you choose a bounce house for your kid’s birthday party, they will know the day is all about them. Rather than picking a traditional party place, pick a unique experience that is fun for all of his or her friends!

Customized Party
For busy parents, birthday decorations, party games for kids, and kids’ party entertainment can seem overwhelming. Rather than take on everything alone, consider bounce houses for all your entertaining needs. Bounce U can plan the details from start to finish with a wide range of affordable packages. Let Bounce U take care of the invitations, pizza and drinks, and all paper products.

Fun Exercise
As more and more kids rely on their iPads and televisions for entertainment, bounce houses provide a way to get your kids up and moving. Because bounce houses are affordable, they are available for almost any occasion, from birthdays to field trips. Bounce houses get your kids the exercise they need and let them burn off extra energy.

For a fun and memorable birthday party for your child, contact BounceU of Farmingdale. Our bounce houses have provided endless entertainment for Long Island families. Let us plan the details of your child’s next birthday party, fundraiser, or field trip. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to find out more about our bounce parties.

Planning a BounceU Fundraiser

bounce house in farmingdale

You may have considered all the benefits of bounce houses for kids’ party places in Farmingdale, but have you thought about BounceU for your next fundraiser? For an upbeat and exciting event, look no further than our colorful inflatables and bouncy castle.

BounceU is pleased to provide our community with hassle-free fundraising events that take all the stress out of planning. Guests love our bounce houses, food, party favors, and fun atmosphere. Best of all, your organization gets to keep a portion of the proceeds, so you can donate to whatever cause is closest to your heart. For your next school or nonprofit fundraiser, contact Bounce U for the very best party places for kids.

Whether you are planning a fundraiser, school field trip, or kid’s birthday party, consider BounceU of Farmingdale. Our bounce houses are endless sources of fun and entertainment, which is why BounceU is the party place for all of Long Island. Stop by and visit to see our inflatables in person or give us a call at (516) 986-4518 for a party package price quote.

Safety Tips for Your Next Birthday Party

kids party place farmingdale

Are you looking for fun birthday party ideas for your child near Farmingdale? When it comes to kids’ party entertainment, every child wants the latest and most exciting new toys. When you consider inflatables, party decorations, and kids party places, it is important to keep safety in mind. Keep reading to find out what you can do to make sure all your child’s guests have a memorable and safe experience at your kid’s birthday party.

Food Allergies
When you send out invitation for your kid’s birthday party, be sure to leave a space where parents can mark off any food allergies. If you do not supply the food yourself, kids’ birthday party places are generally willing to accommodate any dietary restrictions. For example, peanuts are used in processing many cookies and candy, but can easily be left off the dessert list.

Party Favors
When most parents think of kids party entertainment and party games, they also think of party favors. When you select favors and party decorations, make sure to keep all toys age-appropriate. For smaller children, balloons can be a choking hazard. Make sure not to give toddlers party favors with small parts, such as marbles or cars with wheels that can come off.

Bounce Houses
Kids of all ages love bounce houses for birthday parties. If you are considering a bouncy castle, make sure to ask the company for safety certificates for the equipment. While kids’ birthday parties can get hectic with all the children running around, always obey bounce house rules. Be sure to have kids remove all shoes and jewelry and do not allow too many children into the bounce house at one time.

For exciting kids’ birthday party places, look no further than BounceU of Farmingdale. We provide the best kids party entertainment in the area, and our business is even more than just bounce houses. We incorporate any birthday themes and birthday decorations and can even provide all food and beverages for your kid’s birthday party. Give us a call at (516) 986-4518 to get started!

A Look at Bounce House Safety

Inflatable bounce houses and bouncy castles can be a safe, fun form of kid’s party entertainment when they are used correctly and under careful adult supervision. The indoor inflatables found at kid’s party places are much safer than the outdoor inflatables often found at kid’s birthday parties.

Watch this video for advice on how to make sure your kids remain safe in inflatable bounce houses and bouncy castles. Children should always be supervised by an adult, and should be encouraged to play safely and avoid roughhousing in inflatables.

At Bounce U, our indoor inflatable bounce houses in Farmingdale are meticulously maintained to ensure guest safety. Our highly trained and experienced staff keeps a watchful eye on all children playing in our inflatables. For more information about our kid’s party entertainment, call us today at (516) 986-4518.

A Look at Our Group Event Packages

party places for kids farmingdaleAt Bounce U, we’re committed to providing safe, exciting kid’s party entertainment for kids of all ages. This is why we’re one of the best party places for kids. We offer a range of affordable, all-inclusive group event packages that make it easy to plan fun party ideas for kids on any budget. Our group event party packages are perfect for kid’s birthday parties, team parties, family events, holiday parties, school field trips, and club events.

Our team parties and club parties include one hour of private bounce time in our fun inflatable bounce houses and bouncy castles. You’ll also get 30 minutes in one of our private party rooms, where you can enjoy food and refreshments. We also offer customized party ideas for other group events, family parties, and holiday parties at an extremely affordable rate.

For more information about our amazing kid’s party entertainment in Farmingdale, come see us at Bounce U. With our fun inflatables and awesome party games for kids, we’re a festive party place for groups of all sizes and age ranges. To make a group reservation at our kid’s party place, call us today at (516) 986-4518.

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