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Tips for Making the Guest List for Your Child's Party

Once you’ve settled on the birthday party idea that is right for your child and set up party place rental, it’s time to focus on one of the most difficult parts of hosting a party: The guest list. For kids’ birthday parties, a guest list can be extremely tricky, but there are strategies you can use to make it easier. Get the guest list right with this advice.

Choose How Many Guests You Will Have

The number of guests will have a significant impact on your party planning and budget. Doing this first lets you tackle a major party planning question—whether to invite your child’s entire class or only select friends. Some schools have policies that require the entire class to be invited or that only allow kids to distribute invitations at school if the whole class is included, so know these guidelines up front. If you choose to not invite the entire class to the party, talk to your child about protecting his or her classmates’ feelings by not discussing the party at school.

Decide if Parents and Siblings Are Invited

In some cases, parents of party guests assume that they should stay at a party, along with the siblings of the invited guests. If you plan to allow them to stay, include them on your guest list count, as they will need to be counted as guests by your party place. Alternatively, if you wish for your child’s friend to be the only one stay, put on the invitation that it is a drop-off party.

Consider How Many Guests Your Child Can Handle

In some cases, especially for very young children, big guest lists can make the party feel overwhelming and stressful. Only invite the number of your guests that you think your child can handle gracefully without being distracted by the crowd.

Whether you’re planning a small or large kids’ birthday party in Farmingdale, BounceU has everything you need to make your child’s day memorable. Talk to one of our party planners today about themes, entertainment, decorations, and more by calling (516) 986-4518.

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Active When the Weather Gets Cold

Just because the weather gets cold, it doesn’t mean you have to stop moving, and exercise helps you maintain your health. Sports can be played indoors, and the winter even gives you the chance to play certain sports outdoors. If you’re looking for birthday party ideas for your child, read ahead for some tips on keeping your kids active in the cold.

Play Indoor Sports

Sports make for a great way to get kids moving. Although many of them are traditionally played outside, there’s really no sport that can’t be played indoors when the weather gets cold. You don’t need to play volleyball on the beach, and you don’t need to play soccer on a field. You can still get the same workout by playing in an indoor gymnasium. Let your children take advantage of all the energy they have to spare and sign them up for an indoor recreational league during the winter.

Go to the Lake

If you’re okay with being outside during cold weather, you don’t even need to bring the sports indoors. Sometimes, the winter gives you the opportunity to play certain sports outdoors that you’d usually need an indoor environment for. Ice hockey is typically played indoors and at an ice rink, but you can play it outdoors wherever there’s a frozen lake. Even simply skating around the pond and working up a sweat can make a difference.

Have an Active Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the best when you’re a kid, and sharing your big day with your friends makes them even better. If your son or daughter has a winter birthday, choose an indoor kids’ birthday party place to host the event. A bounce house is an ideal choice for many kids, as it gives them a way to socialize and stay active in an indoor environment.

There are plenty of ways to exercise during the winter, so call BounceU at (516) 986-4518 and learn about our party games for kids in Farmingdale. Take a look at our website and see how our bounce houses can keep your child happy and healthy.

How to Help Your Shy Child Be More Social

It’s important for children to make friends and enjoy lasting social relationships, but some kids aren’t naturally inclined to meet new people. As a parent, you can make it easier for your little one to make friends by creating social situations and even playing the right birthday party games. Here’s a quick look at how to help your shy child be more social.

Set Him Up for Success

As the parent, it’s your responsibility to show your child the ropes and teach him how to meet new people. Since you’re also the one who organizes the schedule, you can make an effort to put your child in the position to meet his peers. Try signing him up for after school clubs or sports teams. Children are more likely to socialize with people they feel a similarity to or a connection with, and a shared love for a particular sport or cause makes for great common ground.

Encourage Closeness

Some children tend to get along with everybody, and others stick by a few close friends. There are countless factors that influence how sociable your child is, but it’s important to recognize the value of close friendships. Kids—and adults—need other people to confide in and someone to share their experiences with. A close and positive support system can help you through the tough times you experience when you’re growing up, especially as a shy and perhaps sensitive child.

Have Birthday Parties

Shy kids aren’t the best at introducing themselves to new people. You can give your child the nudge he needs by hosting a birthday party at an engaging kids’ birthday party place like a bounce house. A fun and aerobic environment helps children interact, which is something to consider when planning your child’s next birthday party.

There’s nothing like a birthday party to get kids to socialize, and there’s no place like BounceU to host one for your child. Find out all about our bounce houses serving Farmingdale by checking out our website or calling us at (516) 986-4518 today.

The Importance of Exercise for Children

We all know how important exercise is for adults, but what you may not realize is that children should also be getting plenty of exercise. Just about one-third of all American children age 10 to 17 are either overweight or obese. Combine that with the fact that less than 25% of children get at least an hour of moderate intensity physical activity per day, and you can see why our children need more exercise.

The fact that technology can keep our kids entertained for such long periods of time is also challenging. If given the choice, children will often prefer to stay indoors in front of some type of screen. Some schools have also cut physical education from their curriculum, leaving many kids without much motivation to get enough exercise.

Of course, exercise is important for the physical health and well-being of children, but did you know it can also provide plenty of other benefits including academic, social, emotional, and more? Children who are active for at least 60 minutes a day have lower rates of obesity which makes plenty of sense. Some of the other benefits for children who exercise include:

  • Higher test scores in math and reading
  • Increased brain development
  • Improved behavior in and out of the classroom
  • Active children are more likely to be active adults
  • Increased size of essential brain structures as well as number of neural connections
  • Better balance and coordination associated with improved emotional response
  • Decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Improved self-image and judgment

Making exercise fun is one of the most important things parents and educators can do. If children enjoy physical activity they are more likely to seek it out on their own. It may also help to get involved yourself which can benefit both you and your children.

The Benefits of Play in Child Development

Kids love to play, and it’s not just all fun and games. Children develop from playing in a variety of ways. Play positively impacts development in young children and continues to be beneficial as they grow older. Keep reading to learn some of the many benefits children receive from play.

  • Imagination – Even if a child doesn’t have anyone else to play with, their imagination can be their best friend. Sometimes having an overactive imagination isn’t the best trait, but being imaginative helps with creativity and thinking outside the box which can come in handy later in life.
  • Problem Solving – Whether they’re trying to solve puzzles or playing a variety of other games, children will need to solve problems to reach their desired result. They will learn that what may appear to be a difficult task can be overcome through time and patience.
  • Skill Building – There are several skills children can learn from playing by themselves or with others. For example, playing baseball develops hand-eye coordination and teamwork. Building something out of blocks or Legos requires planning and spatial intelligence.
  • Overcoming Challenges – There are plenty of challenges that play presents. Whether it’s getting frustrated when something won’t come together or learning how to get along with others, play teaches children that challenges can be overcome.
  • Working Together – Teamwork is a skill that almost everyone needs. Whether you’re heavily depending on others or just keeping the peace, we all work together with co-workers, family, friends, classmates, and others.

Here are a few tips to help make your children’s playtime more fun and effective:

  • Don’t limit them to a certain amount of time, within reason.
  • Join in with them if they’re interested.
  • Take some time after they play to ask them what they did, if they had any challenges, what they liked and disliked, etc.

Play is a natural part of childhood and should be embraced for its positive qualities. Whether it’s inside, outside, or jumping around at BounceU Farmingdale, play on!

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