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    Tips for Dealing with a Picky Eater

    Last updated 4 days ago

    Dealing with a picky eater can be stressful; as a parent, it is important to provide your child with a complete diet, but there is often some resistance. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do in this situation. Read on for a few tips for dealing with a picky eater.

    Get Your Child Involved

    Children tend to be more receptive to different foods when their opinions are taken into consideration. When you go grocery shopping, have your picky eater help you choose what to buy. You can also get your child involved in the process of preparing the food. When children contribute to the production of the meal, they are more likely to be interested in eating. When deciding what to eat, give your child a few choices to choose between rather than asking an open-ended question.

    Introduce New Foods

    It is important to introduce new foods slowly and carefully. Pair new foods with foods that you know your child likes rather than introducing several new foods at once, and keep the new foods to smaller portions at first. Keep in mind that your child will be more likely to try new foods when he or she is hungry, so try starting a meal with a new kind of food. Remember that the process of acquiring a new taste may take time, so be patient with your child. Set a good example by trying new foods and describing the experience to your picky eater.

    Be Creative and Fun

    Children are more open to new things when fun is incorporated. You can encourage your child to eat new foods by cutting foods into fun shapes or give new foods funny names to keep your child interested. Finally, invent new foods with your kids and try out new flavor combinations.

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    Encouraging Your Child's Interest In Team Sports

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Children can benefit from participation in team sports in a variety of ways, but this can only occur if they are truly interested. It is important to avoid forcing your child to play a sport if the interest is not there. Here is a brief overview of how to positively encourage your child’s interest in team sports.

    Keep It Fun

    In order for your child to want to play a sport, the sport needs to be sufficiently entertaining. For less competitive children, this may be achieved by playing sports without keeping score. This way kids will feel less pressured to win and they will instead focus on having a good time. It is also important to let your child decide what sport he or she wants to play; kids who play a certain sport to appease their parents are not going to have fun.

    Discuss Advantages

    There are many advantages to playing team sports, and it helps to discuss these benefits with your children. It is easier to encourage your child to play a team sport if one of his or her friends plays the sport already. Tell your kids about how playing sports will help them to develop new skills and make them more athletic. Playing sports will even make them smarter and help them think quickly.

    Stay Involved

    Children tend to idolize their parents, so they are quick to follow in their footsteps. If your child sees you playing sports, he or she will be more likely to foster the same interest. You can develop this by staying involved and playing sports with your children. This can be in any capacity; you can have a catch, do batting practice, or play a pickup game of basketball in the driveway.

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    The Importance of Keeping Kids Active This Summer

    Last updated 22 days ago

    Now that summer is here and kids are out of school, it's more important than ever that you find exciting activities to keep them occupied throughout the week. According to many health experts, inactive kids run the risk of becoming overweight. In fact, the number of overweight preschoolers in the country has increased two-fold since 2004. You can keep your kid from developing unhealthy habits by partaking in outdoor games with him or her this summer, such as hide and seek and Red Rover. Another option is to explore your surrounding area on bicycles, rollerblades, or during a casual stroll.

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    Planning a Child's Birthday In August

    Last updated 28 days ago

    With its high temperatures and its long hours of sunshine, August is one of the best months for birthday party planning as the possibilities are seemingly endless. To start planning your child's August soiree, select foods that are light and healthy but still delicious and child-friendly. Some fun ideas include veggies and dip, star-shaped sandwiches, and carrot pizza, like the adorable one featured in this helpful video.

    When it comes to planning activities, consider several outdoor activities combined with fun indoor options like an afternoon open bounce session. Before heading inside, treat the kids to a fun treasure hunt or an exciting water balloon fight.

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    Planning a Kid's Birthday Party on a Budget

    Last updated 1 month ago

    From party invitations to fancy birthday treats, there are a number of items that parents have to budget when planning a child's birthday party. However, with the right amount of research and by cutting corners here and there, putting together a fun and memorable party doesn't have to be expensive. Here is a guide to planning a kid's birthday party on a budget.

    Create DIY Party Favors

    One of the easiest and most creative ways to cut costs when planning your children's birthday parties is to put together your own party favors instead of buying them from a store. Kids can create fun cards or artwork for their friends or put together necklaces and other types of jewelry using beads that you have lying around the house. If you don't have a craft kit lying around, then consider baking a tasty treat for the guests.

    Go Digital

    It is entirely acceptable in this day and age to send all of your invitations and party information using the Internet. Have your child help you to choose a template or card design that you can send via email to each name on your guest list. Don't forget to include the time that the party begins, a phone number or email to RSVP to, and the location of the kids party place that will host the event.

    Stick to a Theme

    Another simple way to save some money while planning is to choose one theme that is easy to stick to. For example, if your child has a favorite movie or fictional character, then try to buy decorations that fit within that theme. This will help your space at the kid's party place look more impressive and will also keep you from spending frivolously on unnecessary items.

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