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Introducing BounceU of Farmingdale

BounceU is one of the best locations for kids’ party entertainment. As seen in the video, we have several inflatables for kids and parents to jump on and have a great time. There are obstacle courses, boxing rings, and basketball courts, and they are all meant for jumping! Read on for more about BounceU.

In addition to great entertainment and music, kids and parents can enjoy different party themes and decorations in the reserved party rooms. There is a diverse menu selection for everyone to enjoy. Kids and parents can also enjoy open bounce, cosmic bounce, and family bounce events. This a great opportunity to stay active and have an exciting time out of the house.

Come down to the best party place near Farmingdale— BounceU. We cater to all ages and special events so everyone has a great time. Please call us at (516) 986-4518 to reserve a party slot or inquire about open bounce times.

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