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Strategies for Keeping Kids Active During the Summer

Summer break is a time for kids to shake off the stress of school, but for many kids, it’s also a tempting time to stay in bed for half of the day and to spend the other half playing video games. With no recess or required PE classes, how can you keep your kids active during the summer months? The inflatables at BounceU are a great place for your kids to get active. These ideas will also help.

Sign Up for Classes

During the summer, there are many different camps and classes designed to keep kids active. This can be the perfect time to let your child try martial arts, baseball, swimming, or another sport or activity that has always interested him or her. If your child’s school offers summer camps that focus on physical activity or that help kids train for team tryouts that will happen in the fall, sign your child up for a few sessions for an easy way to add activity into his or her schedule.

Host a Game Day

Kids will be more likely to get active when their friends are involved. Host a play date in which you hold a game day at your house. Work with your kids to set up various challenges that your visitors have to complete. You can even host a team sports tournament in your back yard for kids and their friends. Other parents will be thrilled that you’re getting their kids off the couch and moving as well.

Try an Open Bounce

Open Bounce sessions at BounceU are so much fun that your kids won’t even know that they’re actually doing something that is good for their health. Let your kids bounce across our inflatables for a great, active day.

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