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Your Preschooler's Motor Skills Development

Your preschooler’s motor skills are crucial to his daily life, whether he is going to jump in a bounce house at a birthday party or learn how to color and draw. By helping your preschooler develop his various motor skills, you can help him succeed in countless areas of his life. Read on for more information about motor skills and how to develop them.

What are motor skills?

Motor skills involve the use and movement of muscles. Motor skills are split into two categories: fine motor skills and gross motor skills. When your preschooler holds a crayon, speaks, or blows a kiss, he is using a fine motor skill. When your preschooler runs around the house or jumps in a bounce house, he is using his gross motor skills. Both fine and gross motor skills are crucial to your child’s development.

When do they develop?

When your child was first born, he did not have controlled skill movement, meaning that his muscle movements were uncontrollable. As your child grew from a newborn to a young toddler, though, gross motor skills developed. He could control his face and his neck, and soon, he could control his torso and limbs. Fine motor skills typically begin developing after the first year, because your child can play sorting games and play with toys.

How can they be nurtured?

Both gross and fine motor skills can be nurtured by encouraging your child to move frequently and continually learn about objects around him. For gross motor skill development, encourage your toddler or preschooler to climb on inflatables, balance on straight lines, and run around obstacle courses. For fine motor skill development, encourage him to play party games for kids, draw, color, and play instruments.

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