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The Lifelong Benefits of Doing Art With Your Kids

arts with kidsEvery parent wants to give their children the best opportunities in life. Thankfully, these opportunities can start while you’re enjoying arts and crafts together. The whole family can create beautiful works of art and crafty decorations for birthday party ideas. No matter what you and your children want to do, have fun and enjoy the continuing benefits of making art projects together.

Future Focus
When children become engaged in something exciting or colorful, they are more likely to pay attention and listen to the directions. This focus will continue to guide them throughout life for the moments they need to memorize facts for a big test, or they need to interview for an important promotion.

Academic Acceleration
Any sort of crafting, drawing, or painting encourages all sorts of critical thinking skills, such as pattern recognition. These skills will follow your children through their academic life and help with math and reading patterns, like phonics. If your children appreciate sculpture or other forms of art manipulation, their visual-spatial skills will benefit. These skills will help when they learn geometry, physics, and engineering.

More Muscle Development
Fine motor skills are essential for children just starting out in school. As they learn hands-on crafts, their fingers and hands are becoming stronger. This strength will help as they learn how to write and type in school.

Better Bonding
Spending time with your kids, doing almost anything, will not be time wasted. Engaging in creative activities with each other will bring the whole family together in a way nothing else can. Your children will grow up with a better appreciation for family, friends, and the many relationships they can develop.

At BounceU Farmingdale, we want every child to be the best they can be in life. Our party place is a great spot for arts and crafts, along with bouncy castles, and other birthday party entertainment near Farmingdale. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to learn about birthday party ideas or jump in a bounce house today!

This Year's Birthday Party Trends

There are many different party themes and trends you can utilize for your child’s birthday party. The big birthday themes this year are movie parties, art-themed parties, and sports-themed parties. If you want to spice up an Olympics-themed party, consider adding a bounce house. The kids can have a race or have other contests in a bouncy castle, and then receive medals based on their performances. Watch this video for more party ideas!

Bounce U is the number one choice when it comes to birthday parties in Farmingdale. Whether you need party decorations or birthday party ideas, we’ll help you create the most memorable party for your child. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to start planning your child’s magical day.

What Are This Year's Most Popular Birthday Party Trends?

birthday party themes

When you want to give your child the best birthday party, you can choose from a variety of themes and trends that will have them jumping for joy. From bounce houses to princesses to superheroes, there is a treasure trove of birthday party ideas to please your child. Continue reading to find out more.

Character Themes
Your child’s birthday party can’t go wrong if you know his or her favorite character, movie, or television show. So many of these bright, colorful, and funny characters come with their own marketing, including napkins, plates, and different decorations. If your child loves princesses, princes, kings, and queens, rent a bouncy castle so he or she can feel like royalty on the big day. If he or she loves comic book superheroes, then make a game involving all of the party guests acting like villains and heroes.

Videogames have been popular for a long time, and Minecraft is no exception. Minecraft Steve and Creeper can make an appearance on your child’s big day in the form of masks. Kids can experiment with making Minecraft characters through coloring and painting. From the telltale green and black colors to cardboard creations of pixelated faces, Minecraft will rule your child’s birthday party.

Legos have been awing children and opening the minds of budding engineers and builders for decades. With Lego movies, Lego videogames, and of course, Lego toys, children can be immersed in the world of multicolored building blocks and creations. Your child will love a Lego-themed party, which can include specially-designed cakes or themed napkins and plates.

No matter what theme you and your child settle on for a birthday party, it’s sure to be a blast at Bounce U of Farmingdale. We offer all kinds of kid's party entertainment near Farmingdale, and we can’t wait to help you throw the best party for your child. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to plan a party that will have all of the other parents begging for your great party ideas.

Field Trips at BounceU

bounce houses Long Island

At BounceU of Farmingdale, you can treat your class, and yourself, to a fun and exciting day of jumping in a bouncy castle. Every kid enjoys the weightless feeling of flying through the air, and they’ll be even happier to do it during school hours! No matter your class size, BounceU will accommodate your every need.

Many school field trips require an aspect of learning. While BounceU may be a spot made for fun, that doesn’t mean you can’t sprinkle some learning into the experience. You might teach your class about the basics of gravity and what allows them to jump so high on the inflatables. Perhaps you can discuss fundraising events held at this party place, and how they best affect the charity and surrounding community. No matter your decision, there is something to learn wherever you go, and there’s no exception at BounceU.

BounceU is proud to welcome school children of all ages to our bounce houses. This party place for kids serving Farmingdale is ready to welcome your class with open arms. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to learn more.

A Look at the Developmental Benefits of Doing Crafts with Children

kid birthday party venue farmingdale

Children learn so much in their developing years, and much of that education can be linked to artwork and crafts. Add crafts and coloring to your list of birthday party ideas, and all of the children—and their parents—will be thanking you for more than just the entertainment.

Developing Coordination
Learning how to color, cut materials, paint, and everything else associated with the art world are all exceptional tools to help your child’s coordination. Bilateral coordination develops by using both hands to cut a piece of paper. Developing fine motor skills and coordination through drawing and writing will help your child’s growth. With these benefits, you’ll be glad you included crafts in your birthday party entertainment.

Learning Patience
When your child has spent an hour painting a ceramic figurine, he or she will be excited to see how it looks in the end. Having to wait until that ceramic figurine can be fired in a kiln may not be fun, but your child will learn the art and practice of patience. The same goes for waiting for paint or glue to dry. Also, when they have to wait for their favorite color crayon to be available, children learn the much-needed lesson of sharing with their peers.

Building Confidence
Another benefit of crafts is the development of confidence. When children complete a project, they learn that they have the ability to bring a thought to fruition in a beautiful manner. If he or she receives praise for artwork, a child’s self-esteem will jump through the roof. Whether a child has a gifted eye for art or not, when he or she learns to take pride in achievements, he or she will begin to develop self-confidence.

At Bounce U, we want to offer your child fun places to have a birthday party near Farmingdale. Children can experience the joy of a bounce house and bouncy castle, while also benefiting from our commitment to supporting our local community. Call BounceU of Farmingdale at (516) 986-4518 for more information, or come down and see us today.

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