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Membership Has Its Privileges in the BounceU Birthday Club

bounceu Long IslandFor the best birthday parties in Farmingdale, look no further than BounceU. The BounceU birthday club provides kids party entertainment throughout the year, but especially on your child’s extra special day.

A bouncy castle is one of the most exciting birthday party games for kids of all ages. Whether you have younger children or teenagers, bounce houses are great party ideas for kids. Rather than worry about rain, snow, or heat, you can comfortably plan birthday party games while BounceU takes care of the rest. Our birthday party club gives your child a completely free open bounce pass for his or her whole birthday month, just to make it even more special. Club members also receive a BounceU birthday bulletin, a members only activity sheet, and monthly open bounce deals.

Find out more about the birthday club by contacting BounceU of Farmingdale at (516) 986-4518. Our bounce houses are available for kids’ party entertainment, fundraisers, field trips, and more. Call us today to schedule your special event.

How to Reduce Sibling Jealousy at Birthday Parties

kid birthday party venue farmingdale

If you have more than one child, you probably already know that planning a kids birthday party involves more than just selecting from kids birthday party places near Farmingdale. While sibling rivalry can be a struggle at any time, jealousy increases when all the parents’ attention is focused on picking birthday party games, a cake, and presents for only one sibling. Fortunately, jealousy is easily managed by incorporating an extra surprise for the non-birthday boy or girl, extending just one more invitation, and planning another special event.

Extra Surprise
As you consider birthday party ideas, consider letting your son or daughter plan an extra surprise for the celebrating sibling. As experts who specialize in planning kids birthday parties advise, the non birthday boy or girl will feel needed and included. For example, allow him or her to make a card, help decorate the cake, come up with birthday party games, or wrap presents.

Additional Invitation
A great way to defuse jealousy is by allowing the non-celebrating child to invite just one friend to the sibling’s birthday party. Make sure to discuss it as a family so no one’s feelings are hurt, and patiently explain to the birthday boy or girl that he or she can bring a friend to the sibling’s birthday party, too.

Special Event
If you let your child’s jealousy get to you too much, you may end up picking two kids party places! Instead of caving to jealousy, plan a small private activity for you to do with your son or daughter who is not celebrating a birthday. For example, consider a trip to a bouncy castle where he or she can invite one friend. You could also visit a museum, see a movie, or go to the zoo.

Bounce U of Farmingdale is pleased to offer families in the Suffolk County and Farmingdale areas a wide range of bounce houses. No longer just for kids birthday parties, a bouncy castle is available for all ages and family nights. Stop by to see our open bounce schedule or give us a call at (516) 986-4518 to schedule a fundraiser or kids party entertainment.

Keeping Your Kids Entertained During the Holidays

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Because kids are so busy nowadays, they forget that there are many more ways of having fun when they’re on school vacations, and they’re apt to fall into a cycle of TV, video games, and “I’m bored.” Since kids complain to you, their parent, about their boredom, they expect you to provide entertainment—and, in these cases, you have a lot more influence than you think!

Direct your kids toward fun and educational activities like jigsaw puzzles and arts and crafts. These activities make for solo and group fun alike as kids can talk to their friends or sibling just as they can quietly enjoy these activities.

It’s also important to keep active! When it’s too cold for outdoor games, consider taking your kids to an indoor bounce house near Farmingdale, where they can exercise in different and exhilarating ways. Bounce house games are a nice break from sports and recess, and kids of all ages will have a blast at BounceU! To learn more about our open bounce hours and activities, call us today at (516) 986-4518.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas for Your Son

Are you planning a kids’ birthday party near Farmingdale? As your son celebrates another year of life, it is never too soon to get started with birthday party ideas. For a memorable birthday at any age, consider visiting a bouncy castle. Bounce houses are fun for pre-school age and up and many kids’ party places will accommodate any birthday themes you have in mind. For treats, consider implementing a build-your-own candy buffet with your son’s favorite candies. A cupcake bar is another twist on a traditional cake that lets you bring in special colors and fun toppings.

For even more birthday party ideas, call BounceU of Farmingdale. We are one of Farmingdale’s favorite kids’ party places, and we can walk you through your options for party themes and party decorations. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to find out about our bouncy castle and other bounce houses.

A Look at the Fantastic Benefits of a Bounce House Rental

For some exciting birthday party ideas that are fun for the whole family, look no further than bounce houses in Farmingdale. Bounce houses provide even more than kids’ party entertainment, they provide a lifetime of memories. Parents can choose from a wide range of inflatables to match any birthday themes. Bounce houses are also perfect for field trips, fundraisers, and more. Keep reading to find out more about why you should consider BounceU for your kid’s next event.

Unique Experience
The best part of a bouncy castle is that kids almost never get the opportunity to just jump around and enjoy themselves. Your kids’ friends will be impressed by the colorful excitement of inflatables. If you choose a bounce house for your kid’s birthday party, they will know the day is all about them. Rather than picking a traditional party place, pick a unique experience that is fun for all of his or her friends!

Customized Party
For busy parents, birthday decorations, party games for kids, and kids’ party entertainment can seem overwhelming. Rather than take on everything alone, consider bounce houses for all your entertaining needs. Bounce U can plan the details from start to finish with a wide range of affordable packages. Let Bounce U take care of the invitations, pizza and drinks, and all paper products.

Fun Exercise
As more and more kids rely on their iPads and televisions for entertainment, bounce houses provide a way to get your kids up and moving. Because bounce houses are affordable, they are available for almost any occasion, from birthdays to field trips. Bounce houses get your kids the exercise they need and let them burn off extra energy.

For a fun and memorable birthday party for your child, contact BounceU of Farmingdale. Our bounce houses have provided endless entertainment for Long Island families. Let us plan the details of your child’s next birthday party, fundraiser, or field trip. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to find out more about our bounce parties.

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