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Should Your Child's Party Be a Drop-Off Party?

One important part of planning a party for kids is deciding if you want other parents to stay or if they should drop their kids off for the event. At BounceU, we can accommodate parties of various sizes, so whatever decision you make, we will ensure that hosting your event at our party place is easy. If you’re wrestling with the notion of throwing a drop-off party or hosting kids and parents together, consider these factors as you make your decision.

What age are the guests?

Age is one of the leading factors in deciding if a drop-off party is right. Although there are no clear-cut rules, parents often stick around for parties for kids under five or six but then drop kids off when they are older. For young kids, having additional parents around is helpful for supervision reasons. Younger kids may also struggle with the idea of being left at a party, so having parents close by, even if they are hands-off during the party, can be comforting.

How well do the parents know each other?

In some cases, how well parents know each other can play into the decision. For tight circles of friends, it can be easier to leave kids in each other’s care during parties. For parents who don’t know each other well, sticking around at a party can increase everyone’s comfort level and allow parents to get to know each other, which can make future parties and play dates easier.

How large is the guest list?

For big birthday parties, having some extra adult hands around to help can be beneficial. For smaller groups, however, asking parents to stay can end up expanding the guest list—and the expense—significantly, since parents may need to bring their other children with them to the party.

BounceU is a safe and fun party place for kids of all ages. Our inflatables, games, and party food make us a one-stop shop for party fun in Farmingdale. Call us today at (516) 986-4518 to start making plans for your child’s party.

Dealing with Food Allergies at Birthday Parties

Being aware of the food allergies of the guests at your child’s birthday party will help to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun day. Many kids’ party places will work with you to make sure that the food you serve is safe for everyone, so that your child and his or her friends can focus on the fun.

Watch this video to see how a mom of a child with allergies handles birthday parties in her home. You can use her food tricks and tips to incorporate allergy-friendly foods into the items you serve at your kids’ party venue.

When you book a birthday party at BounceU in Farmingdale, be sure to alert the staff at our party place to your allergy needs, so we can work with you to create a safe and tasty menu for your event. Call us today at (516) 986-4518 to get started.

Focus on Fun Add-Ons: Face Painting and Boppers

When you plan a kids’ party at BounceU, our bounce houses are just the start of the fun. You can make your party even more memorable with some of our add-ons that will help to ensure that your child won’t soon forget his or her special day. BounceU offers a variety of party add-ons, including our popular face painting and boppers.

With our face painting service, we provide an artist who will paint each guest’s face with the cool design of their choosing. The colorful paint is sure to stand out in your party photos and create special memories. For a keepsake of the day, consider giving BounceU Boppers as party favors. This 36” blow-up hammer is ideal for older kids and a favorite BounceU favor.

The add-ons at BounceU let you personalize your party anyway you want it. We also offer a full selection of party decorations and can make any party theme come alive. Start planning today by calling our party place in Farmingdale at (516) 986-4518.

FAQs About Kids' Party Invitation Etiquette

After you have chosen the right kids’ birthday party place for your little one’s big day, it’s time to take care of one of the most complicated aspects of party planning: the invitations. Birthday party invitations for kids often raise many questions about the right etiquette to follow to ensure that your child has a fun day and everyone feels included. Here are the answers to some of the questions parents often have about sending kids’ party invitations.

Do I have to invite the whole class?

The question of exclusive party guest lists versus including the entire class is a tricky one for parents. Inviting the entire class can get more expensive than you would like, but excluding a few children from an event everyone will be talking about in school can feel cruel. Generally, when kids are too young to understand the concept of keeping the details of their party quiet, parents invite the whole class. After first or second grade, the guest list for parties usually shrinks, as kids become more adept at considering each other’s feelings.

Can I send invitations to school?

Some schools have strict rules about distributing invitations on school grounds, so follow the guidelines set for your child’s classroom. If invitations are allowed, it can be fine to send them into school if you are inviting the entire class, but distribute them privately if you are not.

Should I include siblings and parents of party guests?

In some cases, it makes sense to have parents of guests stay for the party, especially for young kids who will need additional supervision. In these instances, it is nice to include siblings as well. For older children, having parents drop them off is usually expected. Be sure to indicate on the invitation who is really invited to the event to avoid any confusion.

Whatever the size of your child’s birthday party, BounceU is ready to welcome all of your guests for a fun-filled day of bouncing and games. We can accommodate your chosen party theme to create a day your child won’t forget. To learn more, contact our kids’ party place in Farmingdale by calling (516) 986-4518.

Positively managing your child's tantrums

When your child has a tantrum, it’s a stressful moment for everyone involved. When the tantrum happens in public, it can be a nightmare for a parent. How can you handle this sudden uncontrolled outburst quickly and effectively? By keeping your head, and following a few simple steps.

  • Assess the situation so that you can make a plan. The first thing to do is determine the cause of the meltdown. Is it a battle of wills over a toy or treat? Does your child have trouble with transitions? Decide how you’re going to handle the current crisis, but make a mental note of factors that might help you prevent being in this situation in the future.
  • Plan to prevent tantrums from happening in the first place. Keeping children on a regular schedule for sleeping and eating, easing transitions by giving advance notice and creating little rituals, and avoiding situations where tantrums are likely can help stop them before they begin.
  • Don’t try to make it a teachable moment. When a tantrum does occur, it’s not the time to try and teach a lesson. Once everyone is calm, cool, and collected, you can have a conversation about better ways to handle frustration.
  • If it happens in public, take it somewhere else. One of the best ways to stop a tantrum in its tracks is to be prepared to abruptly change course yourself. You’re strolling through the store, and your child melts down? Scoop up your little one and walk out of the store. You’re in the middle of a meal at a restaurant and suddenly your kid is making a scene? A quick trip to the restroom may be in order. Sometimes, just removing the child from the situation is enough of a surprise to stop the tantrum. If not, be prepared to stand outside, wait in the car, or stay in the restroom until the situation is under control.
  • Don’t negotiate with terrorists- or toddlers in a tantrum. It is imperative that you do not give in to a toddler who is throwing a tantrum. If you do, the message you send will be that meltdowns are effective, and a great way to “win”. Instead, ignore the child if possible, or speak so quietly that he or she has to stop making noise in order to hear you.
  • Keep calm and carry on. Think about this: a toddler in meltdown mode is out of control, and that can be a scary feeling. If you can remain calm, you’re not only modeling good behavior, but also letting your child know that you’re in control.

At BounceU, we love kids! That’s why we’ve created the best private party place in the universe, where families and friends can get together and go a little wild. We specialize in creating stress-free, unique, and exhilarating parties that make your child feel like a VIP. Whether you’ve got a special event on the horizon or just want to come in for an Open Bounce, call us at (631) 777-5867 or visit our website to see what makes BounceU so special.

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