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Celebrate the End of Your Little League Team's Season with a Trip to BounceU!

Are you looking for a way to reward your Little League team after a hard-fought season? If so, then a trip to BounceU may offer you the solution that you are looking for. BounceU is a kids’ party place in Farmingdale that offers bounce houses, kids’ party entertainment, food, party games, and themed decorations.

Booking a party at BounceU offers many benefits. First, because you can book your party online and view the pricing, add-on options, and food selection on our website, it is easy to see what we have to offer. Also, booking a party at BounceU means that you and your group will get a party space to yourselves, allowing you to celebrate the season’s end as a team.

If you are ready to take advantage of what BounceU has to offer, then visit us online or call our party place in Farmingdale at (516) 986-4518 for more information.

Is Your Child Getting Too Much Screen Time?

Today, some parents are choosing to schedule active party events to combat the sedentary lifestyle that many kids lead, and when it comes to fun activities and kids’ party entertainment, BounceU has you covered. Watch this video if you’re concerned that your child may be getting more screen time than is healthy.

When kids participate in normal play rather than use electronics, this helps them develop life skills, such as learning how to read social cues and engage in negotiation and compromise, and doing so also allows them to embrace their imagination and curiosity.

For simple party planning and memorable kids’ party entertainment, schedule your next group event at BounceU. To find out more about our bounce house party place serving Farmingdale, call (516) 986-4518.

Kids' Party Planning 101

Are you on the hunt for some kids’ party entertainment and planning tips for your child’s upcoming birthday? If so, then continue reading for a quick introduction to the basics of kids’ party planning.

Start Planning Early

The sooner that you begin the party planning process, the better. After all, when everything is organized and prepared well in advance, you can look forward to hosting a birthday party that is low-stress and problem-free. Also, the earlier that you can set a date and send out party invitations, the less likely invitees are to have scheduling conflicts.

Create an Invite list

One of the first things to do when it comes to party planning is to decide who to invite. If you are hosting the party in your home, then do not invite more kids than you are comfortable with having run around your living room or backyard. If there are more kids to invite than you have space for, then consider booking a kids’ party venue. The added benefit of choosing the venue option is that there can be a lot less work and cleanup for you.

Think About Details

In order to make the event a memorable one for your child, you should consider what you can do to make the day special for him. To do this, you might choose to create a party theme in line with your child’s favorite activity, superhero, or sport. Also, it’s critical that you have enough of everything for each of the party guests—for example, by ensuring that there are sufficient party favors, gift bags, drinks, snacks, plates, utensils, and so on. Finally, don’t forget to have plenty of activities planned to keep the guests occupied for the party’s duration.

At BounceU, making party planning easier for parents is our specialty. At our party place featuring bounce houses and inflatables, we offer kids’ party entertainment, decorations, food, and party add-ons for you to choose from. To contact our party place in Farmingdale, call (516) 986-4518.

Ideas for Staying Active as a Family

Exercise helps support proper growth and development, and staying active as a parent can set a great example of healthy living for your kids. BounceU offers parents an easy way to plan fun and active parties for children. However, if you’re looking for ways to stay active as a family, then read on for some helpful ideas.

See Your City

For many families, there is plenty to do right where they live. To stay more active together, consider setting aside time each week to get out of the house and explore your area. For example, you could spend a day at the zoo, schedule a weekend camping trip, plan a picnic at your neighborhood park, or go for a walk around the neighborhood.

Plant a Garden

If you haven’t done much gardening before, then you may be surprised by how much exercise you can get from this activity. To stay active with your family, consider planting a garden in your backyard or renting a space at your local community garden. Tending to a garden as a family can offer each of you great exercise. Plus, gardening can be therapeutic, fun, and educational.

Start a Sport

It’s easier than you may think to enjoy athletics together as a family. For example, your family can start taking weekly bike rides around your neighborhood, get a membership at the city pool, find a local trail to hike, or train for and participate in a marathon together.

Try Active Games

If you want a fun way for your family to keep moving together in the winter, then consider investing in some active video games. Today, there are plenty of games that require movement to play, can be fun for the whole family, and offer a great way to burn calories indoors.

BounceU features bounce houses, inflatables and kids party entertainment in Farmingdale, so your kids and their friends can enjoy active birthday activities year-round. If you’d like to book a party, then call (516) 986-4518.

Plant-Based Lunch Ideas for Kids

Choosing healthy foods for you and your family doesn’t need to be complicated, but it can be tricky to know where to start. Whether you need birthday party ideas that double as nutritious snacks or want some inspiration for your kid’s school lunches this season, watch this video for some plant-based lunchbox ideas.

To make delicious chocolate and banana sushi rolls, start by adding a generous amount of dairy-free chocolate spread to a whole grain tortilla. Then, sprinkle it with some hemp seeds and place a whole, ripe banana on top. Lastly, roll it up and cut it into pieces, just like you would when making sushi.

BounceU is a kids’ party venue that offers birthday party packages, themed party décor, and open bounce sessions in our inflatable bouncy castles. For more information about our party place in Farmingdale, call (516) 986-4518.

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