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Tips for Including Face Painting in Your Child's Celebration

Birthday party ideas often include bounce houses, entertainment, and music. However, you can also include face painting as a fun and simple activity. Face painting is an imaginative and engaging activity for your child and her birthday guests to enjoy. Read on for some tips to ensure that your face painting session is a success.

Tip #1: Check Material Safety

There are so many painting materials available, and some are safer than others for children’s delicate skin. It is important to check the safety of the painting materials before officially hiring the kids’ party entertainment. Speak with the kids’ party place or face painter to learn more about the materials. If you know the quality of paints and tools that your professional face painter is using, then you can better inform curious parents about the face painting activity.

Tip #2: Notify Parents

It is important to include a short list of activities on the birthday party invitation, because kids and parents can get excited about your child’s party. However, including certain information is another way to notify parents of the types of activities that will be held at the party. Parents can use this information to decide if their child can or cannot participate in certain activities. If you know of a specific child’s allergies or aversions to certain materials, then feel free to notify the parent ahead of the party.

Tip #3: Encourage Imagination

Face painting is a fun activity for kids, because they can let their imaginations run wild in the form of butterflies, superheroes, and princesses. Ensure that your professional face painter has a diverse selection of designs to choose from. Encourage the children to use their imaginations and have fun with the designs they choose. This will make the entire celebration a big hit.

BounceU has many add-ons for your child’s next celebration, such as cosmic bounce houses and face painting. We want your child’s party to be memorable, so call our party place near Farmingdale at (516) 986-4518 to reserve a party slot.

Get Organized with This Party Planning App

Download the app here.

Child’s B-Day is an Apple app that can help you keep track of all the details of your child’s next birthday party. This app can help you plan kid’s party entertainment, food ideas, and provide much-needed reminders to complete certain tasks. Continue reading to learn more about this great planning app.

Child’s B-Day gives you a place to list all of your child’s party guests and pick a theme. Once you pick the theme, the app will give you various food suggestions and birthday party games to plan. You can also post updates from your app to your social media accounts. This can give your guests’ parents updated information about the success of the upcoming party.

Take advantage of the BounceU party planners by scheduling your child’s next birthday party in Farmingdale. Our party planners will show you our bounce houses, play areas, and wide selection of themes after you call us at (516) 986-4518.

Party Theme Options from BounceU

BounceU is dedicated to providing kids and parents a memorable experience every time they step into our kids’ birthday party place. When parents book a birthday party with us, we want to provide a great selection of add-ons, decorations, and themes to make the celebration a party to remember. Let’s look at the different party themes BounceU has available.

Every kid deserves his or her favorite characters at a birthday celebration, so BounceU offers the most popular character themes. Parents and kids can choose from different superheroes, such as the Power Rangers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Avengers. They can also choose between popular cartoons like Despicable Me, Doc McStuffins, Frozen, and the Disney Princesses. These themes are bound to excite every kid and his or her friends at the next birthday party.

Learn more about BounceU’s various themes and all that we offer with a party package. Kids and parents will never want to leave our inflatables and our kids’ party place in Farmingdale. We are available for more information online or by calling (516) 986-4518.

How to Plan the Best Birthday Party for Your Kids

Kids love birthday parties. That’s great news for parents, but it also means you don’t want to let them down by throwing a party that’s not tons of fun. Hosting a traditional birthday party in your home is outdated.

Kids will get bored and you’ll likely have a big mess to clean up afterward. Having your kid’s next birthday party at a dedicated party place such as Bounce U is a great way to make lasting memories and ensure everyone has fun.

Making Memories

You want your child’s birthday party to be something everyone is talking about at school the next day. That means making it memorable by providing something fun and exciting for the kids to do. Bounce houses have been around for quite some time, but kids never get tired of jumping for joy. Bounce U takes it to the next level with bounce house arenas that include:

  • Slides
  • Inflatables
  • Games
  • And more

Bounce U offers 100% private party rooms so you won’t have to share with other groups. Make your child’s birthday party the best ever by taking the crew to Bounce U. Book your party today to give your kids the best birthday party they’ve ever had.

Introducing BounceU of Farmingdale

BounceU is one of the best locations for kids’ party entertainment. As seen in the video, we have several inflatables for kids and parents to jump on and have a great time. There are obstacle courses, boxing rings, and basketball courts, and they are all meant for jumping! Read on for more about BounceU.

In addition to great entertainment and music, kids and parents can enjoy different party themes and decorations in the reserved party rooms. There is a diverse menu selection for everyone to enjoy. Kids and parents can also enjoy open bounce, cosmic bounce, and family bounce events. This a great opportunity to stay active and have an exciting time out of the house.

Come down to the best party place near Farmingdale— BounceU. We cater to all ages and special events so everyone has a great time. Please call us at (516) 986-4518 to reserve a party slot or inquire about open bounce times.

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