• Celebrate the End of Spring Season With These Party Ideas

    Whether it’s a birthday party in Long Island, a kids’ party, or just a no-excuse-needed celebration, a spring theme is sure to be a hit for children and adults. Read on for some party themes that perfectly celebrate the spring season.

    Spring Fling Party
    This party theme really embraces the cheer of spring. Choose invitations decorated with spring flowers, and decorate with bunches of bright balloons, streamers, and tablecloths. Hand out sunglasses and flowered leis as party favors to get your guests in a springtime mood. You can plan some fun outdoor party entertainment, such as bocce ball, or even rent a bouncy castle for the kids. Plan a menu rich with spring carnival nostalgia, and serve popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs, and ice cream.

    Garden Party bounce house farmingdale
    Beautiful spring weather brings beautiful spring flowers, which provide the perfect setting for a lovely garden party. This party theme is great for birthday parties, as it is versatile enough for guests of all ages. Include seed packets with your invitations, and hand out small, personalized flowerpots as party favors. Decorate with fresh flower bouquets. A fun party activity for kids is creating flower bouquets out of brightly colored tissue paper. Serve a simple menu of sandwiches, salads, iced tea, and lemonade. For dessert, decorate cupcakes with flowers and gummy worms.

    Kids’ Bug Birthday Party
    A bug birthday party is a fun party idea for kids who love exploring creepy crawlies in nature. Decorate with Mylar balloons in the shapes of butterflies and bugs. For your kids’ birthday party entertainment, let the kids dig in the dirt looking for worms and bugs. For party favors, hand out plastic bugs or bags of gummy worms.

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  • Choosing a Birthday Party Venue

    Kids Birthday Party Place Long Island Are you planning a birthday party in the Long Island area? Throwing a kids’ birthday party at a special venue can be much simpler than hosting at your own home. The best children’s party venues offer all-inclusive party packages and take care of decorations, food, tableware, party activities, and even the theme.

    When selecting a venue, much of your preparation can be done by scoping out a party place’s website and exploring the packages available. Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for your money. Visit your top choice in person to be fully aware of the scope of what the venue offers. If the venue is far away, try to arrange carpool options for the parents of the children attending. Finally, be aware of what the venue offers to protect the children’s safety. For instance, bounce party pros offer several age-appropriate inflatables that are best suited for kids based on their weight and height.

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  • Planning a Kids’ Birthday Party

    If you are planning a children’s birthday party in the Farmingdale area, you may want some party planning tips. The first step of planning should be choosing a fun theme, as all other party planning elements will easily fall into place afterwards.

    Watch this video for some great ideas on party themes, like a princess party. You’ll get some tips on how to incorporate the theme throughout the entire party, including invitations, decorations, food, treat bags, and party activities. You can even change classic party games to fit around your party theme, guaranteeing that every child will have a wonderful, memorable time.

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  • Game Ideas for Your Bounce Rental

    If you are planning a bounce party in the Suffolk or Nassau County area, you may want some party game ideas. While any child will enjoy just bouncing around in an inflatable bouncer at a children’s birthday party, it is a good idea to have some organized activities to encourage safe, fun play. Many children are capable of coming up with their own game ideas, but there are a number of classic party games that are exciting to play in a bouncy setting. When supervising children’s playtime in an inflatable bouncer, have these suggestions at the ready to guarantee a genuinely pleasant party.

    Capture the Flag
    Capture the Flag is a lot more fun in an inflatable bouncer. This classic schoolyard game is played in teams. Each team is assigned a color, and each child wears a flag of that color in his waistband. Larger colored flags are placed equidistant around the inside perimeter of the bouncer. The teams must protect the larger flag and the flags on their waistbands, while also attempting to steal the other teams’ flags. If a child has his flag stolen from his waistband, he is out of the game. The team who collects the most flags at the end of the game wins.

    Bounce House Party Long Island

    Balloon Games
    There are a number of fun balloon games that are easy to play during bounce parties. One simply requires tossing a number of small balloons into the bounce house and letting the kids jump around collecting them. Kids can also be instructed to bat balloons back and forth without allowing them to touch the ground, or play “monkey in the middle” with balloons.

    Simon Says
    An adult should lead this game, giving the children various commands. If the adult includes the phrase “Simon says” before his command, the children should do what the adult says. If the kids don’t hear “Simon says,” they should not follow the instructions. Any child who follows a command that did not start with “Simon says” is out of the game.

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