• Kid-Friendly Snack Ideas for Your Birthday Party

    Birthday Party Food Long Island Are you trying to plan a fun kids’ birthday party in Long Island? Once you’ve coordinated the party theme, party decorations, and birthday party games—and found the perfect party place for the kids—you may think that your work is done. But don’t forget to plan some kid-friendly snacks that will keep everyone happy on the big day.

    Regardless of the birthday party theme, snacks for kids should be simple, appealing, and easy to eat. You want to appeal to the majority of kids that will be at the party, so stick to familiar foods, and don’t get too fancy. Consider finger foods, like chicken tenders, mini pizzas and corndogs, pigs in a blanket, or sliders. If you want to be more creative, cut sandwiches into fun designs with cookie cutters, or set up a cupcake decorating station or sundae bar and encourage the children to participate.

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  • A Look at the Health Benefits of Bounce Exercise

    Sometimes it may seem like your children have an endless amount of energy. You might wish you could find a creative way to exercise with them that will be entertaining for all of you. You may not know this, but jumping in a bounce house or bouncy castle in Long Island is one of the most effective forms of aerobic exercise. It is not only fun, but it also provides a number of valuable health benefits.

    kids party place long island Provides Low-Impact Exercise
    Though using a bouncy castle provides a better cardiovascular workout than running, it is a low-impact exercise. This is because the floor of the bouncy castle absorbs about 80 percent of the shock from jumping. This gives your body a great workout without risking injury to muscles and joints. This type of exercise improves muscle tone and reduces body fat without the stress to your body that can be caused by other aerobic activity.

    Improves Coordination and Agility
    Using a bouncy castle can improve your child’s coordination and agility as much as activities like gymnastics and ballet can, but without the high risk of injury. Bouncing allows you to be more aware of your body placement and improves the muscles in your core, affording you better posture and balance. These skills can carry over into other sports that your child may try in the future.

    Encourages Other Exercise
    Regularly exercising with your child in a bouncy castle will condition your child to associate exercise with fun. This will encourage him or her to pursue other forms of exercise, from individual activities to team sports. Promoting a healthy attitude towards exercise from a young age will greatly benefit your child’s future health.

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  • Use This App to Plan Your Next Party!

    It’s easy to plan the perfect kids’ birthday party in Long Island if you use the Birthday & Party Planner app . Available for the iPhone and iPad, this helpful app walks you through selecting a party theme and creating a task list. The app even creates a countdown to your party date and sends reminders to keep you on track. The app includes a cost calculator to plan your party budget and allows you to import a guest list via your phone’s contact list.

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    Birthday & Party PlannerBy Julia Eysoldt