• The Chaperone’s Guide to Field Trips

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    Field trips are a great opportunity for kids to get out into the world and take a break from the everyday routine of the classroom. Even the most fun field trips offer kids the opportunity to work on skills like socialization, collaboration, and physical fitness. Students may feel as though they are at a kids’ birthday party place, but they are practicing real world skills at the same time that they are enjoying entertainment. Read on to find out how you can be a great chaperone and help your students to have a safe, fun, and rewarding field trip.

    Keep the Group Together
    Being a good chaperone means always having the whole group within your field of vision. If a child must leave the group, to use the restroom for example, have him or her bring a buddy. Keeping an eye on the group can be especially challenging in busy environments, so consider asking the students to join hands so that nobody gets lost.

    Be an Enthusiastic Example
    Excitement is contagious! If your field trip is to a science museum, help the students get excited about learning by showing enthusiasm for the subject matter. If your field trip is to a party place for kids, set a good example of how to play well with others by getting in on the fun yourself.

    Remember Who Is In Charge
    Your primary role as a chaperone is to make sure that every student in your group is safe at all times. If you need to decide between being a fun leader and being a responsible chaperone, always opt for safety. Of course, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy yourself. Go ahead and burn off some calories in the bounce house, just be sure to remember that ultimately, you are the adult in charge.

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  • Why Bouncing Doesn’t Have to Wait for Your Birthday

    bounce house in farmingdale

    Bouncing is a fun and healthy activity for kids and adults any time of the year. It promotes cardiovascular health, burns calories, and strengthens muscles in a safe and supervised environment. Kids playing together in a bounce house can make new friends and practice their social skills. Best of all, your family will reap all of these rewards while having the time of your lives bouncing!

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  • Strategies for Keeping Your Kids Fit in the Winter

    With bounce houses in Farmingdale, staying fit in the winter can be fun for the whole family. Visit a bouncy castle for inside fun, or bundle up and try an outdoor wintry activity.

    When the temperatures drop, it can be a struggle to get your kids the exercise they need. But with just a little creativity, it possible to plan active winter birthday party games for your kids birthday party. For a full body indoor workout, consider indoor rock climbing or an open bounce at a bounce house. If it is warm enough, join your kids outside for ice skating, a snowball fight, or sledding.

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  • Easy Ways for Parents and Kids to Get Active Together

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    Kids have naturally high energy levels, which is why kids birthday party places near Farmingdale incorporate plenty of active time. But getting enough exercise is important for adults and kids alike. One of the best ways to stay in shape yourself—and let your kids burn off extra energy—is to come up with fun activities to do as a family. Continue reading to learn how outdoor activities, bounce houses, and fitness classes can keep the whole family in shape.

    Outside Playtime
    Keep the whole family in shape by scheduling weekly outdoor playtime . In the summer, biking, rollerblading, swimming, and hiking are great ways to get your exercise. During the winter, consider ice skating or sledding. Even taking your dog for a long walk around the neighborhood can help you work off extra calories and boost your energy levels.

    Bounce Houses
    For a fun activity during the hot summer or cold winter months, check out inflatables and bounce houses. No longer just for kids party entertainment, a bouncy castle is a fun way to celebrate on any weekend. With cool activities like glow-in-the-dark bounces and open bounces, your kids will be endlessly entertained. Just as importantly, bouncing around is a fun workout for youngsters and teens alike.

    Fitness Classes
    Another way to get active with your kids is to consider signing up for family fitness classes. Many community centers and local fitness clubs offer exciting weekend classes like yoga, ballet, and dance. If your youngster prefers the outdoors, consider signing up for a family softball or soccer league. If there are no clubs in your area, organize a neighborhood relay race or pick-up basketball game. Parents and kids can compete as family teams for prizes.

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