• A Look at the Developmental Benefits of Doing Crafts with Children

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    Children learn so much in their developing years, and much of that education can be linked to artwork and crafts. Add crafts and coloring to your list of birthday party ideas, and all of the children—and their parents—will be thanking you for more than just the entertainment.

    Developing Coordination
    Learning how to color, cut materials, paint, and everything else associated with the art world are all exceptional tools to help your child’s coordination. Bilateral coordination develops by using both hands to cut a piece of paper. Developing fine motor skills and coordination through drawing and writing will help your child’s growth. With these benefits, you’ll be glad you included crafts in your birthday party entertainment .

    Learning Patience
    When your child has spent an hour painting a ceramic figurine, he or she will be excited to see how it looks in the end. Having to wait until that ceramic figurine can be fired in a kiln may not be fun, but your child will learn the art and practice of patience. The same goes for waiting for paint or glue to dry. Also, when they have to wait for their favorite color crayon to be available, children learn the much-needed lesson of sharing with their peers.

    Building Confidence
    Another benefit of crafts is the development of confidence. When children complete a project, they learn that they have the ability to bring a thought to fruition in a beautiful manner. If he or she receives praise for artwork, a child’s self-esteem will jump through the roof. Whether a child has a gifted eye for art or not, when he or she learns to take pride in achievements, he or she will begin to develop self-confidence.

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  • Tips for Exercising with Your Kids

    Exercise is essential for staying healthy at any age. During the winter months, consider visiting bounce houses for a family fun night! You can learn more about family exercise by watching this video.

    Bounce Houses are ideal for exercising during chilly winter and hot summer months. Inflatables are no longer just for birthday parties. Many bounce houses have family fun nights scheduled throughout the week, so parents and kids can get in a fun and energetic workout. On the weekends, consider going ice skating, planning a hike, scheduling a friendly family soccer match, or trying out a parent and child yoga class.

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  • Tackling Your Child’s Birthday Party Guest List

    kid birthday party venue farmingdale After you brainstorm birthday party ideas, it is time to take on your child’s guest list. Most parents love the idea of friends and family gathering to celebrate at kids’ birthday party places. However, practically speaking, it can be impossible to invite and entertain all your child’s classmates. To avoid being overwhelmed, it is important to limit numbers, mail invites, and maximize your child’s involvement. Keep reading for more tips on how to make your child’s birthday guest list manageable.

    Limit Numbers
    When it comes to kids’ party entertainment, the idea of keeping an entire class of second-graders occupied is more than a little bit intimidating. Additionally, not all kids’ birthday party places can accommodate that many guests. Before you begin sending out invitations to your kid’s birthday party, pick a number of guests and stick to it. To plan your guest list, consider the “age plus one” rule . For however old your child is, add one extra guest to keep the party manageable.

    Mail Invites
    Kids’ birthday parties inevitably exclude some friends and family. Because it is nearly impossible to invite everyone, mail invitations to your kid’s birthday party instead of allowing him or her to hand them out at school. Make sure your child does not bring up his or her upcoming party to others, and explain that birthday parties are special celebrations and no one’s feelings should ever be hurt.

    Maximize Involvement
    To make sure your child is not upset that he or she cannot invite the entire school, maximize involvement in birthday party planning. Beginning as young as age three, children can start picking birthday party themes. Pre-select a few options for party themes and a cake, and allow your child to select her favorite.

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