• Make Lasting Memories With These Fun Birthday Cake Ideas

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    You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make birthday party ideas like a fun birthday cake a reality. There are plenty of ways to put a creative spin on the traditional birthday cake. Read on to learn about some fun birthday party ideas for your child’s next birthday cake.

    Make It Mini
    Rather than purchasing a traditional sheet cake for your next birthday party, think about buying cupcakes instead. Cupcakes are a fun birthday cake alternative that kids love. Plus, they’re easy for little ones to eat, and are quicker to clean up and pack away. Give your cupcakes a unique look by decorating them with candy pieces and icing to create familiar shapes. Or, make it so that the cupcakes form a specific design or picture when lined up together. You can also set up a variety of topping options and allow guests to decorate their own cupcake as one of your birthday party games. All in all, cupcakes present plenty of options for sticking to the theme of your party decorations and encouraging a fun, interactive take on the traditional birthday cake.

    Incorporate Other Dessert Items
    Turn a boring cake into something great by using other sweets in your cake decorations. For example, if you design your cake to look like a monkey or bear, chocolate covered donuts can form its ears. Even something as unique as crunchy chow mein noodles can be used for the animal fur. Graham crackers, chocolate covered candy pieces, licorice strings, and fruit leather products are also versatile sweets that can add some texture to your cake and help you get your design just right.

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  • Birthday Party Planning 101

    Planning any sort of kids’ birthday party can be stressful. However, with enough planning, you can come up with some great birthday party ideas for your child’s birthday.

    As you’ll see in the video, you may want to start planning a couple months in advance of the party. Birthday party games and party themes can be easily planned by creating a list of items you will need. Put a small box next to each item so you can check it off as you collect the decorations, secure the food, and send out the invitations.

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  • Birthday Party Themes That Your Kids Are Sure to Love

    If you’ve been searching for birthday party ideas, look no further. There are a multitude of party themes your kids will enjoy, so always plan with an open mind and think out of the box. Here are just a few birthday party ideas your child will love.

    Painting Parties
    Painting parties have become all the rage in recent years, but they’re not just for adults looking for a night out. Your child can have a painting birthday party theme, and all the guests can leave with their very own painting or painted pottery piece.

    Sports Parties
    Girls and boys will enjoy any sort of sports theme, from baseball to football to volleyball. You can provide peanuts, popcorn, and cracker jacks as appetizers. Once the hot dogs and hamburgers have been eaten, send all the kids outside for a rousing game of their favorite sport.

    Earth Day Parties
    Celebrating nature and the outdoors is a great party for anyone to have. You can celebrate the environment with your child and their friends by decorating cupcakes like green bushes or with flowers. You can even help every child set up their own seedling in a plant holder they can decorate during the party. However your child wants to celebrate the natural world, be sure to have a great time.

    Drive-In Movie Parties
    Everyone loves a good movie, so why not play it outside, under the stars? You can serve movie theater snacks and drinks, while the kids lay out on blankets watching their favorite movie.

    Lost in Space Parties
    For the space-loving child, you will never go wrong with a space-themed party. Guests can decorate foam balls or make paper mache planets and add them to a constellation of stars on the ceiling. You could also decorate cupcakes in shooting stars and edible alien figures.

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