• Fun Games for Your Birthday Party

    Birthday party games are a fun and easy form of kids’ party entertainment. Party games for kids may involve winning prizes or showing off skills—either way, it’s all about the fun.

    Watch this video to learn more about fun games to use as your next kids’ party entertainment. One fun game is to split kids into groups and have them wrap one of their team members up in toilet paper without the toilet paper ripping. The goal is to use up a whole toilet paper roll without letting the single strand break.

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  • Reduce Your Stress With These Low Key Birthday Party Ideas

    birthday party ideas

    Let’s face it—sometimes planning birthday parties is more stressful than celebratory. There’s the guest list to make, the cake to order, and, of course, kids’ party entertainment to organize. If you’re looking to go low-key this year, read on for some stress-free birthday party ideas that your child will love.

    Go For a Party Package
    Choosing to purchase a party package from a kids’ birthday party place can take a lot of the stress out of organizing a party. These packages typically come with everything you need for the party to go smoothly: a host, decorations, and birthday party games. Museums, bounce house centers, and laser tag compounds often offer these packages at competitive prices. One of the best parts of an all-in-one package is that you won’t be the one stuck with clean up when the party’s over.

    Have a Small Sleepover
    Kids love sleepovers, so take advantage of this favorite weekend activity and turn it into a small birthday celebration. Tell your child to choose two or three of their most special friends for this overnight event and organize a few simple activities. Even everyday events like ordering pizza delivery and watching a movie on the couch are fun when friends are over. You can even consider starting the next morning with a choose-your-own-topping pancake breakfast.

    Enjoy the Great Outdoors
    Sometimes nature can be entertainment in itself. Have your child’s friends meet at a local park for a simple take-out picnic, birthday cake, and present opening time. The children will have plenty of fun climbing on the playground, playing hide-and-go-seek, or kicking around a soccer ball. Bring along a couple of fun outdoor party favors like bubbles or water guns for an extra hour of inexpensive fun. Start early so that the kids have plenty of time to enjoy before the sun sets.

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  • Come to Family Night at BounceU!

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