• Planning a Back-to-School Celebration at BounceU

    Some kids may not look at going back to school as something to celebrate, but it can be made fun with some bounce houses at BounceU. Giving your child and his friends a great time jumping around at BounceU is the perfect way to get him back in the mood for a productive year of school.

    Pick a suitable date.

    With the school year just starting, this is the ideal time to plan a back-to-school celebration. Children may not have an extensive amount of homework yet, and they are probably looking for some fun ways to get out their pent-up energy leftover from the summer. BounceU inflatables are the perfect outlet for exercise and fun. There are plenty of dates and times to come in, whether you book a private party on the weekend or attend one of the many events scheduled throughout the week.

    Consider open bounce times.

    If you are planning an open celebration where kids and parents can show up when they want, then picking an open bounce time is the perfect solution. There are several blocks of open bounce time during the weekdays, including cosmic open bounce one Friday a month. Many of these open times start just as school is letting out, so it is the perfect time to go over to BounceU and work off the first few days of school.

    Reserve a group event.

    In case you want to plan a back-to-school celebration with the entire class or your child’s large group of friends, you may consider scheduling a private group event. These are often held on the weekends, and the kids can enjoy food, fun, and inflatables all to themselves. Call BounceU or reserve your spot online to lock in the date you want.

    What better place is there to celebrate going back to school than at BounceU? Our party place has plenty of bounce houses and party games for kids in Farmingdale , so call us at (516) 986-4518 to reserve your bounce spot right away.

  • Symptoms of Food Allergies in Kids

    Food allergies are nothing to joke about, especially because they can happen anywhere, even at a kids’ birthday party place. It is best to ask parents and kids about any known allergies before offering food at a kid’s birthday party place.

    As seen in this video, kids with food allergies may experience hives or a rash somewhere on their body. They may also experience diarrhea or constipation. In extreme cases, a food allergy may result in swollen eyes, mouth, throat, and possibly cause anaphylaxis, which is a life-threatening allergic reaction.

    We at BounceU want all of our kids and parents to be safe on our inflatables and while eating. If you have any concerns about our kids’ birthday party place , please contact our party place near Farmingdale at (516) 986-4518.

  • Getting Real about the Importance of Family Nights

    Family nights are typically a regular night of the week or month when the family gets together to do something fun like and spend quality time together. However, many families do not take the opportunity to spend this time together. It is very important to plan regular family nights, like adventures at bounce houses, and here are a couple reasons why:

    They can renew your love for each other.

    Even the happiest family in the world will have its ups and downs over the years. With a weekly or monthly family night, dedicated to spending time together, you can all remember and renew the feelings you have for each other. These may be feelings of love, but they may even be a renewal of what you like about each other. It is often said that family members have to love each other, but liking each other may be another challenge. Take advantage of fun family nights at a party place or bounce house so you can remember what you all like about one another.

    They can provide a healthy outlet for physical activity.

    Another great reason to enjoy a family night out is to engage in physical activity. Head to your local bounce house location, a park, or the batting cages. There are many options for the whole family to enjoy and get some much-needed exercise.

    They can be a fun night out for everyone to enjoy.

    You work all week, and your kids are at school all week; every member of the family could probably use a fun night out to decompress and enjoy themselves. Instead of letting daily stress build up until everyone feels miserable, enjoy regular family nights where all of you can blow of some steam and let your worries fall away.

    When you come down to BounceU , you won’t just find a place to unwind. You will find one of the best party places near Farmingdale! We have several inflatables, complete with obstacles, slides, and so much more. We are available to answer your questions at (516) 986-4518.

  • How to Prevent Sibling Drama at Your Child’s Birthday Party

    Many parents struggle with drama that might come up between siblings on one child’s birthday. Sometimes, siblings become jealous or hurt when they see their sibling opening presents at the kids’ birthday party place , but there are some steps you can take to avoid this drama and ensure that everyone has a good time.

    Make the day special for the birthday kid.

    There is an ongoing debate about how to treat the sibling of the child who is celebrating their birthday. Do you get the sibling a present of her own to open, or help her understand that this is her sibling’s special day? No matter what you choose, it is your choice as the parent. In the end, though, make sure the birthday kid knows it is his special day that he gets to spend with his sibling and his friends.

    Talk openly with siblings.

    Speak with siblings about what it means to celebrate a birthday. Communicate with her that she will get her own special day, and the family and friends will have a great time celebrating that day in addition to her sibling’s birthday party. Help her understand that this birthday party is about celebrating her sibling and enjoying the party place he has chosen. If you like, you may have both children open a gift that they can enjoy together. They can both have the joy of opening a present, but the sibling doesn’t get anything extra.

    Keep the birthday party fun for everyone.

    In the end, this is supposed to be a day of fun and happiness, not just for the birthday kid, but for everyone in attendance. Consult with both children on birthday party ideas and the best ways to make the party enjoyable for all of their friends and family.

    There’s no drama down at Bounce U, your kids’ birthday party place near Farmingdale. We specialize in fun, and we cannot wait to help your entire party have a great time. Check us out online or call us at (516) 986-4518 to learn more.