• Helpful Playdate Planning Tips

    There are many ways to spend a fun afternoon with your children and their friends, such as playing at the park or at a kids’ party place. Watch the video for some tips and birthday party ideas for a fun playdate.

    As seen in the video, many parents encourage bringing children to an establishment that allows them the freedom to run around and enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Children can run around and jump in bounce houses or other inflatables for exercise and safe fun. Include children in planning a fun playdate for themselves and their friends.

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  • Establishing Field Trip Rules and Expectations

    Field trips can be a fun learning experience for your students , but only if they are following the rules. Whether you are taking your students to a kids’ birthday party place or a museum, here are some important ways to establish field trip rules and expectations:

    Establish Expectations Beforehand

    To run a well-behaved class during a field trip, it is essential that your students understand your expectations and class rules well before the trip begins. If your students do not follow rules in class, then they will not likely follow them at a kids’ party place or museum. Make sure that your students understand and have consistently followed the rules before suggesting a field trip. If you have additional rules and expectations—such as respecting the chaperones as if they were teachers—then establish them before the field trip.

    Lay Out Consequences in Advance

    Part of learning the rules also means learning the consequences if a rule is broken. It is important that your students understand what could happen if they break rules or show disrespect before and during a field trip. It is just as important that you and your chaperones follow through on those consequences. Before the field trip begins , make sure there is a suitable consequence for students who misbehave during the trip. This may include students sitting with the chaperones while their peers can jump in bounce houses and play different party games for kids.

    Reinforce Rules Throughout

    Children need constant rule reinforcement, especially when they are in a stimulating environment like a children’s museum or play place. If children are becoming unruly, loud, or otherwise disrespectful, then reinforce the rules and expectations already laid out. Give your students a chance or two to change their behavior before giving a consequence. Encourage the students who are behaving and following the rules.

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  • Fun Goodie Bag Ideas

    At BounceU, we host many birthday parties for our favorite jumpers! And a great addition to any child’s birthday party is a well put together goodie bag. We want your child’s birthday party with us to be a success and for everyone to leave happy. Continue reading to learn more about the best ways to make the best goodie bag.

    We all know the traditional goodie bags filled with little trinkets and candy but don’t be afraid to get creative with your options. Some fun ideas include a princess tea party kit, animal safari exploration set, and a sports-themed bag.

    In order to learn even more about booking a birthday party, call Bounce U at (972) 422-3399. Our team will gladly help schedule a party to fit all your needs. To learn more or schedule a birthday party visit our website at https://www.bounceu.com/.

  • Healthy Habits To Set For Your Family This Year

    The new year gives you an opportunity to start off with a clean slate. So, there’s never been a better time to reset your family’s goals for how to start up some healthy habits. Keep reading to learn how you can help your kids live healthier in 2017!

    Eat Healthier

    Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables keep your children strong while also allowing them to keep growing and developing. So instead of eating sugary foods, give your kids healthier options like reduced fat dairy products and whole grains. These foods will keep your children active and alert during the day.

    Hydrate Often

    Keeping hydrated is a habit that you will want to get your children used to as early as possible. Instead of giving your children soft drinks or other sweetened drinks, carry around bottles of water that they can sip on during the day. It is the best way to keep your children from going thirsty while also instilling a healthy habit.

    Keep Bouncing
    It is so important to keep your children active, and what better way to do that then to bounce! Rather than passing time with sedentary activities like watching TV or playing video games, encourage your kids to get active. To learn more about our bouncing parties or other private events, you can visit our website .