• The New Parents’ Guide to Playdates

    Play dates are an important part of a toddler’s life , and they can be equally important for their parents’ lives. To gain the full benefit of a play date, here is a brief guide to planning play dates and the kids’ party entertainment.

    Keep the Group Small

    Younger children will do best in smaller play groups with just a few kids. A two to three-year-old toddler should only meet with one or two toddlers during play dates. As the child ages, the groups can expand to include other children of the same age. Many younger children cannot handle the overstimulation that can come with large groups. Also, toddlers are at the age where they are learning to share and deal with social cues. If the play date group is too large, then children can become overwhelmed, and parents may become stressed.

    Schedule According to Age

    As previously mentioned, a child’s age can have a direct effect on the success of a play date . Many children have naptimes during the morning and afternoon, so parents should work around each child’s schedule. Also, younger children may not be able to handle an extended play date, especially if a group is large or there is a lot of energy. Ensure that young children do not become overwhelmed by scheduling play dates for only an hour or two at a time.

    Rotate Play date Locations

    So one parent does not do most of the hosting, rotate the locations of each play date. Each parent can host a play date, but parents can also consider leaving the house for a toddler-friendly, party place for kids. These party places often have areas for younger children to safely enjoy themselves. Parents can also enjoy socializing with each other, because their children are safe and occupied.

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  • How Many Kids Should Parents Invite to a Birthday Party?

    This question has been an often-debated topic between parents, kids, friends, and family members. Many people have opinions, because there is no right answer. The size of a birthday party should be between the parents, their child, and their intended kids’ birthday party place. However, there are some general guidelines to help determine how many guests to invite to a kid’s birthday party.

    • If the child is toddler aged, then consider how well he handles large crowds and multiple children. With toddlers, a good rule of thumb is to keep the party small, so he does not become overwhelmed.
    • If the child is in preschool or kindergarten, it is customary to invite all the other children in his class. To cut costs and stress to the parents, book with a kids’ birthday party place.
    • If the child is in elementary school, it may still be beneficial to invite his or her entire class so that no one feels left out. The child is old enough, however, to express how big or small he wants his birthday party.

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  • What Parents Need to Know About Planning an Allergy-Safe Birthday Party

    There are many birthday party ideas running through parents’ heads, including the type of food to serve at their kids’ upcoming events. Many children have dietary restrictions and allergies, so it is necessary that parents know how to plan an allergy-safe birthday party. Continue reading below for more information.

    It is important to ask ahead of the party.

    To avoid any possibility of endangering a child or unintentionally leaving a child out, parents should ask the other parents if their kids have any allergies. Parents can state the type of food that will be served on the invitation; or they can leave a comment for other parents to call about food allergies. It is best to have this knowledge well ahead of the party to plan the food accordingly.

    It is best to involve the kids’ parents.

    With so many allergies, diet restrictions, and types of food, it can be overwhelming for parents to plan a menu on their own. It is best to involve the parents of the children with diet restrictions. They can suggest different food items or provide the food that their children can eat.

    It should be about fun rather than food.

    Though a kid’s birthday party should have some sort of snacks for the children and chaperones, it is important to emphasize the fun of the party. Kids’ party entertainment and different birthday party games can distract the children from feeling left out or wondering why they cannot eat the same foods as their friends.

    It is crucial to involve the party location.

    In addition to parent involvement, involving the kids’ party place can relieve some stress. Many party places carry various types of allergy-safe foods or can allow accommodations.

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  • Does Bounce U Have Age Limits?

    Bounce U welcomes children and adults of all ages to enjoy the festivities found in our facilities. Families can enjoy their times during private birthday parties, fundraisers, and open bounce. Though everyone is invited to enjoy the different services of Bounce U, there are certain age restrictions regarding different inflatables and rides. Let’s take a closer look.

    The age restrictions of Bounce U are concerned with the safety of all bouncers. Children who are 18 months and older can participate in the different rides and inflatables, as long as they meet the height requirements. Children younger than 18 months should be able to walk on their own and meet the height requirements, but if they do not, they will not be allowed on the bouncing equipment. Teenagers and adults of all ages are encouraged to join their younger peers in bouncing in bounce houses and other inflatables.

    Be a kid again and experience Bounce U’s many inflatables in Farmingdale. We have a variety of group packages to utilize, as well as open bounce times for everyone to enjoy. We are available to answer questions at (516) 986-4518.