• Get Your Kids Active at Open Bounce!

    BounceU holds Open Bounce events throughout the week, so your kids and your entire family can stay active and have a great time. You can play games in our bounce houses and hold jumping challenges to get your kids’ hearts racing. Let’s take a closer look at how you can take advantage of BounceU’s Open Bounce events .

    Play Bounce House Games

    There are so many games and party ideas that will keep your kids active and having a great time in a bounce house or on an inflatable. Freeze bounce is easily done with some upbeat party music. Play the music as your kids bounce. When you turn the music off, then your kids have to freeze and try not to fall over. This is a fun and funny game, because the players will not be able to stand still for long while the bounce house vibrates around them.

    Hold Jumping Challenges

    If your family is at Open Bounce, then you probably love to bounce on BounceU’s inflatables. Take advantage of that love of the activity and hold a family competition. See how high each of you can jump and bounce. This will be a fun challenge for you and your kids.

    Make Their Hearts Race

    Part of getting your kids active means making their hearts race and their blood pump. Cardio activity is essential for a healthy life, and you can give that to them during Open Bounce. If you play games, hold jumping challenges, or simply enjoy jumping and rolling around on the inflatables, then everyone’s hearts and blood will be working overtime. This is a fun family activity, and it is a great workout.

    Stay active and loving life with BounceU and our many inflatables in Farmingdale. Our party place is meant for family fun, birthday parties, and an all-around great time. Please call us at (516) 986-4518 to reserve your family’s spot for Open Bounce.

  • Strategies That Bring Siblings Closer Together

    If you have children who don’t always get along, then you may be frustrated with sibling rivalry and regular fights. Thankfully, there are strategies to help your children bond, such as playing loud and crazy games together in a bounce house . The following strategies are simple, everyday tactics that you can use to bring your children closer together. Read on for a better look.

    Insist on Respect

    Teaching your children how to respect others should be on the top of your list of priorities. Learning respect for siblings is just as important as respect for friends and other children. Your children may not always get along or even like each other, but they should always respect one another.

    Allow Creative Play

    If your children are getting along and playing loud and crazy games together, then let them continue this crazy play when possible. It may be loud and annoying, but your children are bonding and forming special memories and a relationship that will stay with them their entire lives. As long as your children are safe and enjoying themselves, then encourage active and loud and creative play.

    Encourage Helping

    Learning to help others is one of the most beneficial skills a child can learn, because it teaches children about the value of teamwork and having confidence in himself. Teach and encourage your children to help each other. They can work on homework together or complete their chores together. These simple activities show your children that they can lean on one another and how to learn from someone else.

    Never Compare Siblings

    If you openly praise one and criticize another, then your children will develop feelings of resentment toward their siblings. Even more subtle comparisons can be damaging to one or both siblings. These feelings can fester and eventually damage your children’s relationships as they grow older.

    Make playtime crazy and fun with BounceU, your local party place near Farmingdale. We have inflatables and bounce houses for your children to play on and bond together. Please call us at (516) 986-4518 to learn more about our party place and bringing the family together.

  • What Homeschooling Families Need to Know About Field Trip Planning

    Homeschooling families have opportunities to make their own schedules and lessons, which gives them great liberty to plan exciting field trips. However, there are ways—such as including educational lessons and joining other families—that can make a field trip pay off even more for both kids and parents. Read on to see how homeschooling families can use kids’ birthday party places and other exciting locations the perfect place for a field trip.

    It is beneficial with an educational component.

    Field trips are a great opportunity for kids and parents to socialize, but they must also include an educational component or beneficial takeaway for both kids and parents. For example, a field trip to a fun, party place can include lessons on physical education and the physics behind jumping in bounce houses.

    It is important to contact the venue.

    Homeschooling families should contact their intended venue before the trip to find out different requirements or group specials. Some venues may have required times or certain group size limits. It is important to know all of the venue information before the trip details are made permanent.

    It is crucial to promote trips with other families.

    Many venues give group discounts, so homeschooling families can take advantage of these deals by planning field trips together. In addition to great discounts, homeschooling parents and kids also get a much-needed opportunity to socialize and learn from each other. This is important for lessons and information to remain fresh and exciting for both parents and kids.

    It is helpful to include lessons before the trip.

    Field trips are meant to further kids’ educations, so learning about each field trip place beforehand will provide a better experience. For example, field trips to a grocery store might include lessons on the history of farming and the importance of nutrition.

    At BounceU, we want everyone to have a fun and healthy time jumping on our inflatables and running around our party place near Farmingdale. Learn more about our field trip opportunities by calling us at (516) 986-4518.

  • Tips for Including Face Painting in Your Child’s Celebration

    Birthday party ideas often include bounce houses, entertainment, and music. However, you can also include face painting as a fun and simple activity . Face painting is an imaginative and engaging activity for your child and her birthday guests to enjoy. Read on for some tips to ensure that your face painting session is a success.

    Tip #1: Check Material Safety

    There are so many painting materials available, and some are safer than others for children’s delicate skin. It is important to check the safety of the painting materials before officially hiring the kids’ party entertainment. Speak with the kids’ party place or face painter to learn more about the materials. If you know the quality of paints and tools that your professional face painter is using, then you can better inform curious parents about the face painting activity.

    Tip #2: Notify Parents

    It is important to include a short list of activities on the birthday party invitation, because kids and parents can get excited about your child’s party. However, including certain information is another way to notify parents of the types of activities that will be held at the party. Parents can use this information to decide if their child can or cannot participate in certain activities. If you know of a specific child’s allergies or aversions to certain materials, then feel free to notify the parent ahead of the party.

    Tip #3: Encourage Imagination

    Face painting is a fun activity for kids, because they can let their imaginations run wild in the form of butterflies, superheroes, and princesses. Ensure that your professional face painter has a diverse selection of designs to choose from. Encourage the children to use their imaginations and have fun with the designs they choose. This will make the entire celebration a big hit .

    BounceU has many add-ons for your child’s next celebration, such as cosmic bounce houses and face painting. We want your child’s party to be memorable, so call our party place near Farmingdale at (516) 986-4518 to reserve a party slot.

  • Get Organized with This Party Planning App

    Download the app here.

    Child’s B-Day is an Apple app that can help you keep track of all the details of your child’s next birthday party. This app can help you plan kid’s party entertainment, food ideas, and provide much-needed reminders to complete certain tasks. Continue reading to learn more about this great planning app.

    Child’s B-Day gives you a place to list all of your child’s party guests and pick a theme. Once you pick the theme, the app will give you various food suggestions and birthday party games to plan. You can also post updates from your app to your social media accounts. This can give your guests’ parents updated information about the success of the upcoming party.

    Take advantage of the BounceU party planners by scheduling your child’s next birthday party in Farmingdale . Our party planners will show you our bounce houses, play areas, and wide selection of themes after you call us at (516) 986-4518.