• The Benefits of Choosing Our Private Party Room

    When you reserve a private party room at BounceU, you and your guests will have complete privacy to enjoy our bounce houses and inflatables at your leisure. Private party rooms are a great place to have a birthday party for your young child or host a fundraiser for your charity. Here is a better look at the many benefits that come with a BounceU private party room:

    • Your child and his young guests can play safely, because there will be no unknown children or adults in the facility.
    • Your guests will have full access to all of the inflatables and party games. There will be no waiting or large crowds to mess up the party.
    • Your guests can keep their food, drinks, and belongings protected in a private party room that only they can access.

    Take advantage of BounceU and our inflatables in Farmingdale by calling us at (516) 986-4518. Our party planners will work with you to throw a great birthday party or special event in our private party room. Call us right away to schedule your next party.

  • FAQs and Answers About Your Visit to BounceU

    A visit to BounceU’s bounce houses is a great way to spend a few hours with your kids, your friends, and your coworkers. You can schedule a private party for a birthday or special event, or you may wish to treat your classroom to a fun day at our party place. No matter your reason, you may have some questions about a visit to BounceU . Read on for the answers to common BounceU questions.

    What is the age limit?

    BounceU allows children who are 18 months and up to play in the party place. This restriction is subject to change based on the height and walking ability of some riders. Young toddlers or non-walking children will not be allowed on certain equipment for their own safety. However, parents and adults are always encouraged to play with their children in the bounce houses and bounce rooms.

    When are the bouncing activities?

    There are many types of bouncing activities available for kids, adults, and families. BounceU offers many “Open Bounce” times for anyone to enjoy the inflatables and party place. We also offer “Cosmic Bounce,” “Family Bounce Night,” and “Preschool Play Date” events. These events are scheduled for specific days and times, so please check our regularly-updated calendar for more information. In addition to our public activities, we also host special events and private parties.

    Can I schedule special events?

    Yes, BounceU accommodates all types of special events, such as kids’ birthday parties, school field trips, and fundraisers. We have our own menu of catered food from nearby local restaurants, and we can help with birthday party decorations and favors. Work closely with our dedicated party planners to throw the perfect birthday party, fundraiser, or special event.

    The staff of BounceU is here to answer all questions you might have. Please browse our website to learn more about our party place near Farmingdale, and give us a call at (516) 986-4518 to reserve a spot in our “Open Bounce” times or schedule a special event. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  • Add the Excitement of Cosmic Bounce!

    BounceU is known for our fun inflatables and exciting atmosphere. We are also known for our amazing Cosmic Bounce events where the lights are turned off and the dark comes alive with bright colors. Cosmic Bounce is a fun add-on to our kids’ party entertainment packages, and it makes the party much more memorable. Continue reading to learn the difference that Cosmic Bounce can make.

    Cosmic Bounce is the perfect addition to any birthday party, because kids love the wild colors and glow-in-the-dark inflatables. Adding Cosmic Bounce to a party package means that all of the guests have the fun that comes with a regular package, but they get an extra cosmic feeling out of the party. This is a memorable addition to a great party, so be sure to book the Cosmic Bounce addition when planning a kid’s birthday party.

    BounceU is dedicated to providing an exciting and memorable experience for the entire family. We host field trips, fundraisers, and birthday parties in Farmingdale, and we offer Cosmic Bounce for any party package. Please call us at (516) 986-4518 to ask about our great add-ons .

  • Quick Tips for Teachers Planning Field Trips

    Field trips are a great way to help your students learn and have fun. Even a field trip to your local kids’ birthday party place will encourage learning and physical activity. Read on for some quick tips to help you plan a field trip.

    • As seen in the video, it is essential to connect learning content to the field trip. For example, students can keep a journal about the different party games for kids they played, or they can work on physical activities in a bounce house.
    • Enlist parents and volunteers to help monitor and support the field trip.
    • Always maintain your behavior expectations before and during the field trip.

    Bring your students down to BounceU and teach them the physics of jumping on inflatables and the physical benefits they can get from running around our bounce houses in Farmingdale. We are available to reserve your field trip at (516) 986-4518.