• Steps for Planning a Successful Field Trip

    A field trip can be an enriching and informative part of your school year. Whether you are a teacher, parent, or coach, you may want to think about setting up this type of experience for your students. By planning your field trip at a space that specializes in kids’ party entertainment , you will be able to ensure that it is fun and safe for every member of the class. Here are some steps that you can take to plan your next field trip:

    Discuss the trip with your class.

    Before you take your students on a field trip, you will want to make sure that you host a classroom discussion about your expectations for the journey. When kids are allowed to leave the school campus, they will need to be on their best behavior. A classroom discussion will allow you to talk about what your students can expect from the trip, and will also provide a time to talk about rules and other expectations.

    Notify parents in advance.

    Along with preparing your students for the trip, you will also need to provide parents with plenty of advance notification. You may want to send a letter home with your students that includes details about the trip, as well as a permission slip. After the parents have signed their children’s permission slips, you can rest assured that all students will be able to attend the off-campus event.

    Find an appropriate space or location.

    As you are planning your field trip, you will find that there are many potential venues and sites that can host you and your students. Ideally, you will want to bring your class to a space that is tailored to hosting children. A bounce house or entertainment facility may offer the perfect environment for your field trip.

    If you are getting ready for the upcoming school year, consider planning a field trip at BounceU . As a bounce house serving Farmingdale, we offer a terrific environment for school activities. To make a reservation at our party place, give us a call at (516) 986-4518.

  • How Exercise Can Promote Your Child’s Physical Development

    Exercise is important at every age and stage of physical development. As a parent, it is critical to encourage your children to develop healthy habits that will benefit them as they get older, including a regular exercise routine. Bounce houses offer the perfect environment for children to play, tumble, and incorporate fun and imagination into their physical activity. Exercise can promote your child’s physical development in many ways, including:

    Promoting Heart Health

    Regular exercise can help your child develop a strong and healthy heart. Like any other muscle in the body, the heart needs regular exercise and conditioning in order to remain in great shape. Without regular exercise, the heart can decondition and become much less efficient at pumping blood. By promoting heart health from a young age, you can help to protect your child from heart disease later in life.

    Helping Control Weight

    Obesity is an epidemic in children across the United States. While proper diet and nutrition are the building blocks of maintaining a healthy weight, you can also promote weight control for your child by encouraging physical activity and an active lifestyle. As your child tumbles and plays at a bounce house, he or she will burn calories, raise his or her heart rate, and experience the weight control benefits of routine exercise.

    Building Healthy Bones

    Throughout the different stages of development, a child’s bones are continually growing and strengthening. Regular exercise is an important component for making sure that your child builds healthy bones. During playtime and sports practices, a child’s bones will build density and become much stronger.

    At BounceU, our bouncy castle in Farmingdale provides the perfect setting for your kids to have fun while they get their daily dose of exercise. Our bouncy castles offer endless opportunities for play, and we also host active birthday parties that are fun for kids of all ages. To learn more about our upcoming open bounce schedule, give us a call at (516) 986-4518.

  • What to Include in Your Child’s Birthday Party Invitations

    Creating invitations can be a fun and creative component of planning your child’s next birthday party. However, there are some etiquette rules and other tips to keep in mind as you are designing and making your invitations. These birthday party invitations should include your child’s name and age. You will also want to write out the full name and address of the kids’ party entertainment center or venue where the party will be hosted. Finally, it is important to note the time and date, as well as whether or not parents and siblings are invited to attend.

    When you are seeking great birthday party ideas near Farmingdale , contact BounceU by calling (516) 986-4518. Our bounce houses offer inflatables, birthday decorations, and all of the other accessories and toys that you may want for your child’s upcoming birthday party. With our help, you can ensure that your next birthday party is a total success.

  • How to Gift Wrap a Football

    If you’re heading to Bounce U with a gift football in tow, then you know how challenging wrapping an oddly shaped gift can be. Watch this video to find out how to create a gift bag out of wrapping paper that will perfectly hold your football or any other oddly shaped gift you buy.

    All you need to make your own gift bag is wrapping paper, tape, and scissors. You will fold the paper to create a base for the bag and open it up, so you can simply slide your child’s birthday party present inside.

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  • Beat the Heat with an Indoor Birthday Party

    Summer birthdays add an additional challenge to party planning, since outdoor events can be too hot. Fortunately, BounceU is here to save the day with our indoor kids’ party places that are equipped with everything you need to have a great time.

    When you choose to have your child’s birthday party at BounceU, you get help with everything you need, from party food to party entertainment. We welcome you to decorate your space yourself to reflect your child’s chosen party theme, and we will coordinate cake, pizza, or another food of your choice. Your child’s guests will love playing on our bounce houses and games.

    Come experience BounceU for yourself at one of our Open Bounce sessions or contact us today to reserve a date for your child’s birthday party in Farmingdale. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to find out what dates are available and to start making plans for your party.