What Not to Do When Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

Kids’ party planning doesn’t need to be complicated, but being aware of a few common pitfalls can help you arrange your kid’s party entertainment like a pro. Read on to learn a few things not to do when organizing your child’s birthday party.

Waiting Too Long

Ignoring your party planning to-do list until the last minute is a sure way to get any celebration off on the wrong foot. If you want to arrange a party that is fun for all and stress-free for you, then give yourself plenty of time to get everything done, from picking a theme and location to creating a guest list and sending invitations.

Choosing the Date

Too soon, that is. While it’s important to set a party date well in advance, you should wait to do so until after you’ve checked in with the parents of your child’s closest buddies. If her best friends can’t make it that day, your kid may spend more time focusing on that than on all the fun and entertainment that you’ve planned.

Inviting Too Many

In response to your child’s coaxing or begging, you may find the birthday party invitation list growing much longer than you had anticipated. Although you may want to include as many guests as your child wants, keep in mind that it can be easy for a big get-together of sugar-fueled kids to get out of hand quickly.

Skipping the Entertainment

To create a memorable day for your child and her guests, it’s ideal to have plenty of activities planned to keep them busy throughout the event. To help prevent the kids from resorting to television and video games during your child’s birthday party, have a few extra games at the ready or choose a party venue that features plenty of fun and entertainment.

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