Seven Popular Birthday Party Themes for 2018

Birthday parties are lots of fun for kids, but having the same type of party every year can get monotonous. Kids like to try new things, and in our society what’s popular seems to change on a yearly basis. What was popular last year is likely long gone, so knowing some of the most popular birthday party themes for 2018 is important if you want to be a “hip” parent.

  1. Peppa Pig – All the kids can wear pig noses and ears. You can draw pig faces on pink balloons and serve chocolate milk that you call “muddy puddles”.
  2. Minions – It’s easy to throw a minion themed birthday party – just think yellow. Decorate a cake or some cupcakes with minion eyes and get yellow balloons and foods like popcorn or pineapples.
  3. Trampoline Park – If you really want to get the party jumping, visit an indoor playground where kids can bounce around. Combine this great location with another theme if you really want to make it fun.
  4. Superheroes – If your kid loves superheroes, why not let them be one for their birthday? Let them choose their favorite and dress up like them. Ask the other kids to dress up or provide costumes for them.
  5. Star Wars – You might have even had a Star Wars party as a kid, but the film series is still popular today with new movies still being released. Make DIY lightsabers or opt for a Death Star piñata to make the party out of this world.
  6. Moana – You can throw an old-fashioned luau thanks to the popularity of Disney’s Moana. Provide leis for the kids to wear and serve a hibiscus flower cake and/or frosted flower cookies.
  7. Emojis – Even if your kids aren’t old enough to use social media, they may have seen The Emoji Movie. You can turn just about anything into emojis including balloons, cookies, and more.

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