The Benefits of Play in Child Development

Kids love to play, and it’s not just all fun and games. Children develop from playing in a variety of ways. Play positively impacts development in young children and continues to be beneficial as they grow older. Keep reading to learn some of the many benefits children receive from play.

  • Imagination – Even if a child doesn’t have anyone else to play with, their imagination can be their best friend. Sometimes having an overactive imagination isn’t the best trait, but being imaginative helps with creativity and thinking outside the box which can come in handy later in life.
  • Problem Solving – Whether they’re trying to solve puzzles or playing a variety of other games, children will need to solve problems to reach their desired result. They will learn that what may appear to be a difficult task can be overcome through time and patience.
  • Skill Building – There are several skills children can learn from playing by themselves or with others. For example, playing baseball develops hand-eye coordination and teamwork. Building something out of blocks or Legos requires planning and spatial intelligence.
  • Overcoming Challenges – There are plenty of challenges that play presents. Whether it’s getting frustrated when something won’t come together or learning how to get along with others, play teaches children that challenges can be overcome.
  • Working Together – Teamwork is a skill that almost everyone needs. Whether you’re heavily depending on others or just keeping the peace, we all work together with co-workers, family, friends, classmates, and others.

Here are a few tips to help make your children’s playtime more fun and effective:

  • Don’t limit them to a certain amount of time, within reason.
  • Join in with them if they’re interested.
  • Take some time after they play to ask them what they did, if they had any challenges, what they liked and disliked, etc.

Play is a natural part of childhood and should be embraced for its positive qualities. Whether it’s inside, outside, or jumping around at BounceU Farmingdale, play on!

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