How to have your child participate in the planning of their birthday

Planning a child’s birthday party can be fun, but it can also be a challenge. Especially if you’re not much of a party planner, you might feel like you’re not up to the task of making your kid’s party dreams come true. Further, while it’s flattering to know that your child thinks you’re a cake baking superhero, it’s intimidating to be told at the last minute that you’ll need to bake a cake in the shape of a pony jumping over a rainbow. What’s the best way to plan a fun party while simultaneously reigning in the crazy expectations? Involve your child in every step of the party planning and execution.

  • First, brainstorm together to come up with a theme . Let your child’s imagination run wild, while you chime in and take notes. Once you get all the great ideas down on paper, you can guide your child into a realistic expectation of how the party theme can play out. You can work on a plan together, thinking about food, décor, and more.
  • Make the guest list and work on invitations together. Help your child come up with a list, and then fill out the invitations together. If you’re sending written invitations, fill them out together. If you’re doing it online, let your child do some of the data entry.
  • Plan for, shop for, and prepare decorations, activities, and food. You may be surprised by the good ideas your child has for party planning. When you allow for hands-on participation, you not only promote responsibility, you also let your child see how much is involved in making a party happen.
  • Put the party together- together! From making the food to assembling the décor and activity stations, it’s easy to find ways to let children help. Making favor bags is an especially fun way for kids to get involved.
  • Assign hosting duties to your child . From the moment guests arrive, there are responsibilities involved in being a party host. While you’ll obviously have to guide the party in some ways, it’s good for kids to be responsible for greeting their guests, making them feel welcome, helping them to interact with each other, and thanking them for coming.
  • Work together to clean up after the party. Cleaning after a party is everyone’s least favorite chore, but many hands make light work! When you enlist the help of the whole family, clean-up will be over in a flash.

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