Tips for Making the Guest List for Your Child’s Party

Once you’ve settled on the birthday party idea that is right for your child and set up party place rental, it’s time to focus on one of the most difficult parts of hosting a party: The guest list. For kids’ birthday parties, a guest list can be extremely tricky, but there are strategies you can use to make it easier. Get the guest list right with this advice.

Choose How Many Guests You Will Have

The number of guests will have a significant impact on your party planning and budget. Doing this first lets you tackle a major party planning question—whether to invite your child’s entire class or only select friends. Some schools have policies that require the entire class to be invited or that only allow kids to distribute invitations at school if the whole class is included, so know these guidelines up front. If you choose to not invite the entire class to the party, talk to your child about protecting his or her classmates’ feelings by not discussing the party at school.

Decide if Parents and Siblings Are Invited

In some cases, parents of party guests assume that they should stay at a party, along with the siblings of the invited guests. If you plan to allow them to stay, include them on your guest list count, as they will need to be counted as guests by your party place. Alternatively, if you wish for your child’s friend to be the only one stay, put on the invitation that it is a drop-off party.

Consider How Many Guests Your Child Can Handle

In some cases, especially for very young children, big guest lists can make the party feel overwhelming and stressful. Only invite the number of your guests that you think your child can handle gracefully without being distracted by the crowd.

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