FAQs About Kids’ Party Invitation Etiquette

After you have chosen the right kids’ birthday party place for your little one’s big day, it’s time to take care of one of the most complicated aspects of party planning: the invitations. Birthday party invitations for kids often raise many questions about the right etiquette to follow to ensure that your child has a fun day and everyone feels included. Here are the answers to some of the questions parents often have about sending kids’ party invitations.

Do I have to invite the whole class?

The question of exclusive party guest lists versus including the entire class is a tricky one for parents. Inviting the entire class can get more expensive than you would like, but excluding a few children from an event everyone will be talking about in school can feel cruel. Generally, when kids are too young to understand the concept of keeping the details of their party quiet, parents invite the whole class. After first or second grade, the guest list for parties usually shrinks, as kids become more adept at considering each other’s feelings.

Can I send invitations to school?

Some schools have strict rules about distributing invitations on school grounds, so follow the guidelines set for your child’s classroom. If invitations are allowed, it can be fine to send them into school if you are inviting the entire class, but distribute them privately if you are not.

Should I include siblings and parents of party guests?

In some cases, it makes sense to have parents of guests stay for the party, especially for young kids who will need additional supervision. In these instances, it is nice to include siblings as well. For older children, having parents drop them off is usually expected. Be sure to indicate on the invitation who is really invited to the event to avoid any confusion.

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