• Teaching Birthday Party Etiquette

    Kids’ birthday parties are an excellent opportunity to reinforce good manners and graciousness. You can watch the accompanying video with your child. It demonstrates good etiquette practices for birthday kids and their guests. https://bit.ly/2kcnyoj

    One of the issues kids often have trouble with is receiving gifts. If the birthday kid is five or younger, parents might want to have him or her open gifts after the guests leave. In this case, thank you notes are definitely required. Otherwise, it’s important to remind the birthday kid to always say thanks after opening a gift, even if he or she doesn’t like the gift.

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  • Easy Ways to Make Exercise Fun for Kids

    Exercise is something that almost everyone needs more of—both kids and adults alike. But the trick to getting kids to exercise is to not call it exercise. Instead, make it fun for kids simply by working more physical activity into playtime. Being outdoors and enjoying nature is an essential part of a healthy childhood, but you should also have a few rainy day ideas, like heading to BounceU for an invigorating bouncing session.

    Embrace spontaneous play.

    The youngest generation already has a fairly structured life. Embrace spontaneity by heading outdoors with your kids . It probably won’t take them too long to start doing something that involves movement. If your kids need an extra nudge or two to get started, try keeping backyard play equipment in a visible location. Soccer balls, basketballs, and trampolines are a few examples. If all else fails, touch a child’s shoulder and yell “Tag! You’re it!”

    Plan a glow stick party.

    If your kids are still talking about the fun they had at the last Cosmic Open Bounce at BounceU, you can take the party into your own backyard. Buy some glow sticks, have your kids invite a few friends over, and host a glow-in-the-dark dance competition outdoors. Just make sure you remove all possible tripping hazards from the yard beforehand.

    Challenge younger kids to animal races.

    Younger kids love to imitate animals. If the kids are wound up while you’re trying to get dinner on the table, have them line up outside the kitchen area. They can race each other while squatting and waddling like a duck or hopping like a bunny.

    Be a pushover parent.

    Stand with your feet firmly planted on the floor. Challenge your kids to see if they can move you. Your kids win the game if you move your feet. To make it easier for younger kids, stand on one foot.

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  • Should Your Child’s Party Be a Drop-Off Party?

    One important part of planning a party for kids is deciding if you want other parents to stay or if they should drop their kids off for the event. At BounceU , we can accommodate parties of various sizes, so whatever decision you make, we will ensure that hosting your event at our party place is easy. If you’re wrestling with the notion of throwing a drop-off party or hosting kids and parents together, consider these factors as you make your decision.

    What age are the guests?

    Age is one of the leading factors in deciding if a drop-off party is right. Although there are no clear-cut rules, parents often stick around for parties for kids under five or six but then drop kids off when they are older. For young kids, having additional parents around is helpful for supervision reasons. Younger kids may also struggle with the idea of being left at a party, so having parents close by, even if they are hands-off during the party, can be comforting.

    How well do the parents know each other?

    In some cases, how well parents know each other can play into the decision. For tight circles of friends, it can be easier to leave kids in each other’s care during parties. For parents who don’t know each other well, sticking around at a party can increase everyone’s comfort level and allow parents to get to know each other, which can make future parties and play dates easier.

    How large is the guest list?

    For big birthday parties, having some extra adult hands around to help can be beneficial. For smaller groups, however, asking parents to stay can end up expanding the guest list—and the expense—significantly, since parents may need to bring their other children with them to the party.

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  • Dealing with Food Allergies at Birthday Parties

    Being aware of the food allergies of the guests at your child’s birthday party will help to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun day. Many kids’ party places will work with you to make sure that the food you serve is safe for everyone, so that your child and his or her friends can focus on the fun.

    Watch this video to see how a mom of a child with allergies handles birthday parties in her home. You can use her food tricks and tips to incorporate allergy-friendly foods into the items you serve at your kids’ party venue. https://bit.ly/2DZve24

    When you book a birthday party at BounceU in Farmingdale , be sure to alert the staff at our party place to your allergy needs, so we can work with you to create a safe and tasty menu for your event. Call us today at (516) 986-4518 to get started.