• Do Adults Count as Party Guests?

    When kids have birthday parties, it’s common for adults to want to hang out for the event as well. At BounceU, we make it easy for you to welcome the parents of your younger party guests and give them a chance to get in on the fun or simply relax with the other adults in attendance.

    Adults do not count as guests at BounceU, so you can choose to let parents stick around without them taking up spots in your child’s guest list. The adults can relax and spend time with friends at BounceU, or they can take part in the fun on our inflatables, as long as they sign one of our waiver forms. We also offer adult-friendly food options if you want to feed the grownup crowd that sticks around for the party.

    We make parties easy at BounceU with plenty of fun activities and options for decorations and foods for your event. Find out why we’re one of the most popular places for a birthday party in Farmingdale for yourself and call us at (516) 986-4518 to learn more about our services.

  • Should Kids Invite the Entire Class?

    When you’re planning your BounceU birthday party with your child, the guest list is bound to be one of the first issues you face. Should kids always invite their entire class to their birthday parties, or is it OK to have a more exclusive list? Watch this video for advice on making a guest list for your child’s party.

    If you can invite the whole class, it is a good chance to teach your child a lesson about kindness and being mindful of peoples’ feelings. However, if you can’t invite the class, distribute invitations outside of school and talk to your child about being careful about discussing the party with uninvited classmates.

    For large and small birthday parties, choose BounceU for a fun-filled day. To learn more about booking our kids’ party place in Farmingdale, call (516) 986-4518.

  • Invite the Minions to the Party at BounceU!

    If your child is a Minion fanatic, then what could be better than a Despicable Me-themed birthday party at BounceU? There are many inventive ways to incorporate the Minions into your party plan, and we have all of the party decorations you need to bring your theme to life. Make the Minions the stars of your child’s party with these ideas.

    Set the Stage with Minions-Themed Invitations

    Let your child’s party guest know what to expect by using invitations inspired by the Minions. You can make your own invitations incorporating the yellow and blue colors of the Minions or download a Minions-themed invitation template to print. Using a cutout in the shape of a Minion for the invitation is another fun way to incorporate the theme. To decorate your own Minions-inspired invitations, glue googly eyes onto large, white circles, and then paste them on a yellow piece of paper cut out in the shape of a Minion. Add blue overalls and draw on some goggles to finish the look.

    Decorate with the Party Space in Minions Style

    Make yellow and blue the theme colors of your birthday party. Use yellow and blue tablecloths with Minions cups, plates, and napkins for food and cake. BounceU can provide the party supplies you need for a Minions party your child will love. You can enhance the theme by decorating your party room with Minions balloons, yellow and blue streamers, and displaying a Minions-inspired cake.

    Encourage Minion-Colored Clothing

    Get your guests into the theme of the party by encouraging everyone to wear their yellow and blue clothes to the party. Kids can even wear overalls like Minions and wear goggles on their heads when they’re not busy bouncing on the inflatables. A photo of all of the guests in their Minion gear will be a treasured reminder of the day.

    Whatever party theme you dream up, BounceU can help you make it happen. We offer a huge array of supplies for popular kids’ party themes and can help you pull together your own inspired design. Contact us today at (516) 986-4518 to learn more about our party place near Farmingdale .

  • Creative Ways for Teachers to Wrap Up a School Year

    The end of the school year isn’t just a date on the calendar. It is a rite of passage and a time to look back on learning, progress, and great memories. Teachers can help kids acknowledge the significance of making it through another year by celebrating the occasion. Finish the year on a high note with some of these ideas for embracing the excitement of the end of a chapter and the start of a new one with everything from an in-class party to a field trip .

    Have an Awards Party

    Many schools give out awards to students at the end of the year for things like attendance and grade point averages but have an awards party with a twist for your students as a way to reflect on the time you’ve spent together. Come up with fun categories that are specific to your classroom, and then hand out the awards during your party. You can even let students make a speech when they win, so they get a chance to share favorite memories of the class.

    Invite Kind Words

    It’s easy for students to lose sight of what makes them special. Remind them by giving class members a chance to compliment each other. Pass one sheet around the classroom for each student, with his or her name at the top, and invite the class to write kind things about that person on the sheet. Present a laminated copy of the sheet to each student, so they can leave the classroom knowing exactly how they have impacted others.

    Throw a Field Trip Party

    What could be a better ending to the school year than a party? Book some time for your class to try out the inflatables at BounceU and celebrate all that you have accomplished together. At BounceU, kids get to have fun while getting physical activity and working on their social skills, all while building memories of this important time in their lives.

    BounceU is a favorite place for kids’ birthday parties, but we’re also the ideal place for a range of parties and events and a popular choice for field trips. To find out how to book our party place in Farmingdale , call (516) 986-4518.

  • What Makes Our Cosmic Open Bounce Different?

    At BounceU, there are all sorts of ways to play, and you don’t have to wait for a birthday or other celebration to come over and have fun! We offer a full calendar of Open Bounce opportunities, including our wildly popular Cosmic Open Bounce. Tweens and teens love this unique experience because it creates an exciting after-dark ambience—even if it’s early afternoon!

    Our Cosmic Open Bounce enhances our fun inflatable rides and games with carefully staged lighting and family-friendly music that kids love. Adding to the party atmosphere, kids can bounce around with glow-in-the-dark accessories. The dates and times vary, so check our online calendar frequently to find our next Cosmic Open Bounce. Because this experience is so popular among local families, we do require reservations. You can easily make a reservation on our website.

    BounceU is known for being a fun birthday place near Farmingdale, but no special occasion is necessary to stop by and enjoy the fun! Call (516) 986-4518 with your questions or check our online calendar to reserve a Cosmic Open Bounce date .

  • Planning a Birthday Party After Moving to a New Town

    Moving can be tough on kids, especially if the family is moving far away from their friends. If your child will be having a birthday party soon after the big move, it can be a great opportunity for him or her to make new friends . You can help your child feel more at home in the new town by making the day extra special with fun birthday party games and party entertainment.

    Finding New Friends

    Potential friends are everywhere, but meeting them isn’t always easy. If you’ve moved during the school year, you can have your child invite the kids in his or her class. The birthday party will be a good way for them to get better acquainted outside of the classroom. Moving during the summer can make it a little trickier to find new friends right away. If you’ve moved to a neighborhood full of families with kids, such as a planned community, then you and your child can take a stroll around the block to introduce yourselves and hand out party invitations. Additionally, check the local library for group activities for kids. Your child can meet peers who share similar interests.

    Figuring Out Where to Host

    It’s not reasonable to expect your home to look magazine cover-worthy shortly after you move into it. You might still have a few boxes to unpack months afterward. Make things easy on yourself by hosting the party at a local venue, instead of your home. This way, you won’t have to worry about preparing refreshments, planning games, decorating, or cleaning up afterward.

    Meeting New Parents

    While your child is busy making new friends, you can too. Most parents would probably want to stick around the party if their child has been invited by a family they aren’t well-acquainted with. This is particularly true if the kids are younger. On the party invitations, make a note that parents are welcome to stay and enjoy light refreshments. Do ask them to RSVP so you can finalize your food and drink order at the party place.

    BounceU is the perfect party place in Farmingdale, especially for families who are new in town. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll handle the details—from food and cake to themed birthday decorations and pictures! Get in touch today at (516) 986-4518.