• Turn Up the Fun of Your Child’s Party with Cosmic Bounce

    You might think it’s impossible to make a party at Bounce U even more fun, but that’s where Cosmic Bounce comes in. The Cosmic Bounce package adds an “after dark” type of atmosphere that children of all ages can enjoy. Continue reading and turn up the fun of your child’s party with Cosmic Bounce.

    The Cosmic Bounce package can be added to any existing Bounce U party plan. The difference that this add-on brings to the table is in the theme, decorating, and atmosphere. Cosmic Bounce uses ultraviolet lighting and glow in the dark accessories to amplify the fun for your children. Neon colors will glow in the dark, and kids will get even more excitement out of the games and rides we offer. Just choose a party package and then add the Cosmic Bounce feature to turn up the fun for your child’s party.

    You can make any Bounce U party even more fun by adding the Cosmic Bounce package, which changes the party theme near Farmingdale and creates a new experience. Call the crew at (516) 986-4518 if you’d like to book our bounce houses for your next party.

  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Siblings Sharing Birthday Parties?

    When two of your kids have birthdays around the same time, you might consider combining their parties. This makes your budget a little easier to work with, and it can be especially convenient if both children enjoy the same kinds of kids party entertainment . Just remember that it’s a special occasion for both kids. Read on and learn about the pros and cons of siblings sharing birthday parties.


    If two or more of your children are born within the same month or so, you might want to combine birthday parties. Having one big birthday party for multiple children can be a cost-effective way to celebrate your kids’ birthdays. Throwing individual birthday parties for three children who were all born in the same month can take a toll on your finances, so consider having siblings share a birthday party to lessen the financial burden while still making everyone happy.

    Age Range

    It’s often easier to have your children share a birthday party when they’re in the same age group, especially if they’re only a year or two apart. There could be plenty of overlap between your kids’ friends when they’re that close in age, and if all the children on the invite list get along, then a shared birthday party might work out for the best for everyone. Sometimes there is a little bit of sibling rivalry, so talk to your kids first and make sure they’re okay with this idea.


    Everyone wants their special day to be about them, especially as children. When you organize a shared birthday party for your children, make sure everyone gets enough attention. Whether you have twins, triplets, or kids who are all around the same age, each one of them should feel like they are being acknowledged.

    Whether you want to have separate or joined birthdays for your children, talk to the team at Bounce U . We specialize in kids’ party entertainment near Farmingdale, and our bounce houses are great for individual or sibling birthday parties. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to make your kids’ birthday party a blast.

  • Helping Your Child Deal with Stress

    Physical activity can help children deal with their stress, which is one reason bounce houses are so fun. You can’t always make it to the bounce house though, so you must know how to help your kids. Watch this video on helping your child deal with stress.

    Instead of bandaging your child’s stress, find out where it’s coming from. Don’t make any assumptions, just let your child tell you what’s going on. The problem could stem from social life, family interactions, or a big test at school. Tell your child what you’ve noticed, and once you’ve identified the problem, come up with a solution together.

    Sometimes kids just need to relax, and a day of bounce houses at Bounce U may be the perfect solution. We host kids’ birthday parties near Farmingdale and host regular open bounces, which make it easy to let children get their energy out. See our website or call (516) 986-4518 to learn more.

  • Picking Party Themes for Tweens

    Your tweens might not have the same birthday party ideas they did when they were children, so keep up with their interests so you can nail the theme. Superhero parties are popular among young children as well as tweens, but sports might be closer on the radar. Remember that a party could be an outing of some sort with a couple of friends. Here are some possible party themes for tweens.

    Superheroes and Villains

    You might think that a superhero and villain theme is a little outplayed for your kids, especially if they’re older. However, superhero movies have never—and probably will never—go out of fashion. All the comic book superheroes other generations grew up with are still being revamped all the time, so they’re not just for children anymore. If your tween is into Spiderman, Batman, or the Incredible Hulk, then a superhero and villain theme could be perfect for his or her next birthday party.

    Sports and Athletics

    Some kids move on from what they were interested in when they were younger. If your tweens have gravitated from superheroes and villains to sports, then let that show in the party theme. Whether your child has a passion for baseball, hockey, soccer, or football, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate the sport into the party design. You can hang banners of all the teams in the MLB, NHL, MLS, and NFL, and even make a cake or cupcakes that relate to your tween’s favorite sport.

    Destination Parties

    If your tween seems to be growing out of traditional birthday parties, try taking your growing son or daughter out to an event with a couple of friends. This can mean a movie for tweens who love superheroes or a sports game for kids who want to see their real-life heroes up close and in person.

    Your birthday party ideas near Farmingdale will change as your kids get older, but some party themes are timeless . Call Bounce U at (516) 986-4518 or check out our website and learn about our bounce houses and birthday party games that can fit into any theme.