Turn Up the Fun of Your Child’s Party with Cosmic Bounce

You might think it’s impossible to make a party at Bounce U even more fun, but that’s where Cosmic Bounce comes in. The Cosmic Bounce package adds an “after dark” type of atmosphere that children of all ages can enjoy. Continue reading and turn up the fun of your child’s party with Cosmic Bounce.

The Cosmic Bounce package can be added to any existing Bounce U party plan. The difference that this add-on brings to the table is in the theme, decorating, and atmosphere. Cosmic Bounce uses ultraviolet lighting and glow in the dark accessories to amplify the fun for your children. Neon colors will glow in the dark, and kids will get even more excitement out of the games and rides we offer. Just choose a party package and then add the Cosmic Bounce feature to turn up the fun for your child’s party.

You can make any Bounce U party even more fun by adding the Cosmic Bounce package, which changes the party theme near Farmingdale and creates a new experience. Call the crew at (516) 986-4518 if you’d like to book our bounce houses for your next party.

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