Best Birthday Bashes: Top Trending Themes for 2018

When you’re planning your kids’ birthday parties, you want to pick a theme that’ll have the kids excited to invite all their friends. Need some inspiration? We can hook you up with all the hottest themes.

  • Lego: Lego is, of course, classic but the Lego movies have kicked it into high gear. It’s really easy to find Lego, Ninjago, and Lego Batman themed decorations, and a Lego cake is a thing of beauty.
  • Cupcake Challenge: Inspire a little friendly competition by providing kids with cupcakes and everything they need to decorate them. Give prizes for the most creative, most decorated, most delicious, and any other superlative you can imagine.
  • Seuss: It’s impossible not to have fun when you dress the party in a Dr. Seuss theme. Incorporate Seussical foods like Moose Juice and Goose Juice, set up some party games like Pin the Star on the Sneech, create a photo booth incorporating Lorax mustaches and Cat in the Hat Hats, and you’ll have a hit on your hands.
  • Doge: Ask any tween, and you’ll find out that this Shiba Inu meme is hot this year. A quick Etsy search is all you need to find the signs, cards, cookie cutters, stickers and more to make this “so birthday” “much celebrate.”
  • Movie Magic: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Moana, Trolls, Frozen, and just about any superhero movie you can name- these have all been hot and they’re going to stay hot! What’s your kid’s favorite? They’re so popular that it’s easy to find everything you need at the local party supply store to make your party a blockbuster.
  • Mad Scientist: What’s more fun than bubbling test tubes and experimental concoctions? Mad scientist punch, complete with dry ice.
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse: Mickey and Minnie are classics that never get old. The red, white and black color scheme makes it easy to style your party, and you can incorporate the iconic ear shape into all kinds of tasty treats.
  • Pizza Party: What’s better than an old-fashioned pizza party? A DIY pizza party! Provide kids with dough and toppings, and making their own pizzas will entertain them for quite a while.
  • Instagram Party: For the ultra-hip kiddo, an Instagram party may be just the thing. The logo is easy enough to duplicate for signage and even treats, and when you set out some fun photo booth props, you’ll soon have the kids snapping away
  • Unicorn: Unicorns have never been hotter. It’s hard to step foot into a party or craft store without tripping over all things unicorn, which makes it super easy to create an amazing unicorn party.
  • Emojis: Smilies, LOL, and who would have thought the poop emoji would be so popular. Emojis are everywhere, and how hard would it be to make a cake that’s circular, yellow, and features your favorite emoji expression?
  • Trolls: Trolls are back, and we can’t stop the feeling! In addition to being fun, and delightful for decorating because of all the colors, Trolls are perfect for a party, because the movie soundtrack makes for a ready-made party mix, and the dolls are perfect favors.
  • Fairies and Mermaids: Like Cowboys and Pirates, these have never really gone out of style, but they’re huge right now. Use your imagination, get inspiration from just about any store, and make your child’s party magical.

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