First Birthday Themes that will have you Struggling to Outdo Yourself Next Year


Let’s be real, first birthday parties are really for the parents. Still giddy with excitement over our new-to-the-world offspring, we want to share the joy of successfully getting them through that harrowing first year of life. It’s got to be perfect, doesn’t it? You want it to be the Pinterest-worthy party to end all parties: a party so spectacular that you’ll have to rent a pony or hire a skywriter to make the subsequent birthdays measure up.

  • Teddy Bear Picnic: Whether you want to go full on Winnie the Pooh or opt for generic bears, it’s pretty universal that kids love teddy bears. Decorate with plenty of stuffed bears, picnic baskets, and red and white checkered tablecloths, and you’ll have tons of great photo ops. You can bring the outside in, hanging a yellow sun lantern and fluffy clouds made of cotton batting on paper lanterns, and placing flowers on every surface. For food? Standard picnic fare, but heavy on things that tie in the bear theme, like teddy grahams and brightly colored berries.
  • Rubber Ducky Party: Almost all toddlers enjoy a good rubber ducky, and they’re so cute that they make a really fun party theme. You can get a wide variety of duckies now, from pirates to ninjas to circus clowns, and they make great party favors, but the yellow ones are still the classic favorite. Decorating for a rubber ducky party can involve bubbles and metal washtubs, which make for some pretty cute photos of your brand new one-year-old.
  • Sesame Street Soiree: There’s a reason Sesame Street has endured for nearly 50 years. The characters are loveable and varied enough to make it easy for everyone to have a favorite. What’s especially great when you’re throwing a party is that it’s easy to incorporate the Sesame Street Muppets into your décor. Use googly eyes to turn tissue paper puffs into friendly faces, turn brightly colored favor bags into favorite Muppets, and decorate your cake or cupcakes in the Sesame Street theme. Serve brightly colored foods, and don’t forget the cookies!
  • Trolls Celebration: What’s not to love about the Trolls movies? Bright colors, bouncy songs, and loveable characters are appealing to even the littlest kids. The possibilities for décor are nearly limitless, and it’s fun to find creative ways to prepare food in all the colors of the rainbow. Party favors are easy, too, because of all the adorable dolls that go along with the movies.
  • Anything Animals: Circus animals, jungle animals, zoo animals, and even favorite pets or stuffed animals lend themselves beautifully to a first birthday theme. It’s easy to decorate, using stencils and stuffies, the food can be anything you want that’s bright and colorful, and choosing your little one’s favorite animal means

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