Why Play Matters

It seems almost unnecessary to say that children need to play because it seems like a given. But is it? These days, there’s so much pressure for kids to do well in school, and life in the United States is so harried and hectic, sometimes there’s just not enough time for play. Does that matter?

The answer is, emphatically, yes. Play is beneficial for children in so many ways that it’s alarming when they don’t have enough of an opportunity to spend time playing. When children play, they develop in mind, body, and spirit.

  • Children learn through play. It’s been said that play is the work of childhood, and it’s true. When children are playing they are developing skills necessary for literacy, science, and math skills, and building their vocabulary. They strengthen their imaginations, and model adult behavior, learning skills they need for the future.
  • Play with others helps social development. As they play together, children learn how to interact and resolve conflict. They also learn social skills like working as a team and making decisions. Bonds are formed, creativity is sparked, and a sense of community develops.
  • Active play promotes health and well-being. Physical activity strengthens bones and muscles, makes the heart healthier, and protects against obesity. It can also boost a child’s mood and give him or her a more positive outlook on life.
  • Free play gives kids a healthy outlet. Through play, children express their emotions and work out their problems. They can create fantasies that help them work through things that are troubling them, and learn to think creatively.
  • Play allows kids to learn about the world and their place in it. Exploring the world through play helps children to understand it, and as they play they learn about themselves. Play helps kids develop all five senses, and gives them the opportunity to test new ideas and find answers to questions they have about their world.

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