Etiquette for Birthday Party Hosts


Are you planning to throw a party for your child’s upcoming birthday? If it’s been a while since you hosted an event, brush up on the age-old etiquette that applies to you as the parent, as well as the birthday child.

Inviting Guests

Sit down with your child and decide who to invite to the party. These might include family members, classmates, and friends from church or social groups. Once you know who you’re asking, heed these invitation rules:

  • If your child wants to invite more than half the class, propose inviting everyone to prevent hard feelings.
  • If your child chooses to invite less than half the class, mail the invitations. Otherwise, you can hand them out at school.
  • Strive to get invites out about two weeks before the party, and include instructions for RSVPing.
  • If you don’t hear back from someone two or three days before the party, it’s acceptable to call, text or email them for confirmation.

Opening Gifts

This can be a tricky part of birthday parties for young gift givers. To help it go smoothly, follow these tips:

  • Before the party, discuss with your child the importance of saying “thank you” for every gift, even if they don’t like it or already have it. Emphasize that the giver’s good intentions are what matter the most.
  • Don’t drag out the gift-opening process. Help your child remove the wrapping paper if necessary. Once opened, remove the gifts and wrapping from the room and resume other activities.
  • Jot down each gift and the corresponding giver’s name. Then, right after the last guest leaves the party, sit down with your child and write out thank you cards. Mail them within a day or two.
  • Consider not opening gifts during the party, especially if your child and many of the guests are under 5 years old.

Hosting Graciously

While the ultimate goal is to host a memorable party for the birthday boy or girl, it’s also important to make every guest happy. Here’s how:

  • Greet guests warmly and involve them in the group right away.
  • Plan age-appropriate activities and have a contingency plan in case a child or two doesn’t want to participate.
  • Ask a few adults to help you monitor the children if you’re inviting more than four or five guests.

Party Favors

If your budget allows it, make goody bags for each guest to take home. You might include a craft from the party, candy, small toys and games, or small items that correspond with the party theme.

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