Party Favor Ideas for a Halloween Birthday Party

Was your child born on or around Halloween? Perhaps it has become a tradition to throw a Halloween-themed birthday party each year for your child. There are so many spooky, fun themes to choose from!

Just remember that birthday party etiquette says you should provide party favors to thank each guest for coming. Not sure what to offer? Use these ideas to help you come up with something cute and memorable.

Halloween Candy and Treats

Nothing goes with Halloween better than candy. Consider handing out some of these Halloween goodies as part of your party favor bag:

  • Fall-colored M&Ms in a mini mason jar
  • Halloween lollipops or candy bars with personalized labels
  • Chocolate-covered Oreos with Halloween designs
  • Mini pumpkin cake pops
  • Chocolate kisses wrapped in orange and black foil
  • Popcorn in trick-or-treating bags
  • Candy-filled pumpkin balloons
  • S’mores kits with graham crackers, mini chocolate bars and Peeps marshmallow ghosts
  • Tic Tacs with customized labels (white Tic Tacs are “ghost poop,” green are “witch warts, orange are “pumpkin seeds” and red are “vampire vitamins”)
  • Bottles of orange soda with the label removed and a Jack-o-lantern face drawn on

Halloween Toys and Games

Your party favors certainly aren’t limited to candy and treats. If you want to keep the sugar content down, get creative with your party favors by including some of these fun suggestions:

  • Customized packs of playing cards
  • Halloween crowns or masks made at the party
  • Plastic spider rings
  • Halloween-themed spin tops
  • Vampire teeth
  • Glow-in-the-dark bouncy “eye” balls
  • Bottles of bubbles in Halloween-themed packaging
  • Monster stickers
  • Gel cling window decals
  • Halloween Rubik’s cube
  • Play-Doh with customized Halloween labels

Other Halloween-Themed Party Favors

To remind guests of the fun they had at your child’s party, include some of these unique Halloween-themed items in each party favor bag:

  • Lip balm with personalized labels
  • Orange and white candles
  • Halloween-themed notebooks
  • Small picture frames with a Polaroid snapshot taken at the party
  • Miniature pumpkins (real or plastic)

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