• Goody Bag Ideas For Your Child’s Birthday

    So, you’ve chosen a theme, picked out the décor, lined up some great activities, and made the menu. Your child’s party is in the bag! But wait, aren’t you forgetting an actual bag? Here, we’ve got some suggestions for goody bags that will make your child’s birthday party memorable.

    • Keep it simple. For parents, goody bags can be an annoyance. No one wants their child to come home from a birthday party with a bunch of plastic junk that is going to end up underfoot. Rather than hitting the party aisle of the bargain store, think outside the traditional party favor and go for one nice item instead, like a friendship bracelet or stuffed animal that relates to the theme. Think outside the box for this one: you could send home superhero masks and capes, personalized flashlights, a CD with music from the party, or something else cool you dream up on your own!
    • Go for books. No one objects when a child comes home with a new book, which makes them a great item to give away at a party. For an interesting twist, ask each child to bring a book, and organize a book swap in lieu of the party favor bag.
    • Give something edible. A big cookie that corresponds to the theme of the party is a fun favor, and so is a snack bag with a clever pun or poem that’s party related. Theme-related lollipops or cake pops can also be a hit.
    • An activity is a fun favor. A craft or Lego kit will give guests something fun to do after the party is over. It can be as complicated as a jewelry making kit, or as simple as a box of markers or a bucket of sidewalk chalk. Choose something that corresponds with the theme, and your party will be long-remembered. You can even have the kids complete a craft as one of your party activities, and send them home with their creation as a favor.

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  • Easy Party Foods To Make For Your Child’s Birthday

    Planning a child’s birthday party can be so much fun! Brainstorming with your child, you can use whatever he or she is interested in to create an amazing theme and design a party that will be remembered for years to come. What’s more, some of the foods that will be the hit of your party are really very easy to make.

    • Popcorn. What’s easier than popcorn? Want to dress it up? Make it with mix-ins like movie theater candy, cookie pieces, or nuts, or drizzle it with chocolate and toss on some sprinkles.
    • Cupcakes. Cupcakes are the quintessential birthday food, and if you want, you can make them into an activity, too. Just provide kids with plain cupcakes, frosting, and decorations, and let make their own delicious creations.
    • Kebabs. All you need for this is skewers and your own imagination! Skewer meatballs and cheese, fruit and marshmallows, raw veggies to dip in dressing, or whatever else you think will be a win with the kids.
    • Cookies. This is another food that you can turn into an activity by letting the kids apply decorations, or you can create cookie pops by baking balls of sugar cookie dough, rolled in sprinkles and perched on popsicle sticks.
    • Finger foods. Sandwiches cut into quarters, bagel bites, pizza rolls chicken nuggets, goldfish crackers, and cookies are all favorites that take very little time and effort. Fairy bread is a fun addition to a party: it’s just bread, buttered and covered in sprinkles, cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters.
    • Take the cake. There’s nothing like cake for a dramatic candle-blowing photo op. If you don’t have time to make it yourself, there’s no shame in a bakery or grocery store cake. In fact, your local market may have some really creative ways to make a cake that caters to your theme.

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  • Planning a Birthday Party for Kids with Food Allergies

    With dietary restrictions seemingly on the rise, it’s likely that your child or one of their friends has food allergies. Differences in diet can be a segregating factor for children, especially when all the other kids are enjoying their food.

    As the host of your child’s upcoming birthday party, it’s important to make adjustments to the menu so everyone can feel involved. Here are some examples of common dietary restrictions and solutions for you and your party guests.

    Learn What Food Allergies Apply

    The first step is to determine what restrictions you need to work around. If your child is the one with allergies, this is easy. However, if any friends have special diets, you need to know about them.

    The best way to find out is to ask parents to inform you when they RSVP to the invitations you send out. Kids aren’t always sure of what they’re allergic to, or they’re too shy to speak up, so being aware of allergies beforehand helps ensure you have something safe for sensitive children to eat.

    Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity

    According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, about one in 100 people worldwide have this condition, which causes the body to attack the small intestine as an immune response to eating wheat, rye and barley. Many others have gluten sensitivity, which makes their stomach ache after eating wheat products. Fortunately, gluten-free bread, cookies and cake are easy to come by.

    Lactose Intolerance/Dairy Sensitivity

    People with lactose intolerance – which surprisingly affects over 65 percent of the worldwide population – can’t eat dairy without experiencing bloating, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea. Milk and cheese are obvious sources of dairy, but many types of candy, cake and frosting also contain milk-based products. If you serve ice cream and birthday cake with buttercream frosting, be sure to have a dairy-free alternative for those with lactose sensitivity.

    Egg Allergies

    Intolerance to eggs is a common childhood allergy. Since this is a typical ingredient in party foods ranging from cake to doughnuts to pastries, it’s important to know if any of your guests are allergic to eggs. Work around this by making a small serving of egg-free cake for any sensitive children.

    Peanut Allergies

    Maybe you don’t plan on serving bags of peanuts, but this snack item is often processed in the same factory as cookies and candy. When shopping for goodies to hand out at a party with someone who has severe peanut allergies, make sure to read labels carefully. They should specify if the snack could have traces of peanut in it.

    Our goal here at BounceU is to make sure everyone has a safe, fun time at your child’s birthday party. You’re welcome to bring your own food, but if you prefer us to handle the menu, we can make adjustments to accommodate you and your guests. With our help, your event is sure to be unique and stress-free! To learn more about our party packages, or to book your event, please contact BounceU today.

  • Birthday Cake Trends

    Are you hoping to make your child’s birthday stand out this year with a one-of-a-kind cake? Don’t opt for a simple sheet cake when there are so many unique, trendy options out there. Whether you decide to order a cake from a local bakery or try your hand at making your own culinary masterpiece, get inspiration from these birthday cake trends.

    Tiered Cakes

    Once reserved for weddings and other formal occasions, tiered cakes are now taking center stage at kids’ birthday parties. These beautiful desserts are sure to impress. Plus, they’re ideal for large gatherings because everyone can help themselves to a sizeable piece.

    Unicorn Cakes

    Little girls, in particular, have a hard time resisting this triple-decker cake designed to resemble a unicorn’s head. Characterized by smooth white frosting, a colorful buttercream mane and gold fondant horn, these cakes are so darn cute – you may have a hard time cutting into them!

    Character Cakes

    Whether your child adores Star Wars, Mickey Mouse or Minions, you can design a birthday cake to reflect that. Even if you can’t afford or don’t have the skills to make your own custom cake, you can use a cheap hack to create the appearance of one. Simply bake or order a basic round cake and top it with a character topper that will make your child smile. This also gives you the opportunity to use the same topper again in the future.


    Simple, adorable, fun cupcakes are perfect for indecisive children or those who hate to share. Order or bake a range of flavors with different colored frosting to suit everyone’s tastes. Just make sure you have plenty in each variety to satisfy all the chocolate and vanilla lovers at the party.

    Cake Pops

    This birthday cake trend is made by mixing cake and frosting together to form gooey balls, putting them on lollipop sticks, and dipping them in chocolate or candy melts. They come in a wide variety of colors and flavors, and you can even design them to match the theme of your child’s birthday party. These bite-sized snacks are sure to please adults and kids alike.

    Cookie Cake

    Not everyone enjoys traditional birthday cake. If this describes your child, or you’re simply looking for something a little different, try a cookie cake featuring personalized frosting and sprinkles. Serve triangle-shaped slices just as you would with a regular birthday cake. To create more servings, stack multiple giant cookies on top of one another with frosting in between.

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  • Party Favor Ideas for a Halloween Birthday Party

    Was your child born on or around Halloween? Perhaps it has become a tradition to throw a Halloween-themed birthday party each year for your child. There are so many spooky, fun themes to choose from!

    Just remember that birthday party etiquette says you should provide party favors to thank each guest for coming. Not sure what to offer? Use these ideas to help you come up with something cute and memorable.

    Halloween Candy and Treats

    Nothing goes with Halloween better than candy. Consider handing out some of these Halloween goodies as part of your party favor bag:

    • Fall-colored M&Ms in a mini mason jar
    • Halloween lollipops or candy bars with personalized labels
    • Chocolate-covered Oreos with Halloween designs
    • Mini pumpkin cake pops
    • Chocolate kisses wrapped in orange and black foil
    • Popcorn in trick-or-treating bags
    • Candy-filled pumpkin balloons
    • S’mores kits with graham crackers, mini chocolate bars and Peeps marshmallow ghosts
    • Tic Tacs with customized labels (white Tic Tacs are “ghost poop,” green are “witch warts, orange are “pumpkin seeds” and red are “vampire vitamins”)
    • Bottles of orange soda with the label removed and a Jack-o-lantern face drawn on

    Halloween Toys and Games

    Your party favors certainly aren’t limited to candy and treats. If you want to keep the sugar content down, get creative with your party favors by including some of these fun suggestions:

    • Customized packs of playing cards
    • Halloween crowns or masks made at the party
    • Plastic spider rings
    • Halloween-themed spin tops
    • Vampire teeth
    • Glow-in-the-dark bouncy “eye” balls
    • Bottles of bubbles in Halloween-themed packaging
    • Monster stickers
    • Gel cling window decals
    • Halloween Rubik’s cube
    • Play-Doh with customized Halloween labels

    Other Halloween-Themed Party Favors

    To remind guests of the fun they had at your child’s party, include some of these unique Halloween-themed items in each party favor bag:

    • Lip balm with personalized labels
    • Orange and white candles
    • Halloween-themed notebooks
    • Small picture frames with a Polaroid snapshot taken at the party
    • Miniature pumpkins (real or plastic)

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  • How to Throw a Birthday Party for a Special Needs Child


    Kids usually anticipate each upcoming birthday with excitement. They look forward to eating cake, hanging out with friends and doing activities they love. This is true of most children, including those with special needs.

    If you have a child who is wheelchair-bound, autistic, non-verbal, or diagnosed with another mental or physical limitation, you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of throwing a birthday party. However, if you, your child and party guests work together, you can host an event that’s fun for everyone. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

    Rethink Your Preconceived Notions

    If your child hates lit candles and doesn’t care for the Happy Birthday song, throw out these aspects of a traditional birthday party. Cater the event to the needs and wants of your child, even if it looks less like a birthday party once you make the necessary changes.

    Pick a Suitable Location

    Your home may be the best place to ensure your child is comfortable and doesn’t become overwhelmed during the birthday party. Your church, library or another venue with a private party room ensures your child is only around family and friends. Consider accessibility if you have a wheelchair to account for.

    Decide Who to Invite

    Keep the number of guests to a manageable level (10 kids or fewer is best), and ask some parents to stay and lend a hand if needed. You might also invite your child’s school teacher to serve as another friendly face and helping hand. If your child is nonverbal, the teacher may be a useful resource for deciding who to invite from school.

    Plan a Few Simple Activities

    Whatever you choose to do during the party, make sure everyone you invite can participate. However, don’t force an activity on anyone. Popular options include:

    • Coloring or other arts and crafts
    • Dancing
    • Red Light, Green Light
    • Pin the tail on the donkey (without blindfolds, if necessary)
    • Cornhole and ring toss

    Decide How to Handle Gifts

    As the parent of a special needs child, you probably know better than anyone how your child will handle the concept of opening gifts in front of a crowd. If you anticipate it being a negative experience, wait until later to unwrap presents. Just remember to send thank you cards.

    Think About Party Favors

    Birthday party etiquette states that you should hand out goody bags to guests before they leave. Make sure every child you invite can enjoy the favors you provide. Some ideas include candy, popcorn, soda, paper crowns, plastic jewelry, stickers, Play-Doh and knick-knacks that correspond with the party’s theme.

    If you’re looking for a spacious venue to host a birthday party for your special needs child, BounceU can help. We make hosting events easy with packages and add-ons to suit your needs. If you’re interested, we can include invitations, food and drinks, activities, party favors, and more. To book your party, please contact BounceU in Farmingdale today!

  • Etiquette for Birthday Party Hosts


    Are you planning to throw a party for your child’s upcoming birthday? If it’s been a while since you hosted an event, brush up on the age-old etiquette that applies to you as the parent, as well as the birthday child.

    Inviting Guests

    Sit down with your child and decide who to invite to the party. These might include family members, classmates, and friends from church or social groups. Once you know who you’re asking, heed these invitation rules:

    • If your child wants to invite more than half the class, propose inviting everyone to prevent hard feelings.
    • If your child chooses to invite less than half the class, mail the invitations. Otherwise, you can hand them out at school.
    • Strive to get invites out about two weeks before the party, and include instructions for RSVPing.
    • If you don’t hear back from someone two or three days before the party, it’s acceptable to call, text or email them for confirmation.

    Opening Gifts

    This can be a tricky part of birthday parties for young gift givers. To help it go smoothly, follow these tips:

    • Before the party, discuss with your child the importance of saying “thank you” for every gift, even if they don’t like it or already have it. Emphasize that the giver’s good intentions are what matter the most.
    • Don’t drag out the gift-opening process. Help your child remove the wrapping paper if necessary. Once opened, remove the gifts and wrapping from the room and resume other activities.
    • Jot down each gift and the corresponding giver’s name. Then, right after the last guest leaves the party, sit down with your child and write out thank you cards. Mail them within a day or two.
    • Consider not opening gifts during the party, especially if your child and many of the guests are under 5 years old.

    Hosting Graciously

    While the ultimate goal is to host a memorable party for the birthday boy or girl, it’s also important to make every guest happy. Here’s how:

    • Greet guests warmly and involve them in the group right away.
    • Plan age-appropriate activities and have a contingency plan in case a child or two doesn’t want to participate.
    • Ask a few adults to help you monitor the children if you’re inviting more than four or five guests.

    Party Favors

    If your budget allows it, make goody bags for each guest to take home. You might include a craft from the party, candy, small toys and games, or small items that correspond with the party theme.

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  • Best Birthday Bashes: Top Trending Themes for 2018

    When you’re planning your kids’ birthday parties, you want to pick a theme that’ll have the kids excited to invite all their friends. Need some inspiration? We can hook you up with all the hottest themes.

    • Lego: Lego is, of course, classic but the Lego movies have kicked it into high gear. It’s really easy to find Lego, Ninjago, and Lego Batman themed decorations, and a Lego cake is a thing of beauty.
    • Cupcake Challenge: Inspire a little friendly competition by providing kids with cupcakes and everything they need to decorate them. Give prizes for the most creative, most decorated, most delicious, and any other superlative you can imagine.
    • Seuss: It’s impossible not to have fun when you dress the party in a Dr. Seuss theme. Incorporate Seussical foods like Moose Juice and Goose Juice, set up some party games like Pin the Star on the Sneech, create a photo booth incorporating Lorax mustaches and Cat in the Hat Hats, and you’ll have a hit on your hands.
    • Doge: Ask any tween, and you’ll find out that this Shiba Inu meme is hot this year. A quick Etsy search is all you need to find the signs, cards, cookie cutters, stickers and more to make this “so birthday” “much celebrate.”
    • Movie Magic: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Moana, Trolls, Frozen, and just about any superhero movie you can name- these have all been hot and they’re going to stay hot! What’s your kid’s favorite? They’re so popular that it’s easy to find everything you need at the local party supply store to make your party a blockbuster.
    • Mad Scientist: What’s more fun than bubbling test tubes and experimental concoctions? Mad scientist punch, complete with dry ice.
    • Mickey and Minnie Mouse: Mickey and Minnie are classics that never get old. The red, white and black color scheme makes it easy to style your party, and you can incorporate the iconic ear shape into all kinds of tasty treats.
    • Pizza Party: What’s better than an old-fashioned pizza party? A DIY pizza party! Provide kids with dough and toppings, and making their own pizzas will entertain them for quite a while.
    • Instagram Party: For the ultra-hip kiddo, an Instagram party may be just the thing. The logo is easy enough to duplicate for signage and even treats, and when you set out some fun photo booth props, you’ll soon have the kids snapping away
    • Unicorn: Unicorns have never been hotter. It’s hard to step foot into a party or craft store without tripping over all things unicorn, which makes it super easy to create an amazing unicorn party.
    • Emojis: Smilies, LOL, and who would have thought the poop emoji would be so popular. Emojis are everywhere, and how hard would it be to make a cake that’s circular, yellow, and features your favorite emoji expression?
    • Trolls: Trolls are back, and we can’t stop the feeling! In addition to being fun, and delightful for decorating because of all the colors, Trolls are perfect for a party, because the movie soundtrack makes for a ready-made party mix, and the dolls are perfect favors.
    • Fairies and Mermaids: Like Cowboys and Pirates, these have never really gone out of style, but they’re huge right now. Use your imagination, get inspiration from just about any store, and make your child’s party magical.

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  • The Ever-Increasing Importance of Exercise for Children

    Are your kids getting enough exercise? With long school days, limited recess time, and pure devotion to devices, many American kids are living lives that are far more sedentary than the lives of children in prior generations. Why is exercise so important, and how much do kids really need?

    Exercise helps prevent childhood obesity, but it has many more benefits than that. Kids who get regular exercise have stronger muscles and bones, a healthier heart, and better sleep. Exercise can lower blood pressure, decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes, and even improve a child’s outlook on life.

    Here’s the good news: Kids naturally get the right kind of exercise when they’re allowed to play. They run, they jump, they climb, they cross the monkey bars and they touch their toes. They develop endurance, strength, and flexibility, just by having the opportunity to run around and play.

    How much exercise do kids need? Toddlers need about 90 minutes per day, while preschoolers should get about two hours of exercise. It’s good to mix planned and unstructured activity, to make sure they’re being physical enough in their play. School-aged children are encouraged to get at least 60 minutes of physical exercise each day, and that can be broken down into 15-minute intervals if it’s hard to work that much activity into the schedule.

    So how do you get your kids to exercise? This can be a challenge when they’re worn out from school or don’t want to put down the tablet or turn off the television.

    • Encourage extracurricular activities. Team sports, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, swimming, or riding horseback are just a few examples of physical activities you can schedule for your kids after school. They won’t just get valuable exercise, they’ll also have fun and l
    • earn new skills
    • Make it a family affair. Walk the dog, take a bike ride, or shoot some hoops in the driveway. When you exercise as a family you’re modeling good behavior while you help your child stay active.
    • Bring along some friends. For kids, just about every activity is better when a friend can tag along. Make your playdates active, taking the kids to the pool or park, or even just letting them play in the backyard.
    • Get out into nature. Visit parks, walk in the woods, go to the beach or the lake. Spending time in the great outdoors is beneficial in many ways, and when you’re getting exercise it’s even better for you.
    • Make it fun. No matter what activity you introduce to your children, if it’s not fun it’s not going to be something they want to do again and again. Keep trying different activities, and eventually, you will learn what your kids enjoy and will participate in willingly and consistently.

    If you’re looking for a fun way to get kids to exercise, look to BounceU for good, healthy fun. At BounceU, we love kids! That’s why we’ve created the best private party place in the universe, where families and friends can get together and go a little wild. We specialize in creating stress-free, unique, and exhilarating parties that make your child feel like a VIP. Whether you’ve got a special event on the horizon or just want to come in for an Open Bounce, call us at (631) 777-5867 or visit our website to see what makes BounceU so special.

  • First Birthday Themes that will have you Struggling to Outdo Yourself Next Year


    Let’s be real, first birthday parties are really for the parents. Still giddy with excitement over our new-to-the-world offspring, we want to share the joy of successfully getting them through that harrowing first year of life. It’s got to be perfect, doesn’t it? You want it to be the Pinterest-worthy party to end all parties: a party so spectacular that you’ll have to rent a pony or hire a skywriter to make the subsequent birthdays measure up.

    • Teddy Bear Picnic: Whether you want to go full on Winnie the Pooh or opt for generic bears, it’s pretty universal that kids love teddy bears. Decorate with plenty of stuffed bears, picnic baskets, and red and white checkered tablecloths, and you’ll have tons of great photo ops. You can bring the outside in, hanging a yellow sun lantern and fluffy clouds made of cotton batting on paper lanterns, and placing flowers on every surface. For food? Standard picnic fare, but heavy on things that tie in the bear theme, like teddy grahams and brightly colored berries.
    • Rubber Ducky Party: Almost all toddlers enjoy a good rubber ducky, and they’re so cute that they make a really fun party theme. You can get a wide variety of duckies now, from pirates to ninjas to circus clowns, and they make great party favors, but the yellow ones are still the classic favorite. Decorating for a rubber ducky party can involve bubbles and metal washtubs, which make for some pretty cute photos of your brand new one-year-old.
    • Sesame Street Soiree: There’s a reason Sesame Street has endured for nearly 50 years. The characters are loveable and varied enough to make it easy for everyone to have a favorite. What’s especially great when you’re throwing a party is that it’s easy to incorporate the Sesame Street Muppets into your décor. Use googly eyes to turn tissue paper puffs into friendly faces, turn brightly colored favor bags into favorite Muppets, and decorate your cake or cupcakes in the Sesame Street theme. Serve brightly colored foods, and don’t forget the cookies!
    • Trolls Celebration: What’s not to love about the Trolls movies? Bright colors, bouncy songs, and loveable characters are appealing to even the littlest kids. The possibilities for décor are nearly limitless, and it’s fun to find creative ways to prepare food in all the colors of the rainbow. Party favors are easy, too, because of all the adorable dolls that go along with the movies.
    • Anything Animals: Circus animals, jungle animals, zoo animals, and even favorite pets or stuffed animals lend themselves beautifully to a first birthday theme. It’s easy to decorate, using stencils and stuffies, the food can be anything you want that’s bright and colorful, and choosing your little one’s favorite animal means

    Next year, if you really want to top this year, hold your party at BounceU. Suitable for kids 18 months and up, BounceU is the perfect place to make the second birthday even more memorable than the first, because, at BounceU, we love kids! That’s why we’ve created the best private party place in the universe, where families and friends can get together and go a little wild. We specialize in creating stress-free, unique, and exhilarating parties that make your child feel like a VIP. Whether you’ve got a special event on the horizon or just want to come in for an Open Bounce, call us at (631) 777-5867 or visit our website to see what makes BounceU so special.