• Halloween Party Ideas for Kids

    Are you planning on celebrating the year’s spookiest holiday with a kids’ Halloween party and need some inspiration? If so, then keep reading for some kids’ party entertainment ideas to incorporate into your Halloween gettogether this season.

    Themed Party Games

    There are plenty of ways to take some of the activities that kids love best and give them a Halloween twist. For example, you can trade out the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game and replace it with the alternative of Pin the Boo on the Ghost .

    DIY Halloween Masks

    Whether they come in costume or not, your partygoers are bound to enjoy making their own masks from scratch. Start by finding some premade cardboard masks. Then, collect craft supplies like sequins, googly eyes, construction paper, crayons, glue, and child-safe scissors. Next, give each kid a mask to make as cute or creepy as they want.

    Spooky Sugar Cookies

    For a sweet snack that just about every kid will love, consider making some Halloween-themed sugar cookies. To make these, use cookie cutters in shapes such as pumpkins, bats, cats, ghosts, skulls, and witch hats. Then, use food coloring to create frosting in colors like orange, purple, and green. Next, you can either decorate the cookies yourself or, if you’re feeling brave, set up a cookie decorating activity for the party guests.

    Frighteningly Tasty Fruit

    On the other hand, if you want to give your partygoers some healthier treats to snack on because, after all, they’re sure to get plenty of candy this time of year, then consider using fresh fruit. For example, you can cut bananas in half and add chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth, or you can turn oranges and tangerines into little jack-o-lanterns.

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  • Tips for Including Face Painting in Your Child’s Celebration

    Birthday party ideas often include bounce houses, entertainment, and music. However, you can also include face painting as a fun and simple activity . Face painting is an imaginative and engaging activity for your child and her birthday guests to enjoy. Read on for some tips to ensure that your face painting session is a success.

    Tip #1: Check Material Safety

    There are so many painting materials available, and some are safer than others for children’s delicate skin. It is important to check the safety of the painting materials before officially hiring the kids’ party entertainment. Speak with the kids’ party place or face painter to learn more about the materials. If you know the quality of paints and tools that your professional face painter is using, then you can better inform curious parents about the face painting activity.

    Tip #2: Notify Parents

    It is important to include a short list of activities on the birthday party invitation, because kids and parents can get excited about your child’s party. However, including certain information is another way to notify parents of the types of activities that will be held at the party. Parents can use this information to decide if their child can or cannot participate in certain activities. If you know of a specific child’s allergies or aversions to certain materials, then feel free to notify the parent ahead of the party.

    Tip #3: Encourage Imagination

    Face painting is a fun activity for kids, because they can let their imaginations run wild in the form of butterflies, superheroes, and princesses. Ensure that your professional face painter has a diverse selection of designs to choose from. Encourage the children to use their imaginations and have fun with the designs they choose. This will make the entire celebration a big hit .

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