• Tips For A Safe (And Fun!) Field Trip

    Is there anything more exciting for a kid than a field trip? Often, they look forward to that special day for weeks or even months! For parents, though, field trips can be a source of trepidation. There’s risk involved in children being off campus, out in the wide world. What can you do to help ensure that your kiddos have a safe and fun field trip?

    First, make sure to communicate. Talk to your child’s teacher, making sure you know the exact plan and the people in charge have your contact information. Make a plan to dress your children in brightly colored clothes, so they’ll be easy to spot if they get separated from the group. Plan for any dietary restrictions, packing a lunch if need be. Then, talk to your children about the rules that can keep them safe during the field trip.

    Here are some rules that apply to most field trips, to go over with your kids:

    • Remember bus safety. The day can easily be ruined before it even starts by kids misbehaving on the bus. Stay in your seat, keeping your voice at an inside level, and keep your hands to yourself.
    • Stay with the group. Listen carefully to your teacher, and stay with the group or with your buddy no matter what. Even if you have to go to the restroom, ask permission and stay with your assigned partner. One child getting separated from the group can ruin the whole trip, and you don’t want to be that child!
    • Listen to the people in charge. Your teacher and the chaperones have a big job, taking care of a lot of kids at once. Respect all of the adults on your field trip, and do as they say.
    • Be respectful of your surroundings. You might be out in nature, or you might be somewhere with breakable objects. Make sure you pay attention to the rules, no matter where you are, and keep your hands to yourself to keep from damaging things.
    • Be respectful of other people. The best way to have a fun field trip is to treat everyone on the trip with respect and kindness. Don’t shove or tease your friends, don’t talk while guides or other adults are talking, and if you’re supposed to meet the group at a certain time, be on time.

    As a parent, do you feel like you want to do more than just dress your kids colorfully and teach them the rules? Consider being a chaperone! If that doesn’t work with your schedule, make sure you know all the rules and plans yourself, and get your child to school in plenty of time to get onto the field trip bus. You might also give yourself some extra peace of mind by putting your contact information on a label inside your kids’ clothes, on their backpacks, and anywhere else you can think to put it. Make sure the teacher has any special information that’s important to you, like allergies to remember or medication that must be taken. Knowing everyone involved has all the information they need can help you feel secure in sending your kids off for a fun day on the field trip.

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  • When Is Your Child Ready for A Sleep Over?

    As parents, we look forward to our children’s milestones, whether it’s the first steps, the first tooth, the first best friend, or the first day of school. One of the biggest social milestones is the sleepover, but it’s important that the child be ready for this big event. How can you know if your child is ready?

    First, understand that there’s no “right age” for a sleepover. It’s completely subjective, and you have to base your decision on your particular situation and your unique child. If you trust the adults involved, your child is excited to go, and your gut tells you it’s a good idea, then go for it! Here are some thoughts on how to make sure everyone is prepared, and everything goes smoothly.

    • Talk to your child. The best way to know whether the sleepover is the right choice for your child is to talk to him or her. Gauge the child’s level of interest, and consider past experience to determine whether this is a good choice.
    • Talk to the other parents. Ask questions about the plan, until you’re satisfied that it’s going to be a safe and healthy environment. Make sure that the other parents have all the information they will need, too, like your contact information and your child’s habits, preferences, and allergies.
    • Have a plan in place. Know that it might not work out, and you might have to go pick up a pajama-clad child late at night. That’s ok, you want your child to know his or her own limits and do what feels safe.
    • Give your child some control. Discuss how the child is feeling ahead of time, and pack comfort items to make the night easier. Let your child know that it’s ok to call you, or even come home if something feels uncomfortable.
    • Consider hosting, if you’re nervous. Sometimes, the best way to know whether your child is ready for a new level of social interaction is to observe it for yourself. When the first sleepover happens at your house, it gives you more control over the situation, and you’ll be better able to decide if your child has the level of maturity necessary to brave a sleepover somewhere else next time.

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  • Best Lunch to Pack For Your Student on a Field Trip

    Field trips are an exciting part of a kid’s school career- a chance to get out of the ordinary routine and see something entirely new. For parents who usually rely on the ability to purchase school lunches, though, field trip sack lunches can be a bit of a puzzle. Don’t worry, we’ve got the skinny on how to pack the best field trip lunches around.

    • It starts with the sandwich. Make no mistake, though, sandwiches don’t have to be boring! Think outside the slices of bread, and pack a pita full of goodness, or roll up a tortilla to make pinwheels. Sandwich fillings can be anything from turkey and ham, to avocado, to vegetables, to cream cheese and strawberries. Your options are only limited by your imagination and your child’s dietary preferences.
    • Finger foods are everything. Veggie sticks and fruit that’s easy to manage, like grapes, blueberries, or larger fruit cut into slices or chunks, make lunch a quick and easy endeavor. Air popped popcorn and other healthy, salty snacks like whole wheat pita chips or multi-grain tortilla chips are always a welcome addition. Skip the salads and other foods that require utensils, and anything they have to fuss over to prepare. Lunchables might seem easy until your child is still struggling to open the pizza sauce packet when it’s time to move along and see something exciting.
    • Skip the banana. Bananas are the bane of field trip lunches because, by the time the kids get to where they’re going, the fruit is probably brown and mushy. Since you want kids to eat their lunches instead of throwing them away, it’s probably best to forego bananas altogether. Similarly, squeeze a little bit of lemon juice over those apple slices or avocado chunks, to keep them looking fresh and appetizing until lunch time. Oranges and other citrus fruit may seem like a good, portable option, but peeling them can be tedious on a field trip.
    • Don’t forget the treat! Slip in a little indulgence like a cookie or brownie, and add an extra, so your child can share the wealth with a friend.
    • Make sure the drink is both portable and healthy. Juice boxes made with 100% juice and reusable water bottles are the best options on field trips. Even if your child is normally a milk drinker, you’ll want to skip the milk when the lunch is likely to be on a bus or outside for much of the day.
    • Packaging is key. Before you stick it all in a brown paper sack, put everything in plastic zipper bags, and put those bags into a bigger zipper bag, so that no matter what happens, the food remains secure and edible. Label the lunch clearly with the child’s name as well as any important information like allergens.

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  • Tips for Chaperoning a School Field Trip

    If your child’s teacher asked for volunteers to chaperone an upcoming field trip, you might have signed up hesitantly, wanting to be more involved in your child’s education but not knowing quite what to expect. This can be a wonderful experience for you, your child and the whole class if you know how to do your part. Follow these tips to help keep the kids safe, engaged and under control during a school field trip.

    Know the Itinerary

    Your child’s teacher should hold an informational meeting with all chaperones before the outing takes place. This is the time to learn the schedule, logistics and chaperone guidelines. Find out how many kids you’ll be overseeing along with their names and any medical or behavioral problems you should know about.

    Plan Ahead

    While the school should take care of admission costs, and each child should bring everything they need, you never know if someone in your group might forget their lunch or need a Band-Aid. Stock a bag with snacks, water and basic first aid supplies. Dress comfortably for the destination and wear sensible shoes. Keep your cell phone on you in case you need to use it, but put it on silent.

    Act Appropriately

    Refrain from discussing your child’s grades with the teacher during the trip, and if you have other children, leave them at home. This you don’t get distracted from what’s most important – keeping your group safe and engaged on the field trip.

    Maintain Order, But Don’t be Too Strict

    It’s your job to keep your group under control, but the field trip isn’t a military exercise. Firmly enforce rules related to safety and courtesy, but allow minor infractions to slide. If a child breaks a rule, pull him or her aside and offer a quiet reprimand rather than a public scolding. Ask the teacher for advice if a child repeatedly acts out.

    Keep Your Group Safe

    Learn the names and faces of everyone in your group, and be sure they know yours as well. Be aware of any hazards around you so your group can avoid them. Take frequent head counts as the students move along, and alert the teacher immediately if someone is missing.

    Remain Positive and Engaged

    You’re acting as an ambassador for your child’s school during this outing, so model professional behavior and lead by example. Follow the directions you’re given, don’t interrupt the teacher and keep your voice at a moderate level for the setting you’re in. Remain attentive to what the teaching is saying, participate in the activities, and avoid taking calls or answering texts while chaperoning.

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  • Steps for Planning a Successful Field Trip

    A field trip can be an enriching and informative part of your school year. Whether you are a teacher, parent, or coach, you may want to think about setting up this type of experience for your students. By planning your field trip at a space that specializes in kids’ party entertainment , you will be able to ensure that it is fun and safe for every member of the class. Here are some steps that you can take to plan your next field trip:

    Discuss the trip with your class.

    Before you take your students on a field trip, you will want to make sure that you host a classroom discussion about your expectations for the journey. When kids are allowed to leave the school campus, they will need to be on their best behavior. A classroom discussion will allow you to talk about what your students can expect from the trip, and will also provide a time to talk about rules and other expectations.

    Notify parents in advance.

    Along with preparing your students for the trip, you will also need to provide parents with plenty of advance notification. You may want to send a letter home with your students that includes details about the trip, as well as a permission slip. After the parents have signed their children’s permission slips, you can rest assured that all students will be able to attend the off-campus event.

    Find an appropriate space or location.

    As you are planning your field trip, you will find that there are many potential venues and sites that can host you and your students. Ideally, you will want to bring your class to a space that is tailored to hosting children. A bounce house or entertainment facility may offer the perfect environment for your field trip.

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  • Quick Tips for Teachers Planning Field Trips

    Field trips are a great way to help your students learn and have fun. Even a field trip to your local kids’ birthday party place will encourage learning and physical activity. Read on for some quick tips to help you plan a field trip.

    • As seen in the video, it is essential to connect learning content to the field trip. For example, students can keep a journal about the different party games for kids they played, or they can work on physical activities in a bounce house.
    • Enlist parents and volunteers to help monitor and support the field trip.
    • Always maintain your behavior expectations before and during the field trip.

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  • What Homeschooling Families Need to Know About Field Trip Planning

    Homeschooling families have opportunities to make their own schedules and lessons, which gives them great liberty to plan exciting field trips. However, there are ways—such as including educational lessons and joining other families—that can make a field trip pay off even more for both kids and parents. Read on to see how homeschooling families can use kids’ birthday party places and other exciting locations the perfect place for a field trip.

    It is beneficial with an educational component.

    Field trips are a great opportunity for kids and parents to socialize, but they must also include an educational component or beneficial takeaway for both kids and parents. For example, a field trip to a fun, party place can include lessons on physical education and the physics behind jumping in bounce houses.

    It is important to contact the venue.

    Homeschooling families should contact their intended venue before the trip to find out different requirements or group specials. Some venues may have required times or certain group size limits. It is important to know all of the venue information before the trip details are made permanent.

    It is crucial to promote trips with other families.

    Many venues give group discounts, so homeschooling families can take advantage of these deals by planning field trips together. In addition to great discounts, homeschooling parents and kids also get a much-needed opportunity to socialize and learn from each other. This is important for lessons and information to remain fresh and exciting for both parents and kids.

    It is helpful to include lessons before the trip.

    Field trips are meant to further kids’ educations, so learning about each field trip place beforehand will provide a better experience. For example, field trips to a grocery store might include lessons on the history of farming and the importance of nutrition.

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  • Establishing Field Trip Rules and Expectations

    Field trips can be a fun learning experience for your students , but only if they are following the rules. Whether you are taking your students to a kids’ birthday party place or a museum, here are some important ways to establish field trip rules and expectations:

    Establish Expectations Beforehand

    To run a well-behaved class during a field trip, it is essential that your students understand your expectations and class rules well before the trip begins. If your students do not follow rules in class, then they will not likely follow them at a kids’ party place or museum. Make sure that your students understand and have consistently followed the rules before suggesting a field trip. If you have additional rules and expectations—such as respecting the chaperones as if they were teachers—then establish them before the field trip.

    Lay Out Consequences in Advance

    Part of learning the rules also means learning the consequences if a rule is broken. It is important that your students understand what could happen if they break rules or show disrespect before and during a field trip. It is just as important that you and your chaperones follow through on those consequences. Before the field trip begins , make sure there is a suitable consequence for students who misbehave during the trip. This may include students sitting with the chaperones while their peers can jump in bounce houses and play different party games for kids.

    Reinforce Rules Throughout

    Children need constant rule reinforcement, especially when they are in a stimulating environment like a children’s museum or play place. If children are becoming unruly, loud, or otherwise disrespectful, then reinforce the rules and expectations already laid out. Give your students a chance or two to change their behavior before giving a consequence. Encourage the students who are behaving and following the rules.

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  • How Field Trips Support Student Learning

    Far from being vacation days away from the classroom, field trips play an important role in student learning. Kids learn invaluable lessons that can’t be replicated in the classroom and are helpful for students of all ages. At BounceU, we make planning field trips easy for schools, daycares, camps, and other student groups, with full support from our team throughout the planning process. Here are some of the ways field trips help to make support students’ learning and influence how they succeed when they are back in their classrooms.

    Better Social Skills

    School isn’t just about memorizing facts from books. It also gives kids the opportunity to build and refines social skills that serve them throughout their lives. Field trips give students the opportunity to interact in ways they can’t in the classroom, as they have new, shared experiences and spend time with fellow students outside of their normal peer group. The relationships that are established during field trips can profoundly impact the social relationships students have back in the classroom. By putting them in situations in which they interact with students outside of their usual circle also helps them build empathy and understanding of people who are different than them.

    Exposure to New Ideas

    On field trips, students get a close-up look at ideas, places, and people that are new to them. Seeing these new ideas can change the way they view the world around them and influence how they approach future learning. This real-world experience cannot be replicated in the classroom simply by lecturing about something new.

    Excitement About Academic Concepts

    Field trips let teachers make concepts they are teaching the classroom come alive in new and unexpected ways. At BounceU, by playing in out bounce castles, students can learn lessons about the health benefits of exercise, physics, anatomy, biology, and much more. Students can get a renewed interest in their schoolwork by seeing real-world applications of the concepts they are learning.

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  • Getting Your Scout Troop Bouncing

    No matter what kind of scouts your troop is made of, there is a fun place they can visit to receive exercise, good food, and merit badges. Whether they come for the bounce houses or the badges, Bounce U can deliver a great time for your troop.

    Bounce U hosts all sorts of scout parties for the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Daisies, and many more. In these organizations, kids of all ages can jump around the bounce stadiums for an hour, all while working up a healthy appetite. When they are finished, the whole troop can head into a party room for 30 minutes of pizza and drinks. After a great time bouncing around and having fun with their friends, your scouts can earn a Bounce U Participation Patch to put on their vest or sash.

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