• Fun Event Ideas for Your Upcoming Fundraiser

    A fundraiser should be a fun and festive affair for every participant. If you are in the planning process for a school or non-profit organization, consider hosting your event at a bouncy castle. Kids party places offer entertainment for adults and children of all ages. When you are raising funds for a school, holding your event at a bouncy castle is sure to draw in plenty of attendance. Some other ideas for your next fundraiser include holding a raffle, hosting a silent auction, or planning a costume party. Remember, your fundraiser can be lighthearted, while still maintaining the serious goal of raising money for your organization.

    If you are looking for the perfect spot for your upcoming fundraiser , consider booking the bouncy castle at Bounce U. Our party place is pleased to host fundraising events, and your participants are sure to have a blast when they bounce and play at our bouncy castle in Farmingdale. Give us a call at (516) 986-4518 to receive more information about our kids party entertainment services.

  • Tips for Planning a Standout Fundraiser

    Fundraisers are meant to earn money for a charitable cause and give your donors something fun to talk about. In addition to jumping in bounce houses and having a fun night out, your donors can have a great time at your next fundraiser with these helpful tips:

    Tip #1: Determine a Clear Budget

    Part of making your fundraiser successful is to determine the budget early on. Your budget will be dependent on the food, location, and entertainment you want to offer and how much money those desires will require. If you can find different ways to lower your costs, then you can raise even more money. For example, look for donated party decorations, food, and other charitable contributions to help reduce your budget.

    Tip #2: Develop a Host Committee

    To garner as many donations and attendees, you need to get the word out about your fundraiser. Choose key members of your organization, the community, or your personal circle of friends to join a host committee. This committee will be tasked with planning the fundraiser, earning donations for the fundraiser, and attracting as many people as possible to the event. Make sure your committee members know the details of your organization, the event, and have a lot of connections in the community.

    Tip #3: Find Great Entertainment

    Even though your donors are happy to donate to a charitable cause, they should also be rewarded for their donations. Find great entertainment that will keep your donors happy and help draw unsure donors to attend your fundraiser. You can look to musical entertainment or branch out to different party places, such as Bounce U. Your donors can feel and act like kids again while playing on various inflatables and having fun in a kids’ party place.

    Bounce U isn’t just a party place for kids in Farmingdale. We are proud to help our community by hosting fundraisers Monday thru Thursday. Please call us at (516) 986-4518 to reserve a spot for your fundraiser.

  • A First-Time Planner’s Guide to Fundraisers

    Planning a fundraiser is an incredibly rewarding experience , because you are serving a cause greater than yourself. If you are new to the fundraising world, there are a few essentials you need to keep in mind. These important details, such as knowing your goals and your party place, may influence many other decisions you make through this planning experience.

    Set Your Goals

    Before your fundraiser can even begin, you need to determine why you are doing it and what you hope to achieve. Set your goals, both realistic and ideal, and make sure everyone on your leadership team strives to reach them too. Goals might include: A specific amount of money raised, number of donors in attendance, and people supported by the fundraiser.

    Pick Your Location

    A big factor in creating a great fundraising event is to find the right party place. Whether you choose a five-star restaurant or a laid-back party place with bouncy castles, work closely with the staff to throw a great fundraiser. Many locations are honored to be a part of fundraising benefits, and they will help you and your guests to have a great time.

    Market Your Event

    The only way people will show up to your fundraiser is if you tell them about it. Look for free or low-cost ways to get the word out on your fundraising event. Many organizations use social media platforms to create events and allow a safe website for people to submit their donations. You may also partner with a local printing company to print low-cost flyers or invitations. Use as many connections as you and your leadership team have available to find donors.

    Come down to Bounce U for all of your fundraising efforts. With our bounce houses, your guests will enjoy feeling like a kid again, all while serving a great cause! We’ll provide the food, drinks, and bounce houses, and you supply the guests. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to learn more about our party themes near Farmingdale.

  • Planning a Fundraiser at BounceU

    bounce houses Long Island

    There is nothing saying that a fundraiser or charity event should always be a black-tie event. Why not come down to BounceU Farmingdale where everyone can be a kid again in one of our many inflatables?

    Your fundraiser will be complete in a healthy and safe party place, where everyone will enjoy themselves. Guests will have the time of their lives jumping through bouncy castles and houses. Then, they can enjoy fresh beverages and great food, all for a good cause! BounceU Farmingdale gladly supports school fundraisers and non-profit organizations for all of their charity events. Your organization won’t go wrong with a fun and thrilling time at BounceU Farmingdale.

    When you are looking for the best party place near Farmingdale, you know to call BounceU Farmingdale at (516) 986-4518. We have everything you need for your fundraiser , from bounce houses to party decorations. Call us today to schedule your event.

  • Planning a BounceU Fundraiser

    bounce house in farmingdale

    You may have considered all the benefits of bounce houses for kids’ party places in Farmingdale, but have you thought about BounceU for your next fundraiser? For an upbeat and exciting event, look no further than our colorful inflatables and bouncy castle.

    BounceU is pleased to provide our community with hassle-free fundraising events that take all the stress out of planning. Guests love our bounce houses, food, party favors, and fun atmosphere. Best of all, your organization gets to keep a portion of the proceeds, so you can donate to whatever cause is closest to your heart. For your next school or nonprofit fundraiser, contact Bounce U for the very best party places for kids.

    Whether you are planning a fundraiser, school field trip, or kid’s birthday party, consider BounceU of Farmingdale. Our bounce houses are endless sources of fun and entertainment, which is why BounceU is the party place for all of Long Island. Stop by and visit to see our inflatables in person or give us a call at (516) 986-4518 for a party package price quote.

  • Tips for Raising Funds the Fun Way

    party themes Long Island Fundraisers are excellent events because they allow people to come together and help others who are in need. At BounceU, fundraisers can be especially fun to participate in. Keep reading for a few tips for raising funds the fun way.

    If you want to raise as much money as possible, it helps to bring in as many people as you can. In order to do this you should make your fundraising event exciting so that people will be eager to attend. The type of fundraiser you host is only limited by your creativity; you may put on a concert for charity or invite all of your friends to a bounce house where kids and adults alike can have fun while raising funds. The more fun your fundraiser is, the more funds you stand to raise for your cause.

    For more information about how you can raise funds the fun way, feel free to call BounceU at (516) 986-4518. We are dedicated to providing high-quality bounce houses in Farmingdale and specialize in kids’ birthday parties and birthday party games. Please do not hesitate to visit our website or stop by and see us for more information today.