• Planning a Birthday Party for Kids with Food Allergies

    With dietary restrictions seemingly on the rise, it’s likely that your child or one of their friends has food allergies. Differences in diet can be a segregating factor for children, especially when all the other kids are enjoying their food.

    As the host of your child’s upcoming birthday party, it’s important to make adjustments to the menu so everyone can feel involved. Here are some examples of common dietary restrictions and solutions for you and your party guests.

    Learn What Food Allergies Apply

    The first step is to determine what restrictions you need to work around. If your child is the one with allergies, this is easy. However, if any friends have special diets, you need to know about them.

    The best way to find out is to ask parents to inform you when they RSVP to the invitations you send out. Kids aren’t always sure of what they’re allergic to, or they’re too shy to speak up, so being aware of allergies beforehand helps ensure you have something safe for sensitive children to eat.

    Celiac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity

    According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, about one in 100 people worldwide have this condition, which causes the body to attack the small intestine as an immune response to eating wheat, rye and barley. Many others have gluten sensitivity, which makes their stomach ache after eating wheat products. Fortunately, gluten-free bread, cookies and cake are easy to come by.

    Lactose Intolerance/Dairy Sensitivity

    People with lactose intolerance – which surprisingly affects over 65 percent of the worldwide population – can’t eat dairy without experiencing bloating, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea. Milk and cheese are obvious sources of dairy, but many types of candy, cake and frosting also contain milk-based products. If you serve ice cream and birthday cake with buttercream frosting, be sure to have a dairy-free alternative for those with lactose sensitivity.

    Egg Allergies

    Intolerance to eggs is a common childhood allergy. Since this is a typical ingredient in party foods ranging from cake to doughnuts to pastries, it’s important to know if any of your guests are allergic to eggs. Work around this by making a small serving of egg-free cake for any sensitive children.

    Peanut Allergies

    Maybe you don’t plan on serving bags of peanuts, but this snack item is often processed in the same factory as cookies and candy. When shopping for goodies to hand out at a party with someone who has severe peanut allergies, make sure to read labels carefully. They should specify if the snack could have traces of peanut in it.

    Our goal here at BounceU is to make sure everyone has a safe, fun time at your child’s birthday party. You’re welcome to bring your own food, but if you prefer us to handle the menu, we can make adjustments to accommodate you and your guests. With our help, your event is sure to be unique and stress-free! To learn more about our party packages, or to book your event, please contact BounceU today.

  • Parents: Reassess Your Behavior Expectations

    When your children play in the dog’s water dish or refuse to put their toys away, it’s easy to think they’re being obstinate when in reality they’re simply acting their age. You may develop unrealistic expectations because your children’s behavior is inconsistent from day to day, or even minute to minute. Sleep deprivation, hunger and a host of other factors affect a child’s mood and behavior.

    Consider some common behavior expectations, the realities many parents face and tips to help your children behave.


    Resisting Temptation

    The expectation: Your two-year-old should stay out of the dog’s water dish.

    The reality: Every time you turn your back, water splashes everywhere.

    What to do: Your child sees a water dish as an invitation to play, so find a substitute for it. Consistently steer the child away from the dog’s bowl and toward a bin filled with an inch or two of water and plastic cups to play with. Set a towel under this play area to minimize the mess.


    Putting Toys Away

    The expectation: Your three-year-old should put toys away the first time you ask.

    The reality: After asking 100 times, your child finally puts two blocks away and then starts playing again.

    What to do: To help your child resist the urge to play, assist with cleaning up and praise your child with each successful contribution to the process. This develops good habits, even if they take time to appear.


    Granting Privacy

    The expectation: Your two-year-old should play for two minutes while you use the restroom.

    The reality: No sooner do you sit down than your upset toddler starts crying and pounding on the door.

    What to do: You can always let your child come with you, but if you’re adamant about privacy, try playing cars or doing a puzzle with your toddler for a few minutes. Then, say you need to use the restroom and will be back in two minutes. Hopefully, the activity you started together will occupy your child’s attention until you return.


    Behaving in Public

    The expectation: Your three-year-old should sit quietly at the restaurant and color the kids’ menu until the food arrives.

    The reality: Your child throws sugar packets, crawls around under the table, and screams when you attempt to make him or her hold still.

    What to do: Choose kid-friendly restaurants until your child is at least four years old. In the meantime, make eating out feel like home. Dine at your usual time, skip the dress clothes, and consider bringing your child’s familiar cutlery from home. Provide snacks, toys and a walk around the restaurant until the food arrives.


    At BounceU, we love entertaining children and their quirky behaviors! From toddlers to elementary school kids to pre-teens, BounceU is a great place to bring your children for a fun day of running around bounce houses. We specialize in making birthday parties, field trips and other events unique and stress-free for the whole family. To learn more, or to book an event, please contact us today.

  • Helping Your Child Deal with Stress

    Physical activity can help children deal with their stress, which is one reason bounce houses are so fun. You can’t always make it to the bounce house though, so you must know how to help your kids. Watch this video on helping your child deal with stress.

    Instead of bandaging your child’s stress, find out where it’s coming from. Don’t make any assumptions, just let your child tell you what’s going on. The problem could stem from social life, family interactions, or a big test at school. Tell your child what you’ve noticed, and once you’ve identified the problem, come up with a solution together.

    Sometimes kids just need to relax, and a day of bounce houses at Bounce U may be the perfect solution. We host kids’ birthday parties near Farmingdale and host regular open bounces, which make it easy to let children get their energy out. See our website or call (516) 986-4518 to learn more.

  • Plant-Based Lunch Ideas for Kids

    Choosing healthy foods for you and your family doesn’t need to be complicated, but it can be tricky to know where to start. Whether you need birthday party ideas that double as nutritious snacks or want some inspiration for your kid’s school lunches this season, watch this video for some plant-based lunchbox ideas.

    To make delicious chocolate and banana sushi rolls, start by adding a generous amount of dairy-free chocolate spread to a whole grain tortilla. Then, sprinkle it with some hemp seeds and place a whole, ripe banana on top. Lastly, roll it up and cut it into pieces, just like you would when making sushi.

    BounceU is a kids’ party venue that offers birthday party packages, themed party décor, and open bounce sessions in our inflatable bouncy castles. For more information about our party place in Farmingdale, call (516) 986-4518.

  • Why Physical Activity Is Important for Kids

    As a parent, it is critical to encourage your kids to get active. This video provides five reasons why physical activity is so important for children during their developmental years. Exercise early in life can help to prevent diseases, and daily activity has also been shown to promote healthy cognitive development. An open bounce at Bounce U can provide your kids with the perfect environment to run, play, and exercise.

    When you are looking for creative ways to help your children increase their activity, be sure to make a trip to Bounce U . Our bounce houses in Farmingdale naturally encourage kids to stretch, play, and develop their physical abilities. To learn more about the next open bounce at our popular party place, call us at (516) 986-4518.

  • How Exercise Can Promote Your Child’s Physical Development

    Exercise is important at every age and stage of physical development. As a parent, it is critical to encourage your children to develop healthy habits that will benefit them as they get older, including a regular exercise routine. Bounce houses offer the perfect environment for children to play, tumble, and incorporate fun and imagination into their physical activity. Exercise can promote your child’s physical development in many ways, including:

    Promoting Heart Health

    Regular exercise can help your child develop a strong and healthy heart. Like any other muscle in the body, the heart needs regular exercise and conditioning in order to remain in great shape. Without regular exercise, the heart can decondition and become much less efficient at pumping blood. By promoting heart health from a young age, you can help to protect your child from heart disease later in life.

    Helping Control Weight

    Obesity is an epidemic in children across the United States. While proper diet and nutrition are the building blocks of maintaining a healthy weight, you can also promote weight control for your child by encouraging physical activity and an active lifestyle. As your child tumbles and plays at a bounce house, he or she will burn calories, raise his or her heart rate, and experience the weight control benefits of routine exercise.

    Building Healthy Bones

    Throughout the different stages of development, a child’s bones are continually growing and strengthening. Regular exercise is an important component for making sure that your child builds healthy bones. During playtime and sports practices, a child’s bones will build density and become much stronger.

    At BounceU, our bouncy castle in Farmingdale provides the perfect setting for your kids to have fun while they get their daily dose of exercise. Our bouncy castles offer endless opportunities for play, and we also host active birthday parties that are fun for kids of all ages. To learn more about our upcoming open bounce schedule, give us a call at (516) 986-4518.

  • Ideas for Making Play Dates Fun and Interactive

    Play dates are important parts of your child’s social development, and the more fun they are, the more your child will want to take part. The key to a good play date is planning activities that are fun and interactive, whether you have the play date at home or at a favorite location like BounceU. Make a play date at your house one of the most sought-after invitations in town with these tips.

    Limit Your Guest List

    Having too many children over to play at one time will make it harder for everyone to be included in activities and could lead to kids feeling left out. It’s harder for you to manage large groups as well. In many cases, it’s good to have just one child over for a play date in your house. If you plan to take the kids to an activity elsewhere, a small group of up to five can work. Start with small groups and only expand after you see how your child handles playing multiple friends at once.

    Plan Activities

    Although you don’t want to over-manage the play date, and you do want to leave plenty of time to kids to come up with their own, planning activities will ensure that things go smoothly. Focus on hands-on activities that get kids moving and thinking. Let kids build a time capsule, create a skit or dance routine, or decorate their own t-shirts. Getting kids out of the house for activities can work as well. BounceU’s Open Bounce sessions can be a great activity for kids looking for play date fun.

    Time Your Play Date Wisely

    For the convenience of parents, play dates should have a clear start and end time. Be sure to choose the times wisely. For younger children, it is especially important to consider nap and feeding times. Keep in mind that if your play date time coincides with a typical mealtime, you should provide that meal. Hungry kids get cranky quickly and may not play as well together.

    BounceU is guaranteed to make any play date better, with our gun inflatables and games. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to find out more about our party place near Farmingdale .

  • Is Your Child Getting Enough Exercise?

    Physical activity is essential to keep your children healthy, strong, and happy You can keep your children active by visiting party places for kids and jumping in bounce houses at parties. Read on to see if your children are getting enough exercise.

    As you can see in the short video, your children should be exercising and getting their heartrate up every day for at least 60 minutes. They should mix up their physical activity to keep it fun and prevent their bodies from getting used to certain exercises. Think of new ways to keep your children active, such as visiting birthday party places that have inflatables and games that encourage movement.

    BounceU is the perfect place to stay active and have fun. We have bounce houses and party games for kids in Farmingdale to keep your children healthy. Call us at (516) 986-4518 to set up a bouncing party soon.

  • Easy Ideas for Keeping Your Kids Busy This Summer

    Summer provides a great opportunity for your kids to learn new skills, make arts and crafts, and stay active in a fun bounce house. You can keep your kids entertained with a few easy ideas that will keep the whole family having fun this summer. Let’s take a look below.

    Schedule Play Dates

    Play dates with your kids’ friends are a great way to spend the summer . You can visit party places for kids to escape the summer heat, and your kids can play in bounce houses and run around with their friends. Play dates can help your kids maintain their friendships outside of school, and they give you an opportunity to catch up with your fellow parents.

    Make Arts and Crafts

    There are countless craft ideas you and your kids can make over the summer. Many can be found and made in your own home, such as milk jug monsters, coffee filter snowflakes, and toilet paper figurines. If you are unsure of what types of crafts you and your kids should make, then visit helpful websites like Pinterest or visit your local crafts store for premade craft kits. Making arts and crafts keeps your kids engaged throughout the summer, and you will have plenty of beautiful art to display around your house.

    Learn New Skills

    It is important to keep your kids’ minds and bodies active while they are out of school. Keep them engaged by learning a new skill or game over the summer. Your kids can take classes at a local recreation center, and they can keep up with their studies by reading new books, performing science experiments, and keeping a journal. Work with your kids to find the most productive ways they can maintain an education over the summer.

    Visit BounceU to stay cool and play fun party games for kids in Farmingdale. Our inflatables and party place are the perfect additions to a fun play date this summer. Visit us online or call us at (516) 986-4518 to learn about our open bounce times.

  • Get Your Kids Active at Open Bounce!

    BounceU holds Open Bounce events throughout the week, so your kids and your entire family can stay active and have a great time. You can play games in our bounce houses and hold jumping challenges to get your kids’ hearts racing. Let’s take a closer look at how you can take advantage of BounceU’s Open Bounce events .

    Play Bounce House Games

    There are so many games and party ideas that will keep your kids active and having a great time in a bounce house or on an inflatable. Freeze bounce is easily done with some upbeat party music. Play the music as your kids bounce. When you turn the music off, then your kids have to freeze and try not to fall over. This is a fun and funny game, because the players will not be able to stand still for long while the bounce house vibrates around them.

    Hold Jumping Challenges

    If your family is at Open Bounce, then you probably love to bounce on BounceU’s inflatables. Take advantage of that love of the activity and hold a family competition. See how high each of you can jump and bounce. This will be a fun challenge for you and your kids.

    Make Their Hearts Race

    Part of getting your kids active means making their hearts race and their blood pump. Cardio activity is essential for a healthy life, and you can give that to them during Open Bounce. If you play games, hold jumping challenges, or simply enjoy jumping and rolling around on the inflatables, then everyone’s hearts and blood will be working overtime. This is a fun family activity, and it is a great workout.

    Stay active and loving life with BounceU and our many inflatables in Farmingdale. Our party place is meant for family fun, birthday parties, and an all-around great time. Please call us at (516) 986-4518 to reserve your family’s spot for Open Bounce.