• Throw A Birthday Party Your Kids Will Love (On A Budget)

    When it’s time to throw a birthday party for your child, you want it to be fun and memorable. As years go by, though, it can get harder to find new ways to throw a party your kids will love without breaking the bank. Maybe they want to invite the whole class, or maybe you’ve gone over the top in previous years, and now you feel like anything short of a petting zoo and a hot air balloon will fail to impress. It might be time to take it down a notch. You can still throw a birthday party your kids will love without breaking the bank.

    • Limit the guest list. It’s fun to invite the entire class once in a while, but it’s far more cost effective to set some limits. Additionally, when there are just a few kids at the party, it’s easier for your child to play host while still having fun. A good rule of thumb is to invite as many kids as your child has years of age. Explaining the rule makes it easy to set the limits: when the child turns five, he can invite five friends. Next year, he can choose six!
    • Choose your time wisely. Set the time for the birthday party between meals, and you can save money by only serving snacks. 10 a.m. to noon might be great for little kids, and 2-5 p.m. is a popular choice.
    • Go old school. Have the party at a park or in your own back yard, with balloons, traditional party games, and homemade cake. A party doesn’t have to be an elaborate theme event to be fun for kids. Make a playlist and have a dance party, play musical chairs, or go outside and play tag and red rover. The games and activities from your childhood might be a novelty to the kids at the party, which makes it even more fun.
    • Focus on one aspect. Does your child love outdoor games? Plan several for the party, and make that the focal point. Are you raising a foodie? Let the food take center stage, or maybe incorporate food into the party activities, perhaps letting kids make their own pizzas or compete to see who can create the best cupcakes. Rather than going overboard on every aspect of the party, identify what’s important to your child and focus on that.
    • Make the most of your resources. Make your own cake, or enlist the help of a friend who loves to bake. Decorate with things you already have, reusing decorations from another party and recruiting toys to help bolster a theme. Send online invitations instead of paper, and entertain the kids yourself instead of hiring someone to do it.
    • Consider a destination party. On the surface, hitting a party venue might seem like an expensive, though memorable, choice. If you think about it, though, choosing the right venue will mean the kids are too engaged in activities to care about food, which means you can get away with a simple cake and some juice boxes rather than setting out an elaborate spread. What’s more, you won’t have to purchase decorations, you won’t have to clean up after the party, and your kids will always remember the fun time they had with their friends.

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  • Tips for Chaperoning a School Field Trip

    If your child’s teacher asked for volunteers to chaperone an upcoming field trip, you might have signed up hesitantly, wanting to be more involved in your child’s education but not knowing quite what to expect. This can be a wonderful experience for you, your child and the whole class if you know how to do your part. Follow these tips to help keep the kids safe, engaged and under control during a school field trip.

    Know the Itinerary

    Your child’s teacher should hold an informational meeting with all chaperones before the outing takes place. This is the time to learn the schedule, logistics and chaperone guidelines. Find out how many kids you’ll be overseeing along with their names and any medical or behavioral problems you should know about.

    Plan Ahead

    While the school should take care of admission costs, and each child should bring everything they need, you never know if someone in your group might forget their lunch or need a Band-Aid. Stock a bag with snacks, water and basic first aid supplies. Dress comfortably for the destination and wear sensible shoes. Keep your cell phone on you in case you need to use it, but put it on silent.

    Act Appropriately

    Refrain from discussing your child’s grades with the teacher during the trip, and if you have other children, leave them at home. This you don’t get distracted from what’s most important – keeping your group safe and engaged on the field trip.

    Maintain Order, But Don’t be Too Strict

    It’s your job to keep your group under control, but the field trip isn’t a military exercise. Firmly enforce rules related to safety and courtesy, but allow minor infractions to slide. If a child breaks a rule, pull him or her aside and offer a quiet reprimand rather than a public scolding. Ask the teacher for advice if a child repeatedly acts out.

    Keep Your Group Safe

    Learn the names and faces of everyone in your group, and be sure they know yours as well. Be aware of any hazards around you so your group can avoid them. Take frequent head counts as the students move along, and alert the teacher immediately if someone is missing.

    Remain Positive and Engaged

    You’re acting as an ambassador for your child’s school during this outing, so model professional behavior and lead by example. Follow the directions you’re given, don’t interrupt the teacher and keep your voice at a moderate level for the setting you’re in. Remain attentive to what the teaching is saying, participate in the activities, and avoid taking calls or answering texts while chaperoning.

    If your child’s school is looking for a fun place to hold a class outing or field trip, feel free to suggest BounceU in Farmingdale. We encourage school groups to visit us for a private, supervised day of fun running around bounce houses! To learn more, or to reserve your field trip, please contact BounceU today.

  • Get Organized with This Party Planning App

    Download the app here.

    Child’s B-Day is an Apple app that can help you keep track of all the details of your child’s next birthday party. This app can help you plan kid’s party entertainment, food ideas, and provide much-needed reminders to complete certain tasks. Continue reading to learn more about this great planning app.

    Child’s B-Day gives you a place to list all of your child’s party guests and pick a theme. Once you pick the theme, the app will give you various food suggestions and birthday party games to plan. You can also post updates from your app to your social media accounts. This can give your guests’ parents updated information about the success of the upcoming party.

    Take advantage of the BounceU party planners by scheduling your child’s next birthday party in Farmingdale . Our party planners will show you our bounce houses, play areas, and wide selection of themes after you call us at (516) 986-4518.