• Planning a Kids’ Birthday Party

    If you are planning a children’s birthday party in the Farmingdale area, you may want some party planning tips. The first step of planning should be choosing a fun theme, as all other party planning elements will easily fall into place afterwards.

    Watch this video for some great ideas on party themes, like a princess party. You’ll get some tips on how to incorporate the theme throughout the entire party, including invitations, decorations, food, treat bags, and party activities. You can even change classic party games to fit around your party theme, guaranteeing that every child will have a wonderful, memorable time.

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  • Game Ideas for Your Bounce Rental

    If you are planning a bounce party in the Suffolk or Nassau County area, you may want some party game ideas. While any child will enjoy just bouncing around in an inflatable bouncer at a children’s birthday party, it is a good idea to have some organized activities to encourage safe, fun play. Many children are capable of coming up with their own game ideas, but there are a number of classic party games that are exciting to play in a bouncy setting. When supervising children’s playtime in an inflatable bouncer, have these suggestions at the ready to guarantee a genuinely pleasant party.

    Capture the Flag
    Capture the Flag is a lot more fun in an inflatable bouncer. This classic schoolyard game is played in teams. Each team is assigned a color, and each child wears a flag of that color in his waistband. Larger colored flags are placed equidistant around the inside perimeter of the bouncer. The teams must protect the larger flag and the flags on their waistbands, while also attempting to steal the other teams’ flags. If a child has his flag stolen from his waistband, he is out of the game. The team who collects the most flags at the end of the game wins.

    Bounce House Party Long Island

    Balloon Games
    There are a number of fun balloon games that are easy to play during bounce parties. One simply requires tossing a number of small balloons into the bounce house and letting the kids jump around collecting them. Kids can also be instructed to bat balloons back and forth without allowing them to touch the ground, or play “monkey in the middle” with balloons.

    Simon Says
    An adult should lead this game, giving the children various commands. If the adult includes the phrase “Simon says” before his command, the children should do what the adult says. If the kids don’t hear “Simon says,” they should not follow the instructions. Any child who follows a command that did not start with “Simon says” is out of the game.

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  • Tips for Planning a Spring Birthday Party

    Planning a kids’ birthday party in the spring is a delightful treat. If you live in Long Island or the Farmingdale area, the unpredictability of spring weather may lead you to consider an indoor children’s party to celebrate the big day. If you expect nice weather, a lot of fun outdoor activities can be centered on a spring theme. Explore some of these bright party ideas to get started planning your kids’ party.

    Indoor Party Ideas Kids Birthday Party Venue Long Island
    An indoor bounce party is a surefire way to entertain guests of all ages, in any weather. There are a number of fun games you can play in inflatable bouncers. Many bounce party locations—like BounceU—have party packages available, which can simplify your planning. You may also consider a movie party, or hiring a magician or costumed entertainer.

    Bold Colors and Themes
    A spring color palette doesn’t just have to be muted pastels. Think of some bright, bold colors that you can use for your decorations and tableware, and your party will be both sophisticated and fun. Choosing a theme for your party may help inspire your color choices. Investigate some classic children’s party themes from superheroes to princesses, or opt for a theme specific to your child’s interests, be it LEGO, puppies, or butterflies. Decide whether you want to include treat bags for your party guests, and purchase small toys and candy relevant to your theme.

    Spring Party Activities
    Whether you are celebrating indoors or out, springtime inspires so many party activities. You can have an arts and crafts station where children can create beautiful paper flower bouquets, cute bugs, and colorful butterflies. You may want to set up a cupcake-decorating table, or hire a balloon artist to create spring-themed balloon animals for the children. If the party is outdoors, the kids may want to plant some spring flowers, go on a nature walk, or participate in a scavenger hunt.

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  • Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids

    It can be tempting during a child’s birthday party to only offer sugary finger foods, like cookies and cupcakes. While these treats can be okay in moderation, it’s important that you also have a range of healthy options to offer in order to give children all of the essential nutrients they need when snacking. This video is a great resource for parents or party planners looking for creative and unique ways to incorporate healthy snacks into a child’s diet.

    When hosting your kid’s birthday party, considering making a centerpiece out of fruits, like the one in this video. The party experts at BounceU can help you set up all of your arrangements so kids can easily access snacks before and after playtime. To learn more about holding a party at our venue in Farmingdale, call us at (516) 986-4518.

  • Making Exercise Fun for Kids

    Bend To The Right

    Exercise is important for your general and mental health regardless of your age, but it is a good idea to form healthy habits at a young age. The best way to get your children to exercise regularly is to make it a fun experience. Read on to learn a little bit about making exercise fun for kids.

    There are countless different ways that you can exercise, such as on a team, by yourself, or with one good friend. In order for kids to commit to physical activity, they need to find the type that they find the most fun. It is important to remember that exercise does not need to have rules; an hour spent jumping around on a trampoline can increase your heart rate and bolster your physical health just like a high school football game. Encourage your child to experiment until he or she finds the most fun way to exercise.

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  • A Look at Gift Registries and Children’s Birthdays

    Christmas gift

    Parents have differing perspectives on whether it’s appropriate to create a gift registry for a child’s birthday party. Some parents feel uncomfortable registering for a child, while others enjoy knowing that they won’t be stuck with too many unwanted toys after the party.

    In general, if you’re worried that gift-givers might be unfamiliar with your child’s age, interests, or developmental capacity, it might be a good idea to offer a list of age-appropriate gifts. This is especially helpful for grandparents or other relatives who do not interact with your child on a daily basis. Creating a list of gift suggestions can be done easily through many online shopping websites. 

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  • Healthy Birthday Party Snacks for Kids

    Food Table Ready For Party With Lots Of Goodies

    Hosting a kids’ birthday party is a great opportunity to encourage healthy eating in a fun environment. If you’re like many parents who are concerned about sugar-related health and behavioral issues, you might choose to cut out the soft drinks and sugary birthday treats. Here are some healthy and delicious snack ideas for your upcoming kids’ birthday party :

    “Magic Wand” Fruit Kabobs
    This snack offers a perfect way to encourage kids to enjoy eating fruit. First, cut bite-sized pieces of strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwi, grapes, and pineapple. Next, load up kabob sticks with the fruit pieces. Use cookie cutters to cut out star-shaped watermelon pieces for the top of each “magic wand.” Serve with vanilla yogurt dip.

    Veggies and Dips
    A great way to encourage kids to eat their vegetables is to provide a colorful selection of delicious dips and sauces, such as hummus, artichoke dip, eggplant spread, or guacamole. Arrange cut pieces of celery, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and snow peas in giant smiley faces or hearts on trays, and watch the kids go wild for vegetables! 

    Mini Muffins
    Instead of cake, why not make muffins? Muffins make it easy to sneak in healthier ingredients, like shredded carrots, zucchini, or sweet potato. Muffins can be sweetened with honey instead of sugar, and recipes are easily amended to include nutritious ingredients such as walnuts, flax seed, coconut flakes, or raisins.

    Who doesn’t love popcorn? Combine snack time with arts-and-crafts by providing theater-style paper bags for children to decorate and then fill with homemade popcorn. The list of popcorn toppings is endless, so be sure to provide lots of options. Popcorn can be topped with salt and pepper, cinnamon, parmesan cheese, butter, or brewer’s yeast.

    At BounceU , we offer a wide range of birthday party services. Our awesome staff handles all of the details so that you can relax and enjoy the fun with your birthday star. Call us at (516) 986-4518 for more details about our children’s birthday party packages in Farmingdale. 

  • Decorating for a Tween Boy’s Birthday

    Are you planning a birthday party for a tween boy? Planning for tweens can sometimes be challenging for party hosts, given that tweens often aren’t interested in childish party themes but still want to have a lot of fun at their birthday celebrations.  

    In general, it’s good to play it safe with classic themes and colors. By making some simple centerpieces and adding a few fun accents, parents can create a no-fuss festive look, perfect for any tween birthday party or celebration. Check out this video for more great design tips.  

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  • Exercise May Help Lower Stress in Children

    Small Boy Climbing Ladder on Obstacle Course

    Children are exposed to high levels of stress because of school, testing, and extracurricular activities. Studies show that regular exercise may be the key to managing the physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms that come with stress. At BounceU , we take pride in providing a stress-free environment for kids to have fun and be active. Here are some other benefits for children who exercise on a regular basis:  

    Better Sleep
    In order for children to perform well in school, it’s essential that they sleep well at night. Children who wake up refreshed after a full night of sleep generally exhibit more positive attitudes and make better decisions during the day. Exercise has noticeable effects on sleep patterns, as kids who exercise regularly tend to sleep longer and fall asleep faster than kids who don’t exercise.

    Better Grades
    A study conducted in Spain found that students who engaged in regular fitness activities were more academically successful than students who were less physically active. Specifically, grades in math and language were higher among the physically fit students. A different study, conducted in Texas, showed a clear correlation between a healthy heart and lungs and students getting better grades.

    Fewer Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety
    Physical activity causes the release of endorphins, which are chemicals that create positive feelings in the body. The regular release of endorphins leads to a more consistently positive mood and a general sense of well-being. Children who exercise are better able to maintain healthy weights and increased energy levels throughout the day, which contribute to positive self-image.

    Lifelong Exercise Habits
    Children who participate regularly in physical activity tend to continue those exercise habits into adulthood. Stress increases with age, so it’s important to encourage children to get a head start in learning to manage their stress with healthy physical activity.

    One great way to encourage exercise is to let your kids bounce away their stress at BounceU in Farmingdale. We offer open bounce sessions, field trips, and kids’ birthday parties. Contact us at (516) 986-4518 for more information about our bounce options and party packages. 

  • How School Field Trips Benefit Children

    Thai school children learning about growing rice.

    Many children look forward to school field trips because they present a more exciting alternative to spending the day in the same classroom, just like any other day. Interestingly, these excursions may also benefit children from an educational standpoint. Read on to find out exactly how school field trips benefit children.

    Improved Memory
    A school field trip can be considered a novel experience for two reasons: Field trips are typically not very common, and they tend to be held at locations that children do not frequently visit. These factors cause the event to stand out in the participating children’s minds, enhancing their memories of the occasion. A novel situation like this presents the opportunity to educate children in a way that will truly stick over time.

    Increased Interaction
    In addition to enjoying long lasting memories of both fun and education, children who go on field trips have the opportunity to socialize to a greater degree than normal. Teachers may reorganize their students’ desks every so often, but field trips are immediate shake-ups that can be social outlets for some children. Additionally, children who tend to be on the shier side may have less trouble interacting in a more relaxed and positive environment.

    Greater Benefit for Disadvantaged Children
    While all children have the potential to benefit from school field trips, those who grew up in high poverty schools may stand to gain the most. Children who can afford to go to high quality schools will typically receive a better quality education, but even those who go to superior schools benefit from field trips. Those who go to lower quality schools will benefit to an even greater degree because there is a more substantial difference between their normal education and their education on a field trip.

    Are you interested in learning more about how school field trips benefit children? Find out for yourself when you book a school field trip with Bounce U in Farmingdale. We also host children’s birthday parties and open bounce sessions. For more about our parties or bounce sessions, please feel free to visit our website or give us a call at (516) 986-4518.